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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Tales and Tails

Remember last week I told y'all grandson made the Storm Team - where he gets to help with the little ones?  His first class.







All colors together.

Pink along the fences.

White by the pool fences.

 Rainbows all over the place.


He took felt and cut out onions, pepperoni, olives, green peppers, mushrooms, and crust out of clay.

 Made his fin.

The completed pizza then went into the shark!

x_3bf5c36b photo




For some reason unbeknown to my humans the house began to smell like pee.  They always take me out.  I get to go on rides.  I get treats.  I get walks.  I am totally spoiled.  So why did I take up going to the dining room and pee in it as my outdoor space?  My humans had to wash it two or three times and now a gate is up and i can't go in there any more.  And one have a suggestion WHY am I doing this?


peggy said...

thank you so much, for azalea pictures and grandson's awesome project and reminding us that you care. That's a need-to-know on a Monday morning.

Sandra said...

great looking pizza and i like the shark box.. no idea why disco started peeing, but i do know they go back to that smell and pee on it again and again. have you tried some kind of urine remover? to remove the smell? dogs love to pee on pee smell.
all those flowers are just glorious, some of every color of the rainbow..

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Look at all the amazing spring colors in those pictures! So beautiful.

Decadent Housewife said...

Amazing dog.

Shelly said...

What beautiful flowers! That looks like a really great project, and I'm sure Disco had nothing to do with the pee smell. Look at that innocent face...

Betty Manousos said...

love the shark box and your doggie!

happy spring!

have a great week ahead filled with smiles around every corner!

lailani said...

Congrats to the grandson!! That first doggie picture - ha!!

Jeanie said...

What a great job on the pizza project....very creative.
It sounds like Disco is mad about something....hard to know what is going on in the minds of our animal friends.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, dear on the rug peeing.

i like the felt pizza! very cool.

Granny Annie said...

Know grandson will be a big help to the younger kids. He did a great job on the pizza project. Very creative. And to Disco, I am afraid you have OCD and might need professional help.

Jim said...

Thanks for the azalea pictures. Ours have all bloomed and done for the season.

You skill is 'Homemaking" (my guess). It is good for the boys that they didn't have to bake their own pizzas but rather could use a store bought one.

When we first got Katrin at age eight she pooped on the living room floor. I was there and saw her do it.

The newspaper in my hand made very loud noises as I screamed at her and whacked her profusely witht he paper.

She has never pooped in the house again.

We've been out of town Fri, Sat, and Sun. to a place where there was NO INTERNT.

Cathy said...

I love your grandson's project. Very good.

Can't help with the dog peeing problem. Sorry.

The rainbow of azaleas are beautiful.

Inger said...

You made me wish I had a grandson or granddaughter. Such sweet tales of everyday life.

Samson Says: Disco, I peed a lot when I was on steroids. So sometimes when my humans leave me alone, I pee on my pee, because it smells like I must pee there, right then. So I think you peed once and then you smell your pee and you just have to pee again. My mommy understands cause she pees all the time too, but a new carpet is coming tomorrow, so she's hoping all this will end. Or I'll be in BIG trouble she says. Maybe the gate will help you. Sorry to leave such a long comment, but I have not been allowed on the computer for a WHOLE MONTH!!!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Our azaleas are done blooming already, so it was lovely seeing yours. The pizza/shark project is so well done and creative. :)

Sandee said...

You could try searching online for the answer to the peeing issue.

Dogs that have been trained to pee outside will suddenly start peeing inside the house for many reasons: medical, psychological or behavioral. According to veterinarians and professional dog trainers, pet owners should have their pets evaluated before assuming they can eliminate the problem by increasing discipline. Pet behaviorists may be consulted after medical problems have been eliminated as a reason for apparent incontinence.

Read more: Why Does My Dog Pee in the House? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_8772616_dog-pee-house.html#ixzz2Rrnb1fEO

Have a terrific day. Big hugs. ☺

My Journey With Candida said...

Hahahahaha.... guess it is a good thing you aren't a swearing woman while doing the Pizza!! It looks pretty good to me.

Bev said...

OKay.. your dog is too funny!!... That pizza is GREAT!!!!!...and I don't want to talk about the flowers... It is snowing right now:((( although we have had a few days...

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love that pizza - looks delicious. i'm not sure how it would chew though? ha. ha!!

have a great week. rainy here. ( :

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The flowers have been really gorgeous around here also! The pizza and shark box looked great! Sorry about Disco and the pee problem! Good Luck!

Donna said...

LOVE all the azaleas!!! IF only I could grow them...
Kudos to both grandsons!
And I have no idea why doggie is peeing in that room?!! Did he get his feelings hurt? Someone leave?

Renae at simple sequins said...

Ms. Chatty/Sandie! I love those post it notes. They are so fun to read. I hope no one else copies that. I want it to be your idea, uniquely alone YOURS! Great. And ...OMyGosh! Your grand is so talented and creative beyond belief!

(see email soon)

Love to you today, Renae

Dolores said...

Wow, the flower pictures are gorgeous!!!

I love the fact that your family does projects and works together learning and making memories. That's a good looking pizza and a great looking shark...

Oh my, would I be upset if Casey starts peeing on my floor. I better go let her out right now!!!

Betsy Adams said...

HI Sandie, You and your grandson did a great job with his project... How creative!!!!

I remember diagramming sentences... I ended up alot with a 'dangling participle'... ha ha

Poor Disco. Has the doctor checked him to make sure he doesn't have a problem --causing him to pee where he's not supposed to? I'd get a gate also...


Rob-bear said...

Starting the day with home-made pizza. Very interesting. Was it tasty? Shark fin pizza; different.

Happy Monday, Sandie!

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (my poetry blog)

barbara l. hale said...

Those azaleas are magnificent! And I love the pizza project. So creative!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your grandson is lucky to have you. That pizza came out great. Love the dog reaching for the food....too cute! Beautiful flowers. Enjoy your week. Debby

Ginny said...

These are my very favorite kind of posts, reading about your world and what you have been up to!! I LOVE the pizza and the new shot of boss boy! As to the peeing, if it continues take him to the vet. Options are urinary infection, being alone more than usual, being insecure for some new reason, so marking his territory to be assured it is HIS. Also being threatened by something new, even outside that he can smell from inside, like a skunk or something. Dogs will pee around the perimeter of the inside of the house to claim it.


CLEVER pizza project. Looked good enough to eat. POOR Disco. Sometimes we all have a little bladder control problem.

Debbie Jones said...

Hi - fun Monday post! I love that pizza project - your grandson has a clever teacher! So nice that you are there to tutor him in his school work. Enjoy the week ahead!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Great pictures. This time of year is beautiful. Happy Monday

Carol said...

LOVE your grandson's project...how creative! He gets an 'A' in my book.

The beautiful pictures of nature were breath taking.

Love to you!

OH and don't be too hard on Disco...he is precious!

Ms. A said...


Beautiful blooms and colors in your photos.

Disco, shame on you. BAD DOG... NO BISCUIT!

Eva Ason said...

Wow! I love that pizza, he is very creative :)
Beautiful azaleas's, I love the reddish ones.
My Monday is nearly ending, but it has been a good day. Hugs x

Dar said...

Andy's pizza project turned out pretty cool. I love that he included the pizza box too. And, how nice he gets to mentor youngsters. What a gratifying experience for him.
Now, about you, Disco...are you feeling left out?

Gloria Hood said...

Beautiful spring colors there. We just love that pizza! Great thinking!
Poor Disco, hope he doesn't have a peeing problem!

Retired English Teacher said...

I loved this post. The photos of the flowers brought me great joy. We have NOTHING blooming here! I love the pizza project. And, I loved the sticky post it notes! The notes are so clever! You are always so innovative.

Nonnie said...

Azaleas in all colors!!! So beautiful.
I don't think I congratulated your grandson on his achievement, so here is my belated congrats! Great job!! The project is really something. Good job to you both.

Poor Disco. Have you ever thought about a doggie door? Maybe he has a bladder infection? Maybe he is upset? Jealous? Just making his presence known? Hope you get rid of the smell and the problem. :-(

Ann said...

Love all the colors you found.
Your grandsons project is awesome. Great idea of making the pizza box a shark.
No clue on Disco's behavior. Duke had a spot in the dining room that he kept going on and we ended up having to take the carpet out. Since we've put in the hard wood floors he's stopped.

Kelly Ryan said...

He was so cute leading that class! :) The pizza shark was AMAZING!! And naughty Disco tries so hard to be good. He's up here right now staring and ignoring the fact that you've called his name 10 times! ha

barbara woods said...

wow lots of blooming plant's makes mine look puny

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I think you know we love and appreciate you, too, Sandie!

Love that pizza and the shark box. SO clever!

Diagramming sentences was always a nightmare for me. So I identify.

As to Disco... is he neutered? If not, you might want to think about doing that. He's apparently marking. Dogs pee on things to mark them as their own. Have you had a cat or another dog or another animal in there? I would talk to the vet and tell them what is going on and see if they can recommend something. But I would get him fixes for sure, and if that's not it, I am at a loss.



Sandy said...

I am a real lover of flowers and these azalea bushes are so pretty. Mine are starting to bloom and I am really enjoying them.
As for sweet Disco, it could be several things. An infection, marking, you just don't know but I hope you can find out soon.

SweetMarie said...

I love all the colorful flowers! We took my grandma to the Cypress Grove Park today and she enjoyed the flowers most. :)
With Disco and the peeing, I'm guessing an infection or he got upset about something. How old is he??
The pizza is fantastic!! He's very creative! He's also lucky to have such a smart grandma. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh poor Disco, but pee, any pee is not a nice smell in a house or a car. I'm talking from experience here!

The pizza is very cool!

April Sargent said...

Sometimes dogs take to peeing where they normally wouldn't when their bored or sick. Once a spot has been peed on you have to get rid of the smell completely or they will do it again. Try Nature's Miracle or Kids and pets.

Love they Flowers they are beautiful.
You Grandsons project is wonderfully creative .. looks like it was fun!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

All the photos of azaleas in so many different colours so bloody nice and pretty.

The pizza in the shark box looks great you were good to help him make it.....

Susan said...

Great flower photos, Sandie. Nice job! Ohhhhhh, Disco. Naughty naughty doggie. NO MORE PEE PEE IN THE HOUSE. Ya hear?

Oh, GS's pizza look GREAT and the shark box? SOOOOOO creative.

Wowsers, what a weekend. You all deserve prizes. Susan

A Quiet Corner said...

Love the pizza box and pizza!!!! I also LOVE to diagram sentences!!!!! The pic of Disco lapping milk from the cereal is adorable but not him peeing....perhaps a kidney infection? Bladder or urinary tract infection?...:)JP

Lynn said...

The azaleas have been beautiful this year, haven't they?

Jill said...

I am not sure where to start today!

Disco is a nut. That just cracked me up!

The azaleas are so beautiful!

I LOVE the way you have those sticky notes. You are so smart!

Sharon said...

I think this opportunity for GS to help little ones is wonderful! Kids learn so much when they teach others.

And I thought his pizza project was so creative! The duct-tape pizza box shark was very cool - and that pizza looked good enough to eat...almost!

As for Disco, how old is he now? I remember when Marty was hitting *dog puberty* he had an incessant need to *mark* his territory...could it be that? Most of the problem was solved when he was neutered.

Ah well, the joys (and troubles) of our beloved furry friends!


Terri D. said...

Another fun post! Your grandson is so precious, and what a great job on the "pizza"!! Love the dog, eating upside down - LOL!! Wishing you a good week!

Marydon said...

Boy! I tried to write you earlier here, wouldn't let me. Love the creativeness of your kid-ling's teacher & what he made.

Love your shares ... such fun & giggles.

Still waiting on the GA job to come about ... soon, he said before he left for Mexico yesterday.


The Boston Lady said...

I know that project must have taken a lot of work, but I love it! Creative teacher to come up with the assignment - that right there is great! Love Soul Surfer and you and your hard working GS! Ann

Paula said...

We felt the rain yesterday and today and we're lovin' it. The pizza looks good.

jack69 said...

Wow, I love the Azaleas. My Favorite is Red. The grand son looks cool in the class, in full dress.
Does a good fake pizza also.

I don't believe that was Disco! lol

Good read tonight!! I like the post-it layout.
((HUGS)) from North Carolina

Six Sisters said...

Loved all of your pictures! What a good grandma helping your grandson with his projects....darling pizza! We would love to have you stop by our blog sometime sixsistersstuff.com. We recently launched a sister blog site - MyRecipeMagic.com. Anyone can enter a family recipe (don't need to be a food blogger to enter recipes). It can drive traffic back to your blog and so many other fun features. Hope you'll stop by and check it out! Have a super week!
-The Six Sisters

Munir said...

I love the Pizza and the Pizza Box Shark. Aren't grand kids the best!
I love to feel the rain but not during rush hours.

Pondside said...

Ah - thank you!
I love the project your grandson did - what an imagination! You are a pretty great grandma!!!

Starry Dawn said...

Hi sweet Sandie,
I stop by to say hello this day.
At times, I take long breaks...
I am glad to be back in the corners with my friends in Blogland. I am sorry for not having been around for a while, but I have been ill, and with personal troubles as well.
Your tales are always wonderful.
I love the pictures of your dog.
I also enjoy reading about your grandson, and how he is growing up so wonderfully. Thank you for sharing your world with us, my dear friend, Sandie!
God may bless you all!
Warm Hugs,

Starry Dawn said...

Oh, Sandie, by the way, my daughter
has a Yorkie in her house. She never takes her outside for walks. She uses a dog diaper, which she puts down on the floor of her kitchen, so that her Yorkie pees always on the diaper, because the puppy follows her own smell. You can buy dog diapers in any store that sells puppy stuffs. Of course, when the diaper gets too dirty, you can throw it away. Well, I think this one is a good idea that may solve accidents of that sort... Good Luck! Starry.

Jemma said...

Looks like Grandma did a great job working with her Grandson-definite A+! Your photos are lovely-is there anything better than Spring!

Simone Moland said...

You are loved as well. He's so cute!!! The pee thing is frustrating...I have one that doesn't get it either.

Sweet Tea said...

So sorry Disco had a bad day. YIKES! I'm sure it was an "accident"...Loved seeing all those beautiful azaleas!!

Susannah said...

We all care about you, too, Miss Chatty! I know you are so proud of your grandson because he is qualified to teach! And the pizza and the shark box - really creative and interesting! He sounds like such a good kid! Love your colorful pictures. Makes me feel so good that spring has finally arrived here. We have daffodils and the tulips are just about ready. My daughter's little dog started that under the dining room table. Once a dog gets a spot he likes ...he just keeps going there..at least I have heard that. Daughter had to put a gate up, too.

Have a great Tuesday...I am late gettin to read this today...again.


Jazzi said...

Good job on the pizza and shark!! This week my grand daughter has her 1st science fair. I helped her with her experiment~~ what floats and what doesnt, why do they or do they not float and find a variable. Done!!
Display is done and tomorrow she gives an oral speech to the HS science club then stands by her project at the fair, so it will be a big day tomorrow!!

As for the peeing, I have NO idea. just a thing I guess. Hope he gets over it ASAP, LOL


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh so very beautiful flowers!
Your day looked wonderful and the pizza looked yummy

Nancy Claeys said...

What lovely spring blooms Sandie -- I do wish they lasted longer! xo

Dee said...

I am impressed with your grandson's accomplishments and with his homework assignments....I sort of miss those days of helping my grandson with his home work...he was so much smarter than me LOL.. I enjoyed the photo's ...Spring is finally here...The trees are just starting to have teeny tiny leaves on them and we have dandelions. Pee problems should be checked out if it is uncommon behavior..it may be he has a infection of sorts. Our kitty is hit and miss with her litter box. Luckily she keeps it in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

English was always my best subject in school...except when it came to diagramming sentences. I never could figure that stuff out.

Ginger Knox said...

Those azaleas are beautiful. Ours have been gone for a couple of weeks so seeing these was a treat.