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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Meditations

Today take a deep breathe and relax for five minutes with nothing going on in your head. Then start the day.

Something to think about-

Being yourself - okay so tell me - are you able to be yourself?

For me I'm not totally myself - being able to say what I feel or think totally - I wonder sometimes if people will still like the real me - but I am miles ahead of where I was when I was younger and I'm even a tiny bit stronger then yesterday. I think living gives you strength or it can make you weak.

"Sometimes I have to remind myself - speak - even if your voice is shaking."

Now I don't mean - to say mean things - I always try to watch how I say things (I do fail at times) - but to say things that take courage - to ask for what I need.

“Be yourself. There is something that you can do better than any other. Listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that.” —Unknown Author

Can you ask for what you need?

Happy Birthday Madeleine Albright - wikipedai

Madeleine Korbel Albright is the first woman to become a United States Secretary of State. She was appointed by U.S. President Bill Clinton on December 5, 1996, and was unanimously confirmed by a U.S. Senate vote of 99-0. She was sworn in on January 23, 1997.

Albright now serves as a Professor of International Relations at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service. In addition to her PhD, she also holds Honorary Doctors of Laws from the University of Washington in 2002, Smith College in 2003, University of Winnipeg in 2005, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2007 and Knox College in 2008 Secretary Albright also serves as a Director on the Board of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Albright is multilingual, being fluent in English, French, and Czech in addition to Russian, with good speaking and reading abilities in Polish and Serbo-Croatian.

Now I'm just saying here - how did she learn all those languages? One smart cookie!


Jojo said...

I love having a Saturday. Most of the time it is a day that belongs to me and it's such a wonderful gift at the end of a very hard week.

Enjoying the sunshine, music and my pajama pants!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

I love the picture of the little dog relaxing....relaxing today to. Trish

Angela said...

Hey Sandie!

Hope your computer problems are fixed!

I really try to be myself but I know that I fail at times. I think the hard part is speaking up sometimes because you don't want to hurt their feelings but you need to think about is What about MY feelings!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I think we all fail at one time or another at just being ourselves. I think I try most of the time...but there are times I don't say what I really think, just to avoid an argument or to keep from being called stupid.
But the older I get the more I realize my opinion is just as important as the next person. So to answer your question, no I'm not always true to myself.
Love the sleeping little puppy.

House and Garden Boutique said...

Thanks for stopping by to say "hello" yesterday on my blog. I always love to make new friends! Saturdays are one of my favorite days, however, I don't relax much on that day because of the store. But it's still fun! Hope you can make the lunch at Tea Leaves & Thyme next month. Lynn

DeanO said...

I didn't get to relax - but I'm glad the dog did. PS - one smart cookie indeed

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Sandie, ooh my dogs can relax like jealous they can do that!

I pretty much speak my mind, with limits and depending on who is around I would never want to hurt anyones feelings or anything like that, nor do I care to get int political type debates..but if something is bothering me I will try to chat about it.

Have a relaxing Sunday!

rose said...

Very cute dog pic. Was up early and had a "battle" with the computer. It's important to listen, think, and say at the best you can to another person. We, can hold back until we feel a connection with a person. To be yourself we have to know who we are and our beliefs.

Jojo said...

I got your post. I haven't seen Return to Me but the synopsis on IMDB describes it as a film that I would love! Thank you for sharing it with me!

BECKY said...

Hi Sandie! That's weird that you've been having e-mail problems, because I've been having them all day and evening. I haven't been able to SEND any! They all just get "stuck" and say: Try Later! SO, I want to let you know I'm not ignoring your last e-mail to me! I'll try sending it again tomorrow! Have a great Sunday...or and by the way, Yes, the older I get, the better I am at being the Real Me!!

That corgi :) said...

LOL; what if when I try to relax for 5 minutes before I start the day I fall back asleep again? Unfortunately, though for me, it is so hard to truly relax and not have a million thoughts buzzing in my head

no, I can't truly be me, but its a good thing because the real me sometimes isn't a pretty picture with what I might say or do. But I do try to make my needs known in gentle ways :)