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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday's Gift to you . . .

"Christianity Is A Life We Live, Not Just A Creed We Profess!" Micah 6:6-8

It's so funny - when I struggle with something - God does seem to answer me - I call them God Winks. This was our sermon at church today. Just what I was dealing with this week. This was a song our Praise Band sang. Keep on the Sunny SIde of Life.

The quotes the last couple of days have been about pushing yourself past your limits. It can be in the Christian Realm or the Secular one.

The Christian example could be when Jesus asked the disciples to leave what they were doing and follow him OR to walk on water. They had to push their limits don't you think?

A more secular one could be - to forgive someone who hurt you or abused you - and move on to a better life. Not to let yourself get bitter - makes you push yourself past your own limits.

It was winter break this past week and everyone was home. Tuesday I had PT in the morning. Came and picked the daughter and GS up and they went with me downtown to my gastroenderologist appointment and then we all went for our yearly dermatology check up.

As we left the firs appointment to go to the second in Sandy Springs, we saw a woman - with all her belongings sitting out on a bench. You know landlords do that when you don't pay your rent - they put everything you own out.

We talked about it.

Went to the second appointment and drove past her again to go to dinner to wait out the traffic.

She was still there.

We ate a very nice dinner.

We left and headed towards the expressway and all of a sudden we started talking about that woman. GS said we needed to go give her the blanket in the car. Daughter and I talked about it and agreed and I turned around. We had about $40 dollars between us so we decided to give her that as well.

Now PLEASE do not tell me what a great thing that was - or it won't count - as you are not supposed to brag about what you did - and that is not what I am trying to do at all anyway.

What I am talking about is or was it enough? Did I get out of my comfort zone to help this woman?

I was driving so my grandson and daughter gave her the blanket and money. GS said "God Bless" and the woman said it back to him and also told him "Do good in school!"

Now to me she gave us a blessing - she made the GS get the message that school is important to make it in life - she probably didn't do well or even get the opportunity to go to school. So she gave us the only gift she knew to give back to us.

As we drove off we all questioned ourselves - did we do enough? Was she going to have to sleep there? Was she going to get rescued? Why didn't we bring her dinner? Why didn't we take her home? What was she going to do with her stuff?

That would have been doing the extra mile thing. Why didn't I do more? Fear?

Well, next time I will think more, (but in the mean time - this is a problem that is going to happen more and more in this economy).

This is what I was thinking about the quotes this week - I stayed pretty much in my comfort zone to help this woman. I feel I should have done more.

So next time - I have to think more. Has anything like this happened to you?


Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner!
- Max Lucado


Thisisme. said...

You did what you could, Chatty. Yes, we could probably all do more in these situations, but the thing is, an awful lot of people wouldn't even stop to do anything at all. I'm sure that lady would have been so grateful for what you did. I do hope that she found shelter and is now in a safe place somewhere. Must be terrible to be in a situation like that.

That corgi :) said...

I love Micah 6:6-8 (this is weird, I went to open my Bible to read Micah 6:6-8 again before I commented on it and I opened my Bible right to it, must be a God wink :)

Micah 6:6-8 He has showed you O man what is good and what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

Oh to live like that!

I think you did what was the best thing to do at the time for that lady, Sandie. I think we have to be safe within our comfort with how we help others in similar situations. Maybe having a list of agencies or places that might be able to help could be good to give people we encounter. I know a lot of churches are getting involved with helping the homeless/displaced. Son had a friend who was homeless, like I'm sure I mentioned before, and we did have him stay with us here and there, fed him, he washed his clothes at our home, showered, etc. But he did steal (such a small amount of money it was ridiculous) from son so we had to say he couldn't stay there any more (we did give him chance to admit it and we would have forgiven him right then and there, but we knew trust had been violated). Whenever I knew son would be seeing him, I did send food with son to take to him. So again, we do need to be safe as we help others.

bet you will look forward to getting back to "routine" after everyone goes back to their schedules tomorrow


Ginny said...

These kinds of things are really hazy, aren't they? Well, here's what I think. Yes, maybe you should have done more. But like me, you just didn't have time to think fast enough and give it time to sink in!! What you did do, was way more than most people would. And you'll keep it in mind for next time. You done good!!

Ginny said...

P.S. So funny, I just remembered this. I listened to a sermon not long ago about this very thing being one of the devil's tricks. When we do something for God, the devil HATES it! And he will try to ruin it for us by making us think we didn't do enough.He wasn't able to stop us from doing it, so he tries to ruin it by causing us to doubt, it's one of his best tricks. Don't believe it!

Angela said...

I've never really encountered something like that before Sandie. I've seen the homeless standing at the end of the interstate ramps with signs but I've never seen someone with all their possessions on the side of the road.

I agree with what Betty said. I think you did what you knew you could do at that time. When things like that happen it is so fast that you don't really have time to think of the extra mile that you would have or could have done at that time.

I think we all should better prepare ourselves for seeing more and more of things like this and perhaps even have a list of shelters in our areas that we could call to alert someone that there is a person that needs their help. I keep telling myself that I need to carry around some snacks that I could give the ones that I see but I really don't see them that often at all. One is I don't really go where they are when they are there and two is when I have snacks in my truck the kids eat them!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sandie I think you did something and I think that is a lot!! I have often wondered what I could/can do in situations like this. Makes me think! Thanks!

Susan said...

Hi Sandie...At least you did SOMETHING. Most people would have driven by with not much more than a tsk tsk. Yeah, dinner for the lady would have been good as would have referring her to a homeless shelter or something. But maybe the NEXT person did that. I think giving her the blanket and money was wonderful. "Whatsoever you do, for the least of your brother, that, you do unto ME." Those, of course, are the words of our Heavenly Father. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Home In The Hollow said...

I think you did a wonderful thing and it was apparent by her response!...:)JP

Terra said...

You did something good, with maybe big good consequences in the future for that lady. We do need to be safe when helping people. I like your idea of God winks.

Barb Hodges said...

Sandie, I sent you a poem that goes along with your post today. I often wonder how much I should have done too. There are pros and cons. You want to help but you aren't sure if you really are helping. Then you argue with yourself about whether that is the issue. I think what you and your family did was encouraging to the lady. I especially hate to see women in that situation.

Velvet Over Steel said...

You and your daughter have obviously been and still teaching your GS great lessons on compassion, understanding and Loving Kindness!! Great job to you all teaching him by great example!!
& don't be hard on yourself, you did what you all could & that was A lot!! I have done things like that before, but I wish I could now... but it's been a rough 6 years since my divorce. I hope to be able to help people more very soon! I hope & pray anyway!

Coreen xoxoxo

Velvet Over Steel said...

Oh and "to forgive someone who hurt you or abused you - and move on to a better life. Not to let yourself get bitter" is so very, very true! Those words really hit home for me. & I love song and quotes you added to the post!! Great message, Sandie!!

Coreen xoxoxo

Susan said...

OMG!!!!!! Barb just reminded me what today was! YOUR BIRTHDAY!



Now if I were there, I would be singing all of the above but since I'm not there, this will have to do.

Hope you had a GREAT day and may your new year of life be memorable, too. SO GLAD YOU WERE BORN, SANDIE! Susan

Journeyin' Lady... said...

You have a good heart! Blessings!

Doris Sturm said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sandie - hope you had an extra special day today where everyone waited on you hand and foot :-)

Many Happy Returns, my friend :-)

With love,
Doris and Gizzy (wuf!)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Sandie this is a very thought provoking post. I don't know the "right" answer to the dilema of enough or not. I think in those situations, when we listen to our hearts at the moment, we are guided in what to do. The fact that you did anything at all is way more than most. I will continue considering this, my friend. Take care and Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Tanna

Donna B said...

Happy Birthday Sandie...and Bless you for giving to others...I have given money and also taken them in to a restaurant and paid for their food. The important thing here is, you saw and you gave. Many people drive right on by without even noticing.

Mimi said...

What a great day out you had, and you did enough.
I say give and be safe, not that this woman could have harmed you, but we must use good common sense too.
How sad that landlords can just toss them out, not here in AZ, but for friends of ours that have rental properties, it sometimes takes 6 months or more to get them out.
GOSH, what is the proper balance???
I give to homeless people on the street soemtimes, I must feel GOD telling me who to give too, some are there for other reasons and I know this as I have an EX BIL who does this for drug money, my Sister tells me he does this.
SO GOD BLESS YOU for doing right and not to worry what her motive was, you listened to GOD!!

Granny Annie said...

Happy Birthday Sandie.

I don't judge your gift nor do I applaud it. You felt the desire to do something and you did. I fear that I tend to be skeptical of persons on the street. Our country is filled with agencies we support who are designed to help these persons only if the people are willing to be helped. Sometimes that aid is shunned because it comes with expectations of change.

Dozer and Coop said...

WOW! What a wonderful thing to read first thing this morning. It has set the tone for my day. What would I have done? Would it have been enough? I am sending the link to your blog to all my prayer warriors so they can hold that woman close in prayer. As you said, this is going to become more and more common in our lives - will we reach out, or drive on? A lot to think on, thank you for sharing, you made my day!

Nancy, Dozer and Cooper's Mum

Sharon Kirby said...


This was such a good post. Made me really stop and think. I have had times when I didn't do something for someone, and then later regretted it - and times when I felt I should have done more.

I think the really important thing is that we look for the opportunities that God gives us to reach out to others. We do what we can - but the biggest thing that happens, I think, is that we show that someone cares. Trying to give some mercy, trying to pass on some hope - this is what Jesus would do.

Thanks for your story - and I so love your heart of gold.


Annesphamily said...

This was a very nice post. I am always waiting to see what you write about next. Your life can change in just a moment, when I read about people who have had difficulties I am grateful currently to have a roof over my head and a job! Thanks you for sharing with us. Anne