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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Gift to you this Sunday - The Lord's Prayer

Did you know this man? Andre Boccelli. My favorite always. He is an attorney in Italy, or was. Now he sings. Oh and by the way, he was born blind, and still is.

He never gave up either - a real man of courage in my book.

Happy Birthday to Esther Williams - wikipedia (Do you think Hollywood could make a picture with a star who did synchronized swimming? Yep!

Esther Jane Williams (born August 8, 1921,although some sources incorrectly cite her as a retired American competitive swimmer and MGM movie star. Williams set multiple national and regional swimming records in her late teens as part of the Los Angeles Athletic Club swim team. Unable to compete in the 1940 Summer Olympics because of the outbreak of World War II, Williams joined Billy Rose's Aquacade, where she took on the role vacated by Eleanor Holm after the show's move from New York City to San Francisco. There, she spent five months swimming alongside Olympic swimmer and Tarzan star, Johnny Weissmuller.

It was at the Aquacade that Williams caught the attention of MGM scouts. After appearing in several small roles, alongside Mickey Rooney in an Andy Hardy film, and future five time co-star Van Johnson in A Guy Named Joe, Williams made a series of films in the 1940s and early 1950s known as "aquamusicals", which featured elaborate performances with synchronized swimming and diving.

From 1945 to 1949, Williams had at least one film listed among the 20 highest grossing films of the year. In 1952, Williams appeared in her only biographical role, as Australian swimming star Annette Kellerman in Million Dollar Mermaid, which would go on to become her nickname while at MGM. Williams left MGM in 1956 and appeared in a handful of unsuccessful feature films, followed by several extremely popular water-themed television specials, including one from Cypress Gardens, Florida.

Since her retirement from film in the 1960s, Williams has become a businesswoman, lending her name to a line of swimming pools and retro swimwear, instructional swimming videos for children, and serving as a commentator for synchronized swimming at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. As of 2010 Williams lives with her fourth husband, Edward Bell, in Beverly Hills.


Nancy's Notes said...

Good Morning Sandie!

I love Andre Boccelli, he is awesome, thank you for this wonderful Sunday morning treat!

Have a blessed day!


BECKY said...

Hi Sandie! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him, too!! He just keeps getting better and better! I have a song or two of his on at least one of my blog's play lists! Thanks for all the info about Esther Williams, too. I always loved her movies when I was a kid.

Jane said...

Good morning! HOpe that your Sunday is going well,


Mevely317 said...

I, too, love Andrea Boccelli ... what a gift!
Have yourself a beautiful day!

Linda @ A La Carte said...


Andre Boccelli is one of my favorites. He has a voice that moves me! I love this and thank you for a beautiful Sunday post!!


Yes, That man can sing!!

Susan said...

Oh Sandie, I LOVE Andrea Bocelli. He's one of my absolute favorite performers....magnificently talented. Thank you so much for a lovely start to a Sunday afternoon. Have a fabulous day! Susan

Susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

I have never heard of Andre Boccelli.

Thanks for posting his video. It touched my heart!


nannykim said...

Wow I did't know Esther W. was still living!!! HArd to believe.

I love the Lord's Prayer and yes I have heard Andre sing, but I didn't know he was blind!

Live Out Loud said...

Blind, huh? Awesome he didn't let it stop him. I wonder if anyone could ever decide which is more difficult, being born blind or becoming blind later in life...
It's almost more awesome he's an attorney turned singer!

Crystal Mary said...

Who couldn't love Andre`?
I wonder if you have see the video of him riding a bike??
I almost wrote on the Lords prayer this week.There is so much in that prayer. It saved us from surely being killed once.
Esther Williams in the swimming movies. So beautiful, a perfect lady and very talented. One of her hubbies was gorgoous also..
Fernando Lamas..
And, she is almost 91yrs!!
Age does weiry...I'm beginning to feel it.

Annesphamily said...

I thought Esther Williams was a dream when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing.
I love Boccelli. I own lots of his music. He is incredibly talented and sings like a dream too!

Have a happy week Sandie!


Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Andre Boccelli and Esther Williams are two of my favorites.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Ohh no one can sing like Andre Boccelli. What a gift he has.

I was going through some old words that you sent to me when I first came to say hello to you. I keep treasures in a secret place and sometimes go back and re- read.
I save things that are special to me. I just wanted to let you know that sometimes ,,,,you never know when you say something that touches someones elses heart in a positive way. I treasure the words to this day

Rose said...

I have seen him before on tv. his voive is fantastic. He is blind, but he can see through music. Rose

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Wonderful post! I loved Esther Williams and all of those beautiful dreamy dance moves in blue blue water! Thanks for the memories!

Doris Sturm said...

I love the voice of Andre Bocelli - listening to him sing makes me cry (in a good way!)

Enjoy your week, Sandie!