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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday - BLog #2!

I received an Award from Angie at Good to be Queen . I feel a bit guilty as I already received it from Sue., but I'm going to 'play' again!

Thanks to my GEORGIA friend Angie - for giving me this award.

Please visit her blog.

We're going to try to hook up and meet the next time the Atlanta area bloggers get together.

Angie takes awesome photographs and has even given me help and suggestions!

Angie is very supportive and she holds you up.

So here are the rules...

You need to say something nice about the person who gave you the award, copy and paste the picture, share a few little personal details about yourself, and pass it on... (that was easy for me!)

You're suppose to share ten things people don't already know about you and pass this award to ten other bloggers.

My blog is a journey and I journal everything. Maybe there are a few things you don't know about me, let's see . . .

Here are a few things you don't know...

1. I HATE coconut anything! YUCK! If I get a piece in my mouth is seems it takes forever to get rid of! I will not eat coconut - I can't eat coconut!

2. I love to play - I love to laugh - I love silly things - silly videos - silly pictures. I love it when people play and joke back with me. I like others to feel free with me.

3. I consider myself irregular/colorful - different from the norm and I'm glad about it. I don't really want to grow up - get grumpy or bitter. I am a grown up hippie.

4. I read one to two books a week plus lots of magazines - my friend brings them from his wife's office. I try to listen to self help tapes to learn how to grow. I listen to music - a lot! Besides Christian music - my favorite is country.

5. I am an aunt to twins born in December 2009 (yep - try to figure that one out) and I'm going out to LA to become their God Mother this June. They are the cutest little babies in the whole world.

6. I wanted to be a National Geographic Photographer when I grew up. I love pictures of anything and everything. Pictures amaze me.

7. I've been to Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, England, France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Mikonos Island, Greece, and Switzerland.

8. I've written a 300 page book called "Full Circle". I've had it professionally edited. My son self - published it for me. I've bought the 2010 Novel and Short Story Writer's Market and hopefully some day I will sit down and try to get my book published. I've started a second book called, "Without Him I'm Everything". My books are love stories for the middle aged women.

9. I love my grandson (from my daughter). I'm going to be a grandma again in Novemeber )from my son and his wife). I'm excited about them both.

10. I've written 1450 blogs. That's over 4 years worth of blogs. I have been wondering is at 1500 blogs - I should do something different (any ideas ?).

This is where I get hung up at - picking 10 - because first of all I love ALL my followers and I'd pick them all. I don''t want to hurt any feelings. Second of all - I've gotten other awards and have picked 10 and VERY few have ever done it - life is so busy - I completely understand - and it is hard work. So what to do - others just say if you want to do it - do it. Some people list the ten.

I decided to pick 10 - so if you guys want to do it - do it - and if not I understand - I did pick followers of mine.

1. The Brick Street Bungalow

2. Writing Straight From the Heart

3. Whosyergurl

4. From Melanie's Home to Yours

5. Walking on Sunshine

6. Living Boldly

7. Lazy Day's and Sundays

8. Mimi's Corner

9. Mizmolle

10.Dogman Diva

If any of you are blog free - I'm sorry!

And I really love you all - so any body that wants to join in - join in!


Dogmom Diva said...

Thank you Sandie, sure I will be glad to pass along the award, I know a lot of bloggers are award free, but hey I am honored that you thought of me enough to pass it along!


Linda said...

Good Post Sandie. I got the award from Angie also and I need to blog it.

Jojo said...

I'm so impressed with your book!

Angela said...

Congratulations Sandie!

So, you are a hippie, soon to be grandmother of 2, aunt to twins, soon to be Godmother, romance writer that has travelled all over the world! I didn't realize you have been to all of those places!

Rock on!

That corgi :) said...

LOL; I know it was a typo, but amazing you already have met the
twins born in December 2010!

congrats on the award!

you sure have visited a lot of great places! I'm sure there are tons of memories from all those places :)


ocmist said...

It was great to learn more about you. You are a very talented and well learned woman, and you use your knowledge well... in ways that are uplifting to others! Linda

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Sandie, thank you so very much for the award. You are so kind and thoughtful; I will try to sit myself still long enough soon to work on passing it on again.

I loved getting to learn more about you. You are a Renaissance woman! Some of everything! Congratulations on your novel! I can't even imagine writing that much... or that many blogs for that matter. I'm most impressed!

Thank you again. Hugs ~ Tanna

Knitty said...

Wow, Thank you for thinking of me! I'm sorry I didn't get here yesterday. My clock and my to-do list have been at war.

I will work on this list and post tomorrow. :)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Thanks so much!!! I'm also award free, but I might try to do this one because it means a lot that you thought of me out of all your other followers!! Enjoy your weekend!