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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesdays Show and Tail . . .


Please join Angela over at West Virginia's Treasures for Tuesdays Show and Tail. She hosts a place to put animal pictures, stories, interesting facts, something about your own pet - anything (nice) about animals. Please join her today.

I'm going to be a bear next time too! You know a friend sent me this and I saved the photo and I forgot who to give credit too. Sorry.

Now this story below is from Linda. Thanks Linda.

Alaskan rescue

Alaska photos - 10/8/10

A foursome of young bucks fell upon some good luck Sunday as they were pulled from the icy waters of Stephens Passage by a group of locals out to enjoy the last few days of recent sunshine.
These good Samaritans describe their experience as "one of those defining moments in life."A group of four juvenile Sitka black-tailed deer. They swam right toward the boat, then,

They started to circle the boat. They were looking up and looked like they needed help.

Four deer swim toward the Satre's boat Sunday. Once they reached the vessel,

Satre said they began to circle the boat and looked obviously distressed.

The typically skittish and absolutely wild animals came willingly and

Once on the boat, collapsed with exhaustion. They were shivering

Four Sitka black-tailed bucks pulled from the waters of Stephens Passage Sunday recover on the back of Tom Satre's 62-foot charter vessel, the Alaska Quest. All deer were transported to Taku Harbor and witnesses reported they all recovered from what appeared to be exhaustion and a bit of hypothermia.

Once the group reached the dock, the first to be pulled from the water hopped onto the dock, looked back, then leapt into the waters of the harbor and swam to shore. He quickly disappeared into the forest. Two others followed suit, after a bit of prodding and assistance from the group.

One of the four Sitka black-tailed bucks pulled from the waters of Stephens Passage Sunday is seen being transported via wheelbarrow by Tom Satre after reaching Taku Harbor .

Witnesses reported all the deer recovered fully from what appeared to be exhaustion and a bit of hypothermia.

From left: Tom, Anna and Tim Satre help one of the "button" bucks to its feet

After they rescued it from Stephens Passage. Four bucks in all were rescued.

Now I have a soft place in my heart for Alaska as I have been there. And let me tell you - this is a true story - not only did I look it up but people in Alaska are like that!

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Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

what an awesome story Sandie, cute little fellas.

I think I'm coming back as a mamma bear too, lol.

Sandra said...

love that deer story. good for them rescuing them.

That corgi :) said...

how sweet about the deer rescue story! So glad that boat was there right at the right time!!! (definitely a God thing I do believe!!)


varunner said...

What an amazing story of the deer. Sounds like it's not only cats that have 9 lives... ;-)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Ah that warms my heart. I would save them also and so glad that people in Alaska have such an appreciation of wild life. Great Tues Show and Tail!!

Jacalyn @ said...

Sandie that is an absolutely awesome story! I just love when people help like that - renews my positive feelings of people!


Aunt of 14 said...

That is a great tale of the deer!

Melanie said...

That is such a sweet story, Sandie. I'd love to go to Alaska someday. :)

Home In The Hollow said...

Sandie, I wanna be a bear!!! And rescuing the deer is heartwarming...they are not strong swimmers over great distance...:)JP.

Jane said...

Love the deer story. I never knew that wild animals would actually approach mankind for assistance when distressed.


Ginny said...

What a heartwarming, yet strange story!! I wonder what happened and how they got stranded in the water in the first place, guess we'll never know!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, my gosh. Those poor deer. They must have been so tired and cold! Glad the boat happened by and could help them out!

I think the bear idea is pretty good!

Angela said...

Ok, I think I could be a bear too Sandie! lol That would be the life wouldn't it!

That is an amazing story about the deer! I'm glad that that boat was there to rescue them like that!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Nezzy said...

Now that girlfriend is one amazin' story!!!

God bless ya and enjoy your day sweetie!!!

JeanMac said...

What a heart warming story.

Carol............. said...

Good stories.

Yup the bear is me next time around LOL!

Debbie said...

I LOVE that deer in Alaska story! That is so wonderful, and weren't the pictures great, too?

And, I'm going to be a bear too. I'm half there already. Ha!

Journeyin' Lady... said...

Yep, sometimes being a bear doesn't sound bad at all!

Mevely317 said...

Oh wow, this has touched my heart! Guess it wouldn't do for me to work with animals ... I'd want to bring 'em all home and make pets out of them!
(Imagine the "aroma"??????)

Susan said...

Loved the post, Sandie. Good job! Susan

Sharon Kirby said...

LOVE the story about the deer! A heartwarming story, for sure, and since I'm kinda partial to forest animals - I appreciated this rescue. Made me just smile...

I'm already a bear in the winter - is that OK?

Also, I've been naughty this year. When Chatty Crone comes to town, does she punish that, or reward it???

Just wonderin'...


DaCraftyLady said...

What a wonderful story, they looked so grateful to be on the boat, the poor guys. It is cold there,but people that live there seem to adjust to it and love it. I love the bear one too!! :) Debb

Elaine said...

What an interesting story about the gald they made it.

Annesphamily said...

Sandie you just post the best things! The story of the deer was heart warming but that bear story still has me cracking up! Anne


Hmmmmm....Perhaps I found myself being a lil' "bear" in bloggie land...hibernating...although someone (ahem that is you) is so willing to know that I will come out of my cave! Like a lil' wait patiently...for me to are my rescue...YOU are my deer!

Jennifer said...

Isn't life great when people help out! I'm doing fantastic! Thanksgiving was food, fun and family filled - my fav! Couldn't be more at peace....hugs sweet thing! Jennifer

Pat MacKenzie said...

Animal stories are the best - next to baby stories of course. Heartwarming.

Kathleen said...

They are beautiful animals, but we are over run with them, and they cause so much damage!
Good luck with your knee replacement! I will say a prayer for you, Sandi!