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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesdays Tails

Okay and I am going to have to say cats do the same thing for people!


Click on the word DOG
Thanks Susan - this was my very first follower - this blog is all her fault!




Would you love to go here?
I would love to go here.
And bring the grandson too.

This is the Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria , Australia and only the hood of the car is outside the glass cage with lions. The rest of the car is on the inside. Very interesting way of interacting with the lions.

The seats are cleaned every trip...................... Got cha!
(Thank you Sharon N.


Okay so for some fun today - tell me your pets funniest trait.
Disco - Well I think I have told mine before he has a PINK PIG pacifier!

He treasures this and takes it everywhere.

He thinks your going to take it away from him.


PS There is a gal named Jane who leaves a comment and I can't find your blog or your email and I do like to respond back if I can.

PSS I am late in reading your posts, but I will!


Aarthi said...

cute post


Remington said...

That would be an awesome place to go! How creative!

Shelia said...

Oh, I'd be scared! LOL
thanks for popping in to see me and thank you for joining me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Nancy said...

Oh I think that would be so much be so close to such a mighty creature.....WOW....

Shelly said...

I would need the jump paddles applied to my heart if if I got in that jeep. Very clever!

Melanie said...

What a sweet video, Sandie. I wonder if we could teach Lilly how to do those things. :)
Very cool jeep! That would be awesome...I think!

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

We loved this one with Mr. Lion giving his viewers the thrill of a lifetime.

And, yes, we can tell Disco is just keeping his eye on case you've got any ideas! He's so sweet!

BTW... just to let you know...if you're wondering where my blogs disappeared to...God only knows.

Yesterday morning B*logger decided to remove all of my blogs without warning. So far I haven't received any word back as to why or what's going on.

If you don't already do so, be sure to back up your content regularly.

It's still a beautiful day, even if I can't find my beautiful blog....

dr momi said...

My silly dog has to bring a "present" to everyone that comes through the door. Usually a shoe

From the Kitchen said...

I'm so happy you stopped by and joined our mutual friends here!!

We have a dalmatian (our third) named Oliver. Since he's not a retriever, he tends to tear up his toys unless supervised. We keep them in a big open bag in the hall closet. When he wants to play, he sits in front of the door. We open it and he chooses a toy to run around the house with squeaking all the way. When he tires, he puts it back and selects another one. I must say he's very neat!!


Rae said...

That lion setting really had me fooled. That would be an awesome experience.

Sandra said...

i want to sit in that jeep, yes i do. gorgeous lion. love the pacifier pup pics. and that little dog is sooo smart.

Sally said...

Wow! You had me going there for a while. :)

I don't know why it is, or how he knows, but I can go into the refrigerator for anything and the dog (Hopper Henry) pays no attention. But, let me go in there and even before I reach, he KNOWS I'm going to get the cheese out. LOL

Have a wonderful day, Sandie.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

When you look for Jane, under profile, there is a teeny tiny dot for her blog. You can barely see it, but if you click on the blog it'll take you there (assuming it's the same Jane I had trouble with).

The lion sure got me! Love Disco with his little pig.

The Boston Lady said...

There is a similar lion encounter at Busch Gardens, Tampa if u ever get down that way Sandie. Endearing? Panda goes up on her front feet when she pees while on a walk. Endearing to us anyway! Ann

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post for Tuesday Tails, Sandie. That zoo in Victoria must really be a great place to get an 'up close and personal' view of the wildlife... Not sure I'd be smiling being so close to that lion --even if there was glass there.... But--it would be fun to check it out at least once!!!!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, my goodness. You sure did frighten me. I don't think I could handle that.

Susan said...

Hi Sandie!

So interesting, that place that lets guests get real close-up to lions. I think I'd be petrified the glass could break, though. Whew!

The doggie video was so darned cute, too.

Let's see. Something funny Honey Cat does? Well, if I leave the butter uncovered, she's SURE to wait til everyone's out of the room and then jumps up and gets a good lick.

The days I've seen whisker indentations in the butter, I'll know I blew it by forgetting to put the top on the butter dish! ha ha ha My butter-eating grandma kitty! Ha! Susan

TexWisGirl said...

disco is just cute, cute, cute. :)

Debbie said...

AHHH! I don't care if the car is inside a cage. I still wouldn't want to go there. I am just too fanciful of a thinker, and in a situation like that, I would "think" that Leo the Lion could break through the cage.

(BTW, I added a link to how to make the envelope napkins at the very end of my blog post. I should have thought to put it!)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

My family would love to go. I would love to wait in the waiting area while they sat in the car! Good one! I have a few followers that I can not get in contact with either. And they never comment so I'm at a loss as to what to do also. Hope your day is going okay!

Belle said...

What a great way to get close to the lions! I admit I was scared for the people at first.

Anonymous said...

Good evening my friend, well it's evening for me over here [lol]. I like that video, I would like to have a dog like that, amazing. Disco is so cute with his pink pig ^_^

Have a lovely day my friend!

Big hugs x

Ginny said...

That dog in the video is really smart!!! And I love seeing Disco with the famous PIG!!! Don't know if I'd be up to that zoo, too scary, even though there is glass!!!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Love the little sniffy dog graphic! You did get me good with the lion, I thought folks would have to be crazy to that-good one:@)

Gloria Hood said...

Not so sure we could handle the lion lol. Miss Mindy love to throw herself into our laps,then roll over to cuddle in comfy!

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

My dog doesn't just eat, sleep, and poop. Not only does she untie my shoelaces exactly like that dog, she ties them too. :)

Shug said...

Oh wow....I was thinking that those people seemed to be way to calm there. I was waiting for some kind of scream...You got me there!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love your animal posts! hugs, Linda

Stella said...

Love the lion one. Had me fooled. And I thought they were just some foolhardy folks. Yes, aren't animals just an important part of our life.

Rebecca said...

Loved the doggie clip. Fabulous!

The lion...I'm was SKERD! SKERD I say!


Ann said...

I clicked on the word dog and I now know that Duke is a
That would be very cool sitting in the jeep

SweetMarie said...

The jeep would be scary! Disco is adorable! If I lived closer I would want to be your dogsitter! That video of the long haired Jack Russell is so cute and smart! Duke isn't the only slacker, I've got three slackers! THH!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Your little Disco looks like a real hoot! Hope all is well my dear in GA.

Sush said... pet used to eat the linoleum floor until we replaced it with slate. Stopped her in her tracks! I'm afraid I would definitely be responsible for the car seats needing cleaning if I were riding in that jeep...eeek!

Hugs and happiness to you~

Cheri said...

Disco is so cute and that video is amazing...that pups nose must get sore with all the closing of doors....LOL.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

You sure "got" me with those lion pics! I don't think I'd like being that close to the king of beasts.

Cute pooch although I'm more of a cat lover.

Nancy's Notes said...

I would love to go there! What great photographs, thanks for sharing!

Mevely317 said...

Oh wow, I'd do this in a heartbeat ... but can't stomach the idea of FLYING that far!

My Journey With Candida said...

That open zoo looks like are really neat place to go. At first I thought the people were in the open with it and I thought they were crazy..... Then I read further.

Anonymous said...

That is one smart dog. It's amazing what we can train dogs too, I wonder if he was training to be a service dog?

Dolores said...

What an adorable and smart dog in the video!
Clever idea with the jeep and the lion...sure looks like they're sitting next to the lion.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

That looks like a cool zoo to go to. I'd love to sit next to the window!
Loved the dog video, he's one smart doggy! Your Disco is a cutie pie, too.

Catherine said...

Isn't it amazing what a furry friend can do for our well being! Yup - pets are the best!

I would totally be front and centre at that zoo. Fantastic!
xo Catherine

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I love Disco -- so cute!

Our dog Sioux likes to steal my husband's sock and sleep with it. :)

Angela said...

Wow! There is no way I would want to do that with the lions! Still scary even if there is a glass inbetween like that!

Jazz wants to eat all the time.


Grandma Bonnie said...

I don't believe I would like to sit in that seat not even with the glass!
I have a cat that carries around a ball and wants to play fetch with any one who will give her attention.

Love Of Quilts said...


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I would love to go see all those animals too!

Alida said...

I would love to see that lion but I would not want to be in those front seats!!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Love Disco with his treasure!! That seat in the Lionmobile would get your heart pumping even knowing the cage was there! LOL! blessings ~ Tanna

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Fun video. Well I was going to say no to the lion until I saw glass that is up. Yes that would be fun!
Skye has two favorite toys, will not go outside without one of them.
She will stretch on command, it's kinda cute!

Red Rose Alley said...

Do you know that I love LIONS?? They are so mysterious to me, and king of the jungle. This is a cool place to visit them. I have heard of this before and would love to experience it.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie,
I just love this post, especially the picture of the lion eating raw meat, and your cute dog, Disco holding his pink treat.
Thanks for sharing, Sandie!!
I posted a few more family pics in My Journals Blog, if you wish to take a look...
God may bless you all!!
Virtual Hugs,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Catherine said...

Dear Sandie, And I thought I was doing good because I taught my dog to sit! I love the video! Blessings, your friend, Catherine xo

Jennifer said...

love me some dogs!