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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Thinkin' Thursdays

Okay have had lots going on this week - but I am working hard to keep up.  I won three jars of Peanut Craze from Saving Room For Desserts. 

She makes the best desserts - I won some of them about a year ago and let me tell you they were to die for.

They are made with honey.  One was peanut butter and cookie dough.  One was peanut butter and raspberries.  The other - my favorite was chocolate pieces in peanut butter.

Okay then I had a small birthday party for a another friend last week on Thursday.  My friend came of course, my daughter came, and Lisa and Geri came.  Lisa is the granddaughter if Geri.  Geri is 92!   I hate to tell you this, but the next day Geri had a stroke.  So we'll be going to the hospital to visit her this weekend.  (Now my very dear friend died two years ago last April and Lisa is her daughter and Geri is her mother. I don't tell you this to feel bad - just to let you know who is who and what happened.)

Went to a Chinese Dinner in the Marietta Square.

Oh yes, some of you know that the grandson has a black belt in Choi Kwang Do - and he is on his way to second degree.  He has been in this since he was about 3.  He tested last weekend for his green stripe second degree and passed and he did really well!  He has about another year and a half until he can test for his second degree.

I could never kick that high - not even when I was 11!

Another thing that happened is that our squirrel proof bird feeder mysteriously came down - and we have no idea how. lol

But we had a happy squirrel.

Next I got the stupid I mean silly idea to redo the grandson's room.  I mean he's 11 1/2 and going to middle school this August.  So he needed a newer room - a re-do.  Well let me tell you it has taken - 4 days - this is day four.  And we are just finishing the final touches today.

Disco had no idea what was going on.  But he was a good sport.

Hubs getting the room ready and we helped too.  Day one.

We had to get everything off the furniture so we could move it.  Day one.

Did I tell you that my husband is a perfectionist?

Day two my daughter and I rolled the walls.  Grandson and dog stayed in the room so the five of us were in one small room.  His room was an old beige.  So he wanted three walls off white and one wall blue.  Brown trimming and brown doors.

Day three we got most of it done - except for the final final touches. We decorated it with a new bedspread and I am glad to be done tomorrow.  If I ever think about painting again - hit me with a brick.

This is his new blue wall.  Kind of dark but he added his new poster - he loves that.

Where beige meets brown meets blue.

Today we are putting up some new window treatments and we are done!
And last but not least, this weekend my niece's daughter is getting married - on Saturday and grandson will be standing up in the wedding - so we have to pick up his tux today.

So I have been on a whirlwind this week!  How about you - what is going on with you?  I love when you tell me what's up.

 I think this is something that is critical for every one to do for one another - but it is a mission on mine for parents to remember this towards their children.




Jill said...

Wow, Sandie! I'm worn out just reading all you did this past week. Yuu need a vacation!

Congrats on your win. Those sound so good!

Very sorry about your friend. I hope she improves quickly.

Congrats to your grandson. Very impressive. I LOVE his room re-do. You did a great job. Looks very grown up! Perfect way to begin middle school.

Take a break, my friend!

Anonymous said...

That was one busy week you had. Your decorating effort was quite the success. I do hope your friend has a successful recovery.

Catherine said...

You have been one busy gal haven't you? The feeder mystery makes me laugh and oh those PB Crave treats ~ yum!!!!!
Wishing you a beautiful Thursday!
xo C

Sandra said...

my word, i don't know how you have managed to keep blogging with all this going on. i like that poster a lot. also like the color scheme.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We have that same feeder...and lots of squirrels that would be happy to eat out of it! lol PLEASE tell me what color blue you painted the room! I'm getting ready to paint my bathroom and this looks like the color I want. I've looked for a slate blue...but kind of dark. Hugs!

~mel said...

Congrats on the PBCraze ~ it sounds yummy. Love the poster too. I have the same trouble with the squirrels and them taking out the feeders on me.

Debbie said...

I have to comment on the last part first. I LOVE that quote!! It's so very true, too. There is nothing more important within relationships than mutual encouragement, I think.

And I love the GS's room. It's perfect for his whole new adventure coming up. The "see no evil" monkeys are my favorite part.

I'm sorry about Geri and the stroke. I hope that your next post updates that she is recovering.

I have missed a boatload of posts in blog land. I'll probably catch up around New Year's Eve. LOL

barbara l. hale said...

Wow! You've been busy. I need a nap just reading about your week. lol. Love the way your grandson's room turned out. Great monkey pic.

Anonymous said...

so much going on, congrats on the win and also to your grandson,
the room redo looks amazing, thats a beautiful color, I hope your friends feels better soon!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The bedroom looks perfect for your grandson. It's always nice to get a fresh new look. You really have been busy there! I so agree that a little encouragement goes a long long way and can often make a big difference. Hope your Thursday is a wonderful one!

Lynn said...

Lots going on over there! I like that blue color - he has good taste.

Just working here. I did enjoy having a mid-week day off. :)

andy said...

Wow havent we been busy this week! !!! Have a great day!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

You HAVE been busy! That blue in your grandson's room is such a beautiful color. Praying for a full recovery for Geri.

Miss Debbie said...

Wow...busy week! The boy's room looks great.... nice colors! And I agree with your quote...important for them to know you are their biggest fan.. ALL the time!

Terri Buster said...

You have certainly been busy! I like the new paint color.

Gloria Hood said...

Great color for the bedroom! We have just been chillin this week since I took off work.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Taking on a big project in the hot summer is quite an effort and it looks like it came out very nice. I have been doing a few things myself lately. Yesterday I moved the salt and pepper shakers to another shelf in my cupboard. It will be hard to top that next week.

Beth said...

You have been really busy!! You need a rest now.

The peanut butter craze sounds so good. I love peanut butter.

The bedroom looks great. Grandson is very lucky.

Sally said...

Love the blue wall! G/S has good taste and you guys do good work. :)

I'm sorry about Geri; I hope it isn't too serious.

Susan said...

Hi Sandie...You guys did a great job on GS's room. Good work! Looks very nice.

Cray-zee busy here, too, but a good busy. Nice to keep occupied.

Take care and hope you do something for YOU today! Susan

Wanda's Wings said...

You must be super woman!

Shelly said...

You have been one busy girl! I will keep Geri in my prayers~

TexWisGirl said...

love the room! great job! i do hope your friend will be okay...

Mary said...

Good job on the grandson's room...a family that paints together, stays together. Who said that? Me. hahahheehhehe

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sandie I'm tired just reading this! Wow!!! I do love the colors in his room and agree it is time for an update for his new age! Wow they grow up so fast. Hope you can get some rest soon! Hugs, Linda

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love your grandson's new room! Especially the blue wall! Very nice job. I feel the same way when we do a painting job around here! Of course, hubby paints, but I have to do all the cleaning involved with getting the room empty! Have fun at the wedding.

Wanda's Wings said...

My daughter is going to start following your blog. She just started blogging. Her site is Alice P .com If you would like to visit her site. She would love to have you!

Wanda's Wings said...

Oh it is said...

Hello busy bee you sure have been a buzzzzing. On the uplifitng things. Excellent. On the sad of things.The lady who had a stroke.

Prayers go for her . We been catching those squrrely creatures and taking them far, far away. They are eating more of the bird feed then we can keep up too. With your picture you showed. That is what the bears do Smash and bang and then it becomes unusuable.

This year the bears loves our neighbors garden so he does not cross to eat the bird feed.

he just comes to stroll for a walk.

Carol Ann

Cheri said...

Wow you are one busy gal. Have fun at the wedding.

Knitty said...

Hmmm, are you trying to make feel like a slacker? ;-)

Love that quote. It is so true and important.

Best wishes to Geri for recovery, congratulations to GS for his new room (I like his taste in posters) and congratulations to the soon to be married couple.

EM Illustrator said...

Boy, you have had a very busy week. That blue wall looks great :) and what a cool poster.
Congratulations to GS for this black belt, he looks very happy and proud, which he should be. I am just lazying around here lol!
Have a great time at the wedding!
Big hugs

Godsgalnj said...

Wow.. sounds like one crazy week! LOVE the room - came out really cool and his poster is so guyish! love it! lol
The PB Craze looks yummmy! I'm hungry now haha :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You are much too busy!!! Made me tired reading all that you are doing!

Your grandson is growing up --and getting a new room is another step into growing up.... Very nice!!! Hope he appreciates it and will keep it clean.

Sorry about your friend, Geri... I have a good friend who had a stroke --and will never be really well again. SAD!

About the bird feeder, do you put it up at nights? We have to do that due to the night critters (raccoons, skunks, etc.)

Love your thought for the day... So true!

Renae said...

You have been tooooo busy. Some times that's good. Hope it was. I'm back and raring to GO!!!

Tricia said...

Congratulations Sandie! You really accomplished a lot this week - hope the peanut butter helped :) Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the link-love :)

Ann said...

Holy smokes you've got a lot going on.
I like the look of your grandsons new room. Love that blue wall and the poster is really cool

Arkansas Patti said...

I am so sorry about your friend and hope she recovers nicely. They have made some real strides with stroke victims.
How sweet that your grand got to pick his own colors. Bet he is pleased as punch.

The Boston Lady said...

Holy Cow - I've been doing nothing in comparison! Love GS's new room color and his new poster. Good way to start Middle School, new look, new year.

Sorry about your friend's stroke. Hope she is doing okay.

So....if it were me, I would be eating that cookie stuff straight from the jars. I go nuts for anything with peanut butter. Please! Just one spoonful!


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sandie, you have been busy and hopefully keeping cool with the indoor projects. Sorry to read about your friend and hope she improves every day. That peanut butter looked wonderful to a big fan like myself.

jack69 said...

What a project, but I know you are so proud of that kid. That is such a big deal. Teaches a lot, not just the defense, but mentally. GREAT.

i love that saying with the baseball. that too means a lot.
This post is chock full of good stuff, and easy to see why yousay BUSY!

Love from here!!!

Catherine said...

Dear Sandee, You are busy. This is good that you sound happy and refreshed after getting all that is needed done. You will sleep well I am sure.
The room for your grandson looks good.
I remember my grandma taught me about the wise monkeys. Hear no evil, speak no evil and say no evil. Such a wise saying.
I hope that you have fun at the wedding this weekend. Those are such happy occasions.
I will keep your friend in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

Blessings my friend, Catherine xo
Blessings dear. Catherine xo

Shug said...

Well, I do believe you have had a busy week...I do hope that your friend is ok! Hope there will be no side effects from the stroke.
Get some rest gurl!!

Mevely317 said...

Wow! You little energizer bunny, you!
That PB looks sooo good ... Congrats on the win!!! Being that DH and I consider peanut butter a STAPLE, I'm going to check out her site.
Your friend is in my prayers. Won't you keep us posted? (Thanks!)

Grandma Bonnie said...

Wow, you have been busy! I hope you have a great weekend.

Annmarie Pipa said...

you are one busy lady! the squirrels won at our house too. the peanut butter looks yummy!! congrats on your fun!

Paula said...

Congrats to your grandson and his room looks so nice. I haven't been doing anything exciting but something I think is important. Visiting my high school friend who is in and out of the hospital and longterm care.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

That is a lot of work!
We love the colors and the poster of the monkeys!

That corgi :) said...

I like how the room turned out Sandie! What a crazy week! Glad you got to celebrate witih Geri before she had the stroke. WTG with GS for his achievements earning his belts! I just saw the picture of GS from swimming with the dolphins; what an adventure that had to be!


Alice Arthigton said...

it sounds like you had a extremely busy time redoing your sons room. i am glad he likes it and the monkey see no, hear no, speak no evil poster is really cute. i hope you have a wonderful friday and u have a good wedding for your niece this weekend.

by the way i am wandas (wandas wings) daughter alice (

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh my goodness, you have been one very busy lady. I like the colors especially the blue. The poster is great!

Congrats to your grandson for getting his green stripe.

That squirrel looks so small next to the feeder. Maybe a whole gang of squirrels took down the feeder. Or maybe they had help from a raccoon.

Agata said...

Party with honey! Taht is reat, did Disco get some? :)


My have been busy...and still remain busy. And here, I have been so lazy. Guess you sucked the energy right out of me. I love the new room. And congrats to your grandson's accomplishment in the HIGH HUNG Do....yep, me too, I could never have kicked that high either. Then, or now!!

Sorry to hear about the stroke...that's always scary. My thoughts and prayers are being said.

Dolores said...

Oh my, the peanut butter sounds so delicious!!!'

The bedroom re-do looks great....very nice colors.
You need a rest, you've been mighty busy.

SweetMarie said...

That is one happy squirrel! I really
like the colors for your grandson's bedroom! It's looking really good! We've done that to Kyle's room a few times, it's a lot of work! Hope you have a great weekend!


You've had a busy week indeed. Your grandson's room looks awesome. I am so sorry to hear about geri. My prayers are with her and her family. take care.

Dee said...

Nice color choices for your grandsons room...what an accomplishment in his Choi Kwang I feel badly for you and your daughter...It has to be a double whammy for you guys when Geri had her stroke..I wish her well.The peanut craze sounds delicious. I bet it will even taste extra good because you won it. I love to win stuff, but seldom do.