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Thursday, May 20, 2010

How observant are you?

1. What is this?

2. What is this?

Something to think about -
He that is afraid to shake the dice will never throw a six. - Chinese Proverb

Oh my favorite man in the world - or one of them - lol.

Happy Birthday Jimmy Stewart - Wikipedia - My favorite show ever - It's a Wonderful Life.

For his first film in five years, Stewart appeared in his third and final Frank Capra production, It's a Wonderful Life. Capra paid RKO for the rights to the story and formed his own production company, Liberty Films. The female lead went to Donna Reed, after Capra's perennial first choice, Jean Arthur was unavailable, and after turn downs from Ginger Rogers, Olivia de Havilland, Ann Dvorak and Martha Scott.

Stewart appeared as George Bailey, a small-town man and upstanding citizen, who becomes increasingly frustrated by his ordinary existence and financial troubles. Driven to suicide on Christmas Eve, he is led to reassess his life by Clarence Odbody AS2, an "angel, second class," played by Henry Travers.

After viewing It's a Wonderful Life, President Harry S. Truman concluded, "If Bess and I had a son, we'd want him to be just like Jimmy Stewart."

Although the film was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Stewart's third Best Actor nomination, it received mixed reviews and only moderate success at the box office, possibly due to its dark nature. However, in the decades since the film's release, it grew to define Stewart's film persona and is widely considered as a sentimental Christmas film classic and, according to the American Film Institute, one of the best movies ever made.

In the aftermath of the film, Capra's production company went into bankruptcy, while Stewart started to have doubts about his ability to act after his military hiatus.[46] His father kept insisting he come home and marry a local girl. Meanwhile in Hollywood, his generation of actors were fading and a new wave of actors would soon remake the town, including Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, and James Dean.


Melanie said...

I remember seeing those somewhere. I'm sure that took a long time to do.I thought they were so cool!
I like Jimmy Stewart too. It's A Wonderful Life is a great movie!
Hope you have a fantastic day! :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love those hand shots, and Jimmy Stewart has always been a fave of mine, too!


Sheila :-)

rose said...

I'm glad that J.Stewart never went back home. I, think he was one of the best actors we ever had. Have a good day.

Linda said...

Wow what some people can create with their hands! :) Love Jimmy Stewart! Just one of the really good guys!!

Susan said...

Wow, Sandie. That was so cool. How did they get the animal eyes in there? Yeah. Ol' Jimmy Stewart was a sweetheart. Take care. Sincerely, Susan

BECKY said...

Hey Sandie-Chatty!! :)
Loved the artistic hands. Very cool. And, I LOVE Jimmy Stewart, too!! Thanks for the cool information. Hey...I'll have to check out TCM schedule for today. They usually highlight actors on their birthdays...

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Those hands look like the real thing. Trish

Together We Save said...

Those hand shots are amazing!! Someone is very talented!!

Mimi said...

Hi Chatty!!!!
I have seen that body art before, I could never sit still long enough to be body art model!!!!I am to ansy!!!!!unless I am tired, then I could!!!!WHich is today!!!!
Baby got here at 7:30, so I have been up and running since then!!!!
I SOOOO LOVE JIMMY STEWART!!!!It's a wonderful life and Mr. Smith goes to Washington, 2 of my all time favs!!!!

Life is good! said...

some people just have toooo much talent! i also love jimmy stewart. they just don't make actors like him anymore!

Angela said...

Hey Sandie!

I love Jimmy Stewart too! The others just can't compare to him!

I love those painted up hands! Those are wonderful!


That corgi :) said...

I've seen these painted hands before and they are so creative with whoever did them!! it would be fun to have someone paint a corgi out of my hand/fingers :)

Jimmy Stewart was a very talented actor; enjoyed a lot of his movies

hope you are having a great day!!


Mollye said...

Hand Shots of Art. The second one reminds me of my own hands as "Arthur and his ugly sister Fibromyalgia" has roared their mean old heads in a big way with me. Grrrr. Yuk but as of Tuesday, I got a cortisone shot and two scripts so I will be in good shape before you know it girl.

Crystal Mary said...

Hey Mate, That croc!!
I have seen them up close and personel! You really feel they are okay, they don't seem more than a big reptile, BUT, they are as fast as a flash!
Love elephants and collect them..
And Jimmy Stuart, well, who couldn't dream about that man.
Hugs mate, well done as per usual.

Nancy's Notes said...

Love Jimmy Stewart! Great post!

JeanMac said...

I loved him, too. A real gentleman.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

An alligator
that is what it is

Sue said...

I love those ads....have you ever seen the peacock hand...some artist is very talented...

ocmist said...

I’ve ALWAYS LOVED that hand art! Someone is SO talented!

Jimmy Stewart is probably my most favorite actor of that era, too… Did you ever read his Ode to Beau, his old dog? It’s beautiful! I saw him read it on the Johnny Carson show the day after he wrote it when Beau passed. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it!

I ALWAYS watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” at least once every Christmas, too.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

That is some fun art!