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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

California - sharing more information with you.


My sister lives in LA. I am trying to talk her into moving here, but California is where her friends and family are. But it is almost getting to the point where people are going to leave California because they can't afford it. These are some new laws going into affect on the beaches in southern California.

Ball-Throwing, Sand-Digging at L.A. Beaches Could Cost You $1,000, Jail Time

"Guess what? If you've ever thrown any object over 10 inches in diameter at an L.A. beach -- Frisbees and footballs included -- you were breaking the law.

But a few amendments to L.A. County's beach ordinance at the end of December have drawn fresh anger to the county's draconian policies, created "in order to protect and preserve the peace on public beaches." The maximum fine for misdemeanor ball-throwing has been upped from $500 to $1,000 -- and could land you six months in jail.

The updated ordinance does make one improvement on the ball-throwing policy:

Whereas before, it was against the law to "cast, toss, throw, kick or roll" any "ball, tube or light object" over 10 inches anywhere at any time, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors have inserted some exceptions.

Going forward, the ball ban will only apply during summer, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And it will exclude beach balls, volleyballs or in-ocean waterpolo balls.

Also, the Department of Beaches and Harbors will be able to designate special ball-throwing areas, or grant permits for ball games. (All very ridiculous and bureaucratic, but better than an all-out ban.)

This applies to every beach along the L.A. County coast:

​At the meeting to update the ordinance, City News Service reported that even Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky was surprised to learn that people "cannot play football on the beach in the summer."

It gets more depressing every time we hear it. Here are some more shady practices that could cost you $1,000 and a stint in the slammer:

Digging a hole deeper than 18 inches into the sand, or digging into any vertical sand embankment.

"Disturb[ing] any rock" on a beach.

Driving on the beach, or even parking outside a parking space.

Using any "canopy, tent, lodge, shelter or structure" larger then 10 feet by 10 feet.

Producing any "boisterous or unusual noise."


Holding a wedding, "field trip," "youth group event," yoga class or any "gathering of 50 persons or more" without obtaining a permit beforehand.

Getting naked or "disrobing." ("Theatrical performances" used to be the exception, but no more!)

Operating a model airplane.

The rules will be normally be enforced by lifeguards (under supervision of the L.A. County Fire Department) or the Department of Beaches and Harbors' own "peace or code enforcement officers," who we're not sure we've ever really seen, but they sound menacing enough.

Technically, though, the fine can be imposed by any "person authorized" to do so by either department. (For some very sketchy reason, the "pursuant to law" phrase after "person authorized" is crossed out in the ordinance update. So department heads can apparently sik any random rent-a-cop on your frisbee game?)

Good news for last: The section prohibiting drunk people (no, not drinking alcohol, just at all intoxicated) from going to the beach has been crossed out. PHEW."

Well I find it interesting - the state is broke - so they keep imposing all these fines on people - to make money. My sister loses half her check in taxes!!!

Okay - I have some followers from California - I am NOT making fun of your state - really. I'm just showing how funny and micromanaged life can be at times and this was a good example. Life is so complicated at times - don't you wish you could just live free . . . what are your thoughts?


PS It is my daughter Kelly's 34th birthday today - Happy Birthday Sweetie.


My Journey With Candida said...

Those are some stiff laws Sandie!!
It is almost better to stay home than go out on the beach and end up getting a huge fine.

Happy Birthday to your Daughter!!
Happy Belated Valentines Day to you!!

SweetMarie said...

I think it's ridiculous what is taking place there. I hope it works out for your sister.

Happy Birthday to Kelly!
Sweet pic of your Daughter and GS.

GrammyK said...

I think that you hit the nail on the head by using the word "micromanaged"!! Talk about control freaks!! And they're everywhere!! Live free? You bet I'd love to!! Sadly it's the "victims" who ruin it for all of us (not the ones who are genuinely victimized but those who are inconvenienced or just plain stoopid). We're lacking some "commons" these days... Common sense and common courtesy!! Sigh.

Happy birthday to your daughter!!

Have a great week!! <3

Life is good! said...

my thoughts- it's a great place to visit but i would NEVER want to live there! there is alot of folks who go there just to go to the beaches, guess they will have to find beaches in another county.

Marti said...

I know that all those stupid laws are being made to raise revenue. Now here's a thought, if they cut back on spending, it would have the same effect. Have a good day.

Cheri said...

Your sister needs to move east for sure...ridiculous and I am saying that just for the taxes alone. A plane ticket might be cheaper for her to get to go back and visit CA. Keep working on her.

Knitty said...

Well there goes my vacation plans for playing nude football on a California beach!

Like you, I am not making fun of people living in CA either. Every state has some odd laws to contend with, but not all are such stiff fines. Hubby and I have often wondered how the average blue collar worker makes ends meet out there.

To show that Michigan (besides cold winter weather) is far from perfect, get this: next week is our primary which doesn't require you to be a registered republican or democrat to vote. This year, however, your party affiliation will be a matter of public record afterward. Why? If I want everyone to know how I vote, I'll wear a button and put a sign on my lawn. This annoys me.

Back to pleasantries, belated Valentine wishes to you and yours, and very happy birthday wishes to your daughter. My firstborn turns 34 in a few weeks. You and I have to get them to lie about their ages or people will begin to doubt that we are still 39, won't they?

Rebecca said...

Oh native State is always up to something. I want to move back there in my heart~ But, my brain says NO NO NO...and my pocketbook, too! Still...I long for my homland sometimes and the beauty of her beaches. I must tell you that Oklahoma has just as many STUPID LAWS as Cali. Can't think of any right now, but they're there!


Sandra said...

tell Kelly happy birthday from Madsnapper in Florida, she is beautiful. yes to living free, i would love to live way out in the woods away from people, but i want electric, water, computer and phone and a walmart.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday Sandie.

Lovely photo.

x Fiona

Lynn said...

Just think of all the money some government officials in California are making while they come up with those crazy rules. :)

Happy birthday to your daughter!

Dolores said...

Happy Birthday to your pretty daughter!

Everywhere we turn the government is trying to micro-manage our lives.
I'll visit California, but I could never afford to live there.

Your sister should move near you..... the fun you could have!!

The Boston Lady said...

Happy Birthday to Kelley. I heard about the frisbee/football fines and had to immediately text my son who lives out there. LA county in particular is notorious for wracking up revenue by fining citizens for silly infractions. It is one of his frustrations with living out there. My daughter-in-law was given a $150 for jay-walking in Beverly Hills once. Some (rich, I'm assuming) gentleman who saw the exchange took her ticket and paid the fine for her out of disgust.

However, there are many great things about the state of California, including a politically active population who will hopefully speak up and get some of these silly "money-makers" thrown out and find some intelligent and legitimate ways the state can earn money and improve the system there. Ann

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Those new laws are crazy! No digging deeper than 18 inches? But you're right, California, along with other states are desperate for income and need money! Enjoy your day!

TexWisGirl said...

made me relieved to be in a land-locked area of texas. :)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I think that as expensive as it is to live in CA that it would be more feasible to live elsewhere where the cost of living is much cheaper and to fly back to CA once in a while to visit!
Happy Birthday to your pretty daughter, Kelly!

Doris Sturm said...

Happy belated Birthday to your daughter daughter was 34 in October! My, how time flies - I can remember birthing her like it was yesterday! I bet every mother can.

I don't know much about Los Angeles beaches because my regular stomping ground was Laguna Beach in Orange County, but that was over 7 years ago and there was no ball throwing law, but they do have specific Volley Ball courts and removing the Sea Anemone and such from the Tide Pools is against the there were restricted hours for walking your dog on the beach (which I understand) and a very strict law for picking up doggy doo, which is something that should be implemented here as well.
Considering how huge the State of California is in comparison the GA and how many people live there, it's sad that these micro management laws have to exist, but that's what happens when people don't use common's very sad and I believe GA is broke as happens all around the Nation! I do miss the CA weather, but I'm one of those that could not afford to live there by myself anymore and I got tired of having roommates all the time.

All I can say is that I had no respiratory problems till I moved here and I should have done more research before relocating because now I can't afford to move away to anywhere. I'm not doing well in this hot, humid climate with all these insects PLUS I already got hook worms once and learned it's not uncommon in this state since it's a semi-tropical climate...but, I'm here now and doing the best I can. I am blessed for having a nice little lake to walk around and my own four walls, be they ever so tiny :-) I am not complaining, just sayin'!

I think anyone who thinks about relocating to Georgia, though, should make sure they are able to cope with this climate, which I find very harsh, especially in the summer and my doctor told me that Georgia and Louisiana are the two worst states for allergies and that many people have to move away because of that. I'm finding out first-hand that is true!

Shug said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Are you kidding me about the beach rules? Oh my thundering gizzmoes! I have never heard of such...I would just have to stay away from the beach, because I would be too tempted to break some of the laws.

Hope your day is fun!


Flora said...

How interesting! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!!! I read about the new laws in Cali and I must say government is getting crazy. Still Cali is a state in serious financial trouble, but I'm not for fines like that at all. Still Cali has a huge population and have you been on the beach with your kids trying to enjoy it and some 'intoxicated' guys are playing ball and running over your kid and sending sand everywhere? Just saying there are some logical reasons for some of it. Just my opinion! Hugs, Linda

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

California is...different. I couldn't personally live there, but I do enjoy visiting their wonderful National Parks.

Ginny said...

Tell Kelly Happy Birthday for me, she is so pretty!!!! Now, how do you disturb a rock??? And if you can't disturb them, I guess that leaves collecting shells out of the question, since they are prettier than rocks. I can see about only throwing beach balls, though, so many people on the beach that someone can get hit by something and hurt.

Susan said...

Hi Sandie...

I think like California is like a lot of other places----you either adore it and want to live there and no where else, or you like to visit but would never ever want to live there. I'm in the latter category.

Wow, those are a lot of restrictions on the beaches. ooo weee

Take care, Honey! Have a nice Wednesday. Susan

Eva Ason said...

Happy birthday to Kelly ^_^ @}

Never thought there would be so many restrictions on the beach [phew].
Hope you're having a great day my friend.
Bright Blessings!

Eva x

Sally said...

So glad to live where we do, at least for now.

Happy Birthday to your pretty daughter; that's a sweet picture. :)

Kim said...

Wow, Kinda takes all the fun out of going to the beach!
Great pic of your daughter and GS

Sweet Tea said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Kelly - a pretty blonde, like her Mom!

I am appalled at all those laws and restrictions. Really? If government would take care of their real business we wouldn't have to put up with such nonsense. If I were your sister I'd leave CA "in the, sand"...Talk about strange and intrusive laws, have you heard about this?

This has been reported, but when I googled for it I found it on the Romney site. I am not promoting Romney in any way. Just, FYI. *smile

Sush said...

Happy Birthday to you and your was your birthday as well ya know! What a lovely girl how blessed!

I just don't have words for the CA thing...but since so many of the US states are broke or close to it I wonder what other states will have some similar crazy ways to try and have a bailout?


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!

I don't know...coming from NJ (the most densely populated state) I can understand the need for some rules on crowded beaches. When we first moved here I remember being shocked that alcohol was allowed on the beach. Swimming and alcohol didn't seem like a good combination to me, but I think it might have been outlawed by now. I just don't go to the beach's not my thing.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I send my Birthday wishes along to your lovely Daughter too. Sounds like there must have been "throwing" accidents of some sort for them to ban it. They might as well post a sign that says" Anything you can think of doing....don't"

So far on my east coast beaches, I've not seen that. We are facing a fee of $10 a day to park near the water now. That's got everyone in a tizzie. I suppose the other rules will follow.

Michaele said...

California is a world all it's own.

Rae said...

That is plain crazy. What in the world are they thinking with those idiot laws? Plenty of reason for me to stay right where I am.

A Quiet Corner said...

Now I know why I headed to this coast! Hope your daughter enjoys her birthday!!...:)JP

Debby@Just Breathe said...

No offense taken. I love California but we are in deep shit here!

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Wanda's Wings said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! It is getting to the point that there is no good place to live.

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

So crazy! Not disturbing a rock or making loud (joyful?) noises? Hmmm...

Your daughter is beautiful. Happy birthday to her!

Ann said...

Someone was just telling me about the no throwing balls or frisbees on the beach. That is insane.
Happy Birthday to your daughter

momto8 said...

aren't those laws enough to convince her?!!
Happy birthday to your daughter!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Stella said...

I hope the life guards have time to be ball police while they are making sure no one is drowning. There are so many silly laws on the books that can't be enforced beacause there is not enough man power to enforce them. Enough said. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.

Mevely317 said...

Oh, those silly Californian's! Keep hoping they'll trickle across our border and bolster Arizona's real estate!

Happy Birthday Kelly! (Our DIL, Shaunna, is also celebrating her birthday today.)

Angela said...

Well, I know I won't be going to California for vacation on their beaches then! lol We'd be fined thousands upon thousands. We might not would even ever get out of jail too!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

California sounds like an awful place to live or visit.
At the Oregon oceans, we play ball, fly kytes, make sandcastles, run, have camp fires-- its all free,,
its there for our enjoyment.
She needs to move from California for sure.

Debra said...

I'd like to invite everyone to the Mississippi Gulf Coast beaches. I don't think any of those things are illegal here! LOL!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Just stopping by to say HI.... Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. We had a great trip--but it's nice to get home. I'm trying to catch up on some blog posts...

I hate to say this, but there's not enough money in this world to make me want to live in California. I'll visit --but never live there.

Happy Birthday to Kelly.


Crystal Mary said...

Firstly, Happy Birthday Kelly..
Life has been tough, but God loves you and walks beside you with His arm around you..Allow yourself to feel His love and comfort..Many Wonderful Blessings prayed for you today.May Life only grow better.
Now California...throw it into the ocean and all move to Australia. We have over 11,000 beaches, many are isolated, wild and free. Others are patrolled..
Love ya Sandie. xx

SavannahGranny said...

Will the last person leaving California please turn out the lights.
hugs, Ginger

Belle said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! I often wish we could live freer lives than we do. I remember as a child you could go rock hunting, fossil hunting etc. without worrying about it. It seems everywhere you go you cannot even pick up a rock! And all those rules about the beach are silly.

Maple Lane said...

Nice to see a photo of your daughter and grandson. Hope she had a great birthday.

My brother lived in CA due to his job for a few months last year. Those are some crazy laws!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly!

Amazing information you provided about California, Sandie. I don't think I could live there. :)

Changes in the wind said...

What a sweet picture of daughter and grandson and yes...I want the government OUT of our lives period!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Happy, Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet daughter!! Love that little quote... looks like plenty of evidence to that! blessings ~ tanna

Southwest Arkie said...

Happy Birthday to Kelly! Those beach rules are just ....dumb.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Happy birthday to your Kelly!

Big government - ugh!

DaCraftyLady Debb said...

Happy "B" day to your daughter.. :)
Wellll I am in Long Beach, CA and I go to the beach all the time, those laws sure aren't enforced here??? Maybe they are used to be able to fall back on when there is someone who really abuses the beach and over does it. I do know that there is no smoking on the beach, and unlike a lot of of other beach states you never have to worry about stepping on a cigarette or having a child dig it up. I also know that after traveling around to a lot of other places the beaches here are well taken care of, but boy the state is always crying the blues about being broke! I am wondering why with all the laws and taxes??? I guess one has to take the good with the bad??? I do love it here, but I do love to visit other beautiful and interesting states too, and have found some strange laws all over. Thanks for the insight on the beach laws, I will need to take heed to not dig or throw anything next time I am on one. :)

Grandma Bonnie said...

We lived in California when my husband was finishing his degree. It was very expensive back in 1987 I hate to think how expensive it has gotten now.

Debbie said...

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter.

Second... good grief. Really, just good grief. Our family from Massachusetts tells their own tales of regulation gone wild there. I enjoy the freedom of individual responsibility that I still have to some extent here, but let's face it: The creeping crud of micromanagement is making its presence known everywhere. We should look at California not as a good example but a horrible warning.