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Monday, July 26, 2010

Show and Tail and Wordless Wednesday

I am hooking up today with Angela at West Virginia Treasures. Please visit her and leave your favorite animal story. She's a wonderful gal and it's a fun place.

And Wordless Wednesday Tuesday Edition
My first time.

Happy Birthday to Jerry Van Dyke - Dick Van Dyke's brother - wikipedia

Van Dyke began his stand-up comedy career while still in high school in Danville, and was already a veteran of strip joints and nightclubs when he joined the Air Force Tops In Blue in 1952.

During the mid-Fifties, Van Dyke worked at WTHI-TV in Terre Haute, Indiana. The "Jerry Van Dyke Show," which included future CBS News Today Show news anchor Joseph Benti, Nancee South and Ben Falber, was popular fare. In the service he performed at military bases around the world, twice winning the All Air Force Talent Show.

Following his first guest appearances on The Dick Van Dyke Show and two appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, CBS made him a regular on The Judy Garland Show. He was also given hosting chores on the 1963 game show Picture This. In that same year, movie audiences saw him in supporting roles in the films McLintock!, Palm Springs Weekend and The Courtship of Eddie's Father.


Jane said...

Very nice - cute pics!


Angela said...

Looks like Andy is having a great time turning that pup into a lap dog!

Love Jerry Van Dyke. He is funny!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Love, love, love the cute dogs and the cute grand! Andy is beaming, but he is a child who seems to smile a lot. What a sweetie!


Sheila :-)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

AHHHHHHHHHH Andy looks so happy with his dog! I am with the second photo, where's the ice?? LOL!

Melanie said...

Looks like Andy is having a great time with his new puppy!

The dog in the ice reminds me of Lilly. She doesn't like heat, but she loves snow!! Sounds like me!

Jerry Van Dyke is great! He's so funny.

Katie said...

OK, the dog in ice is so cute and funny! LOL :)

Katie ♥

House and Garden Boutique said...

Just love the dog photo......the dog days of summer!

Susan said...

That was cute, Sandie. The dog in ice looks pretty comfy. Think I'll go do the same thing. Ha! Susan

ClassyChassy said...

Does that new dog like to play ball? He looks like a nice little couch potato!

caite said...

that doggie will have one cold

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

That's one smart doggy!

A Hopeful Heart said...

Icing down during these "dog days" of summer, huh?

Very cute photos.

Have a lovely week,

Mevely317 said...

Both of these pix just prompted the biggest smile on my face!
...and that feels soooo good!

DeanO said...

I love Jerry Van Dyke - every bit as brilliant as his brother. Great pictures.

Buttercup said...

Two adorable pictures. Andy looks so cute and happy.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of your grandson with his dog - what a cute pair they make...and that photo of the English Bulldog on ice is fantastic! He reminds me a little of Gizzy because Gizzy lays down like that with his front feed back sometimes...very cute photo!

Have a nice day,
Doris and Gizzy

A Peculiar Person said...

I would like to invite you to visit my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on my recent posts.

God Bless!

Rose said...

cute pic of your grandson and dog. the other photo is funny Rose

Annesphamily said...

That grandson and pup are best buddies aren't they? Sweet photo! Hi Sandie you are so sweet. I have missed you and I am back now. ANne

Live Out Loud said...

Warm dog/Cool dog.

Perfect - and so cute!

Here’s mine!