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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday - did you know?

From More Magazine April 2011 Women 55 to 64 are LESS LIKELY to clean house daily than women in all other age groups, according to a recent survey. (And they feel less guilty about it, too). COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!

Okay - Monday night when making dinner - I had a new slicer - and it was not it's fault it was mine - but I sliced off a good amount of skin on the top of my finger. On the tip was one little - small dot - that just would not stop bleeding. It seeped all night and all the next day. My daughter googled about stopping the bleeding - they said to take a tea bad (I used one with caffeine) - wet it - hold it two minutes - and the bleeding would stop. It hurt like heck. But guess what - the bleeding did stop - it like sealed it. I am fine now - just wanted to tell you this helpful secret I know is true, I am not sure why, but it did seal it.

Denise at Together We Save (coupons) suggested we take a test from Real Age to see how old we are - she was two years younger. I am still trying to get in Real Age - I had done it before and am already set up, but can't seem to get any password to work - so haven't taken it - but sounds really interesting.

Linda at Corgi Country and Angela at West Virginia's Treasures sent me this - and since most of us have pets - I thought you'd want to know.

WARNING!!!!! Walmart sells a rawhide like chew called Exer-Hide - this has been causing MAJOR seizures and death. This product is manufactured in Brazil. This has been happening since December . Please pass this info on! It is still on the shelves...
4PetsOnline has made an official report to the FDA about Exer-Hide Chews.

While on the FDA website, I also found the following pet products under recalls:
Digger’s Natural Chews – Pig Ear Pet Treats – Salmonella
PrimeTime, KC Beefhide – Pig Ears – Salmonella
Keys Manufacturing Company – Pig Ears for Pet Treats – Salmonella
PrimeTime brand – Premium Pig Ears – Salmonella

It really does seem that at the moment, you need to pay particular attention to the safety of the dog treats you are buying for your pets. Detailed Analysis from Hoax slayer
Research in Progress.

So just be careful what treats you give you dogs!

And another interesting blog was from Angela at West Virginia Treasures - on preparing and saving for an emergency. How to save up in case of an emergency!

Today's Quote:

The world is not moved only by the mighty shoves of the heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker. -Helen Keller

Never under estimate your worth!


Sr. Ann Marie said...

Love your info about housecleaning! I think the age can be extended to include me!. I'm glad your finger is OK.

Changes in the wind said...

I wouldn't have thought of the tea bag but glad it did the trick.

Sandra said...

that is a good tip and not one i have heard of before. another one that works really well, is put a blob on vaseline on it. my uncle cut both wrists when the ladder he was on fell and he was bleeding really bad, to get him to the hospital we coated each wrist with vaseline. it worked.
PS I cut the first knuckle on my finger grate cheese. it was not my fault it had to be the grater.
PSS i am 2 year past the 64 and can attest to the fact that it is true that we do less housework

Michaele said...

Cute signature line at the end of the post! Before I started blogging, I would clean my house daily. I think they should do a study on women and blogging. With all the things dogs eat (and you know what I mean), I am a little surprised that salmonella would be a problem for them. Cool idea about the tea bag. Easy to remember also. Thanks again for a wonderful post.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I agree with the housecleaning! Never knew about tea bags, thanks for that info.

Remington said...

Great tip -- but am so sorry you hurt your finger....

Flora said...

Hummm I think I am starting to leave cleaning my house a bit longer...but I still clean bathrooms daily!! and there is only 2 of us and 2 bathrooms...but they both get daily cleaning...can't seem to give that one up. Will try the tea bag trick!

Pat MacKenzie said...

Interesting tidbits today. I am definitely part of the group of women who don't do housecleaning every day. Two people just don't make a house very dirty in a day.

I like the tea bag trick. Glad your finger is better. Isn't it ridiculous how much a finger cut will bleed!

Debbie said...

So in five in a half years, I can join the noncleaning generation!

I will remember that tip about the tea bags, and when I have some time I want to check out those blogs.

Home In The Hollow said...

Yep...I'm one of them! Although today I am going to vacuum...:)JP

Jo said...

Yikes,excuse me ma'am,but stop cutn' those pinkies,you might need 'em some day,teehehehe.
Great to know about the tea bags,this may seem strange to some but when we were growing up and got cut's mama would find cobweb(usually plenty around the outside house eve's)worked everytime to stop the bleeding,dawg-gone it I miss her something fierce today.
Hey, thats scary bout the rawhide(BY AMERICAN MADE, PEOPLE),and stop shoppin' at Wal*#@&!!!!tehehehe
And you thought I wasn't going to comment on that housecleaning post,WELL,think again,I'm so happy to fall in the age group that has absolutely no guilt about not cleaning,YEP!,I will let it go lots of times and work like the dickin' to catch it all back up.whoohoo,what fun!
Hey my friend have a fun Memorial weekend...and keep a smile on your face.TOMORROW is another day,and I hope and pray to enjoy it.

Susan said...

Hi Sandie....Nice post. Thanks for the tea bag tip. Hey, by the way, I keep meaning to tell you I love the figures that pull your name across the bottom of your blog. SOOOO cute. How'd you do that? Susan

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am so in the non house cleaning group and plan to stay there! So glad your finger is better, you had me worried there! :0
hugs, Linda

Thisisme. said...

Love your quote again today Chatty. Fortunately I am able to comment on your post. Some I can, and others I can't - all very strange! I can quite see why we are in the age group of women who don't do the housework so much. We have realized that life is too short, and there are more important things to be getting on with!!

Doris Sturm said...

By the way: I love your dancing lady in blue below your signature - very snazzy!

That housecleaning survey is spot-on! I don't care that much, probably because I live alone and there's nobody around to impress or be judged long as it's clean enough to be healthy and cluttered enough to be comfy, I'm satisfied!

I wonder if green tea would work too? I have heard that before, but I will have to actually remember it now for when I cut myself.

I don't buy Gizzy rawhide and heard about that years ago by having worked for a Vet for so long. Especially the ones treated with bleach are bad too and cause really bad stomach problems, especially with bigger breeds whose stomachs have a tendency to twist (i.e. Rhodesian Ridgebacks)

Actually, Gizzy likes the really expensive treats, so for me it's almost cheaper just to buy him the real thing, i.e. chicken, beef...and this way I know what he's getting...and when I do get him treats, I try to stick with the name brands, i.e. Milkbone, they make the chewy chicken flavored bones that he really loves, but again, a bag of 24 costs almost as much as a whole chicken...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandie, Great tips today.. Thanks!!!! That is interesting especially about the tea bag. I'll remember that one --and also what Sandra said about vaseline.

Thanks again.

Stella said...

That's sure true about cleaning the house. Count me in because a spotless sure isn't at the top of my list at this time in my life. Glad to know about the tea. My grandparents used to use a mixture of sugar and turpentine to stop bleeding.

Jackie said...

3 things...and then I run out the door to finish errands!
1. I love the BLOGGING without expectations on the side of your blog. Sometimes, my blog becomes a tyrant.
2. I hate cleaning house and only do it if people are coming. I am going to be 46 on June 10.
3. Yes, my daughter of 22 years is getting married on June 11. :)

Whosyergurl said...

I love More magazine. I subscribe to it. I think by our age you are just SICK and TIRED of cleaning house and you know you'll just have to turn around and do it again and no one ever comes over, anyway. That is how I feel anyway! And I usually only clean "really good" when company is coming! xo, Cheryl

Shanda said...

Your posts always lift my spirits and i NEED that! Love the first quote. Now I can cite that to my husband when he comes home to a dirty house :)

Ginny said...

I would be one of those women in the top statistic! I love knowing about the tea bag thing! Wonder if it's the tannins in the tea? Must it be real tea or I guess no herb tea, just black tea.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Useful hint that teabag one! I had to wonder about that housecleaning one. Was I supposed to start cleaning again when I turned 65? (I didn't -- maybe I'm just young for my age ;>) )))

sarah said...

Hey Chatty Girl...your post contains some really great helps. And love the fact about the group of older women not cleaning as much. Something to look forward to. ☺ And be careful in the kitchen will more cutting yourself.

Donna B said...

Sandie!!! How many times has this happened now with you cutting fingers? You better stay OUT of the kitchen.

I should join in on that no cleaning group...sounds like they are on to something. So many gals I know in that age group, have cleaning ladies...

Good tip on the tea bag. Some one told me about keeping a bag of flour in the refrigerator and when you get a burn, you stick your burnt finger or hand immediately into the cold flour and when you take it out after ten minutes, there will be no redness and no blister!

Angela said...

I'm glad that your finger quit bleeding and didn't need a stitch! That is a good tip. Hope I can remember it if that happens at my house anytime soon!

I must be old for my age because I am no where near the age of not cleaning but it sure looks like I don't clean with all of the toys that keep piling up around my house! lol Wish I could clean it and it stay that way longer than ten minutes! lol

Thanks for mentioning me and my preparedness posts! I really think that with all that has been going on lately we need to be prepared with disaster strikes.


ps! I keep forgetting to tell you I LOVE your new signature at the bottom! That is just too cute!

Beansieleigh said...

Interesting about the tea bags!.. And as for the doggy treats? Our dog gets seizures, but they seem to have stopped as soon as we restricted all beef from his diet, and he seems to be great (seizure free) since starting him on Purina One-Sensitive Systems! I feel bad he can't have many treats, because... Well, just look and see. What dog food product DOESN'T have SOME kind of beef or beef bi-products of some kind in them? We had trouble finding any kind of snack he could have with the exception of an occasional pig's ear, but now, from what you say, I'm feeling nervous about those too. But I found an organic peanut butter doggie snack, by Newman's Own. Our dog loves them, and again, NO seizures! The vet never could tell us what causes his seizures, nor could he even give us answers as to what to DO about them; but on our own, we're just glad we've come up with a diet that seems to be working! ~tina

Kathleen said...

We are a pet free home, but I love the tea bag advice. I gad never heard that.
Have a great weekend!

That corgi :) said...

thanks for the tea bag advoce Sandie; sorry about the mishap though! I'll have to remember that tea bag for the next time I cut myself. thanks for the info about the dog bones/chews too. Koda doesn't get too many of those these days, but good to have that info!!

I don't think I ever cleaned the house daily, no matter what age I was, but did previously once a these days, hubby cleans or it doesn't get cleaned at all, it would be different if the situation was different...then maybe I would want to clean.....

have a great weekend!!


Shanae Branham said...

I hope your finger is feeling better so it got sliced. Hey, count me in to that survey...I'm not even in that age group and already I am there. It is scary to think how bad I will be when I do get in that age group.

Oh, by the way, I featured you as the feature post this week. You should check it out and let me know if I need to change something. I swiped your pictures, but gave you full credit!

I was so excited to get to feature you. I don't think I have been this excited before!

Jennifer said...

Correction: Never Underestimate You're Worth To ME!!!! Yes, my hair is thick and wavy if I let it. Jenn

EvaMarie Sa said...

I'm glad the bleeding stopped, who would have thought to use a tea bag, so simple. Thanks for the tip, will deffo put that in my book :-)

I like the inspirational words.
Lovely post

Have a lovely day

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

If my housecleaning is only going to get worse and I'm going to feel less guilty about it I am really in trouble...

Sharon said...

House cleaning?? What's that?

Sorry about your finger! Goodness. But what a great tip to learn. Aren't tea bags supposed to reduce under-eye puffiness, too? Do you think they might have an effect on wrinkles?? No, I didn't think so...

Good advice on the pets - have to watch out for our buddies!

P.S. The woman that marched out your *Chatty Crone* name at the end of your post must be the eye candy you were talking about in your last post!