"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hodgepodge Wednesday

Please come join us at From This Side of the Pond and write your answers.  It's fun.

1.  This week's Hodgepodge is Volume 123.  What's something you've done recently that was as easy as 1-2-3?

Spending money.  Yesterday I spent $78 at Mary's in one minute.  My grandson has a manner's class at school.  They were supposed to dress up.  They were tested on walking in, eating, etc.  Well he didn't have a suit - not that we wouldn't get him one - but he did not want one. Grandson just dressed in Sunday clothes.
He gets to school at 8am - calls and says - grandma please go buy me a suit coat - everyone is wearing one!  Well at 10am I was at Macy's door - when it opened I ran to the boys department - the gal asked if she could help me - I said yes - boys size 14 black jacket and white shirt.  1 - 2 - 3 she had it - I paid for it - and I flew to the school.  He was a happy camper and thanked me.  I can always spend money as quick as 1-2-3 and I have to stop!  LOL   And yes they all had on suit coats!

2.  The Wednesday Hodgepodge also happens to fall on the first day of May ...what is something you may do this month?

Having kids in the school system now for some 35 years - working in the school system for 15 of them - daughter teaching now - and grandson going to school - my year has always gone from August to May.  So May is a wind up month.  Bringing pizza's to my daughters class party - watching her class so she can go to teacher's appreciation -  finals - and doing all the things you need to do when closing a business.  Then the month of August is opening a business and it's busy too.  I feel like these are my busiest months of the year.

3. The Englishman Horace Walpole is credited as saying, "The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think"  How do you see it?

 I am not sure,  but what I think he is saying is - if you feel - you take on what you feel right away - while if you stop and think first - you can put things in perceptive better - almost to a point where things are humorous...???

Now do I feel this way?  I feel I need to be slow to speak and slow to anger.   I want to listen to what people have to say - think about it - and decide myself how important or not important things are.  However I am a feeling type of person and I suppose that things hurt me easier then a lot of people.  The upside of that is that I also feel love and happiness more.

4.  May is National Hamburger Month...how often do you eat a burger? What are your must-haves when it comes to burgers?  I assume you vegetarians won't be celebrating so tell us what you'd like instead?

I eat burgers - probably too often because we're on the run a lot.  There are so many new hamburger places that just opened around here - it is easy to stop at one.  I have to have mustard.  I'd like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles on the burger too - if they have it. 

5. Pansies, petunias, geraniums, impatiens...of the four mentioned, which is your favorite in a patio pot? Will there be pots on your patio this spring? (Or whenever spring comes to your part of the globe?) Who does the gardening at your house?

My favorite of those flowers are inpatients.  Then pansies - these last all year long here.
I have a friend who gave me a herb set.  My grandson and I have planted it and we have cute tiny little baby herbs - basil - chives - and parsley growing.  Now gardening is me.  Yard work is the hubs.

6. When did you last (literally or figuratively) shout "Mayday, Mayday!"

 Just about every night when I go to bed and say my prayers.  I ask God for help - I can't do it alone.

7.  Say farewell to your April in ten words or less.

 April for such a short month it sure seemed long.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

When my daughter and grandson are in school - my days are freer.  My nights are hectic.
When my daughter and grandson are not in school - I'll have no free time and my life will be hectic.
However, I don't want anything to change really.
Just at times it would be nice to be able to just relax and do what I want to do.
You know what I mean?


If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
Anne Bradstreet
From Elizabeth Transitional-Women

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Cheri said...

#4: I don't cook hamburgers at home because this is what hubby usually eats when he eats out for lunch and this is what we grab when traveling.

#5: Impatients, because with all my shade they grow the best.

Sounds like you are busy more than just Aug. - May so I feel lucky when we can meet up for lunch. Yeah!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

National Hamburger Month?? Well by golly I am gonna celebrate the heck out of this :)

Shelly said...

#1- I do weightlifting in the gym with my trainer and she showed me a technique to lift a whole lot more weight than I thought I could and it was easy as could be. If only everything was like that!

Inger said...

7. Blogged every day, except Sundays in April.

And I love what you did for your grandson in your #1.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I know this is wrong, but I remember buying my son a sports jacket for a musical concert he was in at middle school. He wore it for the hour and a half and I returned it to Macy's the next day. I had four children and money was always tight and I could not justify spending that much cash on something he would never wear again. If only he had a generous grandma like your grandson.

jack69 said...

What a great read so much stuff:
BUT "ATTA BOY GRANDMA" git er done.
I know Grand son was happy.

Now I must say life is sometimes both, but more a comedy.

I LOVE lettuce, tomato and mayo +onion on my burger, about once a month. haha

This is an enjoyable read and fund to visit. ((HUGS))


Your grandson looked mighty handsome in that coat. GREAT JOB coming to the rescue.

Sandra said...

burgers are my favorite food, at home or out, but not mcdonalds. i love Wendy's best and Burger king second. i am not making a comment on the 78 dollar jacket... i love impatiens and i liked your answer to mayday.. makes sense to me...

val's alentejo blogspot.com said...

I can spend money in 123 at the nursery.. i have to stop myself sometimes from going.
I love the violets and geraniums and i have started with fuchias. whiff went that money and always does.
I eat a hamburger or used to ..twice a year.. i have stopped eating red meat.. so i have a chicken burger..just white meat.
April flew.
I say my prayers at night. agree, cant do it alone.
I think before I act. I learnt that as the years went on.
quick thinking grandma.. off to the store..get it to school and on the boy.. love it.. thats something i would have done. He sure looks smart.
Great post Sandie.
love and a happy 1st of May
val x x x

mail4rosey said...

You're a good grandma to run out and get the suit jacket. :)

You do sound busy, and yep, I totally understand your closing statements. Sounds like a house full of everyone loving and supporting each other to me, which is always a hectic, busy, wonderful thing. ;)

Happy May Day (there, I just said it ;) ).

Joyce said...

Grandmas are special people : ) I'm glad you were able to help at the last minute. You answered a Mayday call!

Bev said...

That is so cool they have manners day!! That is what kids need nowadays....and heh...its a May Day:)

Sandee said...

You did very well for your grandson. You're a good grandma. He knows it too.

I loved the laugh. Right on the money for me at times too.

I need my alone time and have plenty. Hubby and I are together almost 24/7, but he does his thing and I do mine so we don't get in each others way. I love being alone at times.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. ☺

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, he looks adorable in his new suit! You did great there, Sandie!

Flowers? I would say my favorites in a pot (not necessarily to care for) are geraniums. I love the pink ones. I really like pansies, though, and I have had some cute petunias in a pot. I don't do well with impatiens because this is Florida, and they need water... which I forget to do. LOL

Just a note, I'm having trouble reading the script print. It might be because I'm on an iPad, but I have to struggle to read script online.

Happy May Day!


Sheila (who felt like screaming May Day! May Day! last night when Mr. Magpie didn't feel well and kept me up getting aspirin)

TexWisGirl said...

i loved #6.

Beth said...

A great post as usual Sandie!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

What a sweet grandma to run out and buy a suit coat for your grandson. He will never forget that. Hope you have a great day!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Hmm! Thinking and feeling--I'm probably equal parts of both. Sometimes I think too much. Other times I let my feelings "run away with me." Burgers? I love bacon cheeseburgers with lettuce and tomatoes--and if they add blue cheese--all the better! But no other condiments, please. Flowers? I like pansies because when I read a book as a child, they talked about pansies appearing to have faces!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad April is done and gone and hoping May brings some nicer weather for us.

Renae at simple sequins said...

Sandie, thank you for all of these fun suggestions, ideas and what's new.

I can't believe it is May. It came so fast.

Thanks for being my friend this past year, my dear faithful friend! (hug)

bp said...

I agree with your answer to #6, me too.

barbara l. hale said...

May crept up on me. I know I have plans but am not sure what. This year is flying by. One thing I probably won't do is eat a lot of hamburgers. not that I don't like them, I just try not to. I love the colors of pansies, the verve of geraniums and the ease of petunias. But I am putting coleus in my planters this year. My ten words: Good-bye, April. You came and went in a big hurry!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

You are such a good grandma! He will always remember this.
I agree with number 6, me too!
And, lastly, are you starting up a business? Or did I misread something? Enquiring minds want to know. :)
Have a great day, Sandie!

Grammy Staffy said...

What a fun post....so much to think about. How nice of you to run out and get your grandson a suit. We just bought one for our grandson to go on his mission but it had to be altered. It was lucky you could get one that fit.
He looks so handsome in the pic you posted.

I love pansies but I've planted Impatients because they last all year. I take care of all the pot plants in the patio and John does the yard

Grammy Staffy said...

What a fun post....so much to think about. How nice of you to run out and get your grandson a suit. We just bought one for our grandson to go on his mission but it had to be altered. It was lucky you could get one that fit.
He looks so handsome in the pic you posted.

I love pansies but I've planted Impatients because they last all year. I take care of all the pot plants in the patio and John does the yard

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Sandie... I keep thinking how lucky your daughter is to have you in her life. She lives with you and her Mama responsibility is certainly enhanced by you... Hope she appreciates you and does things to make life easier for you... Adult kids sometimes take advantage of the parents. Hope things work good at your home for all.

Question Number three is a hard one... I guess that they are saying the feeling people take in all of the world's problems as theirs. Thinking people back off --and don't let other problems bother them as much. What gets hard when one is both feeling and thinking... Guess that makes for a good balance in life!!!!!

I don't eat hamburgers much anymore --but opt for a turkey burger with all of the trimmings.

I love pansies. Also like IMpatiens --but quit planting them since the rabbits kept eating them. Don't care too much for Petunias --and definitely don't like to smell Geraniums.

Love your lift and your laugh today!!!

Eva Ason said...

Your GS looks very nice in the suit jacket and shirt :) you did a great job as I bet you always do! I wish you will find some time just for you in between chores. To spend money is sooooo easy isn't it?!
Have a great Wednesday, I'm just home from work having my dinner.
Hugs x

Sharon said...

Good for you, Grandma. I can tell that the new coat and shirt boosted GS's confidence. He looks quite *comfortable* with a young lady on his arm. Uh oh, look out girls!!

Can I play along?

#1 - I wrote something yesterday morning to share with my Bible Study. For some reason, the words just flowed.

#2 - I may start exercising on a regular basis. Actually, if I don't start doing that I MAY gain even more weight than I have put on since Christmas. GRRR.

#3 - People who have feelings can place themselves into other people's situations. And it is such a tough world sometimes, that feelings of pity or sadness or anger can overwhelm us. But, if we think about it, we humans are a crazy bunch, and we do some silly things.

#4 - I hardly ever eat hamburgers. But when I do, it has to have lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. NO ONIONS.

#5 - Geraniums are my favorite. And no patio plants this year. I have a *black thumb* - my husband has a knack for growing cacti though.

#6 - Last night, at 3:30 AM when I couldn't stop thinking and COULD NOT fall asleep.

#7 - I had a birthday in April, so much for that!

#8 - I love Blog Land!!


Ginny said...

I will go with Pansies. You are a MASTER shopper, and thank goodness for Macy's!!! I am like you, ALL emotion. And I DO need to think first before reacting and talking, I need to force myself to do this. I always blurt out my feelings first before using my brain!! LOVE your quote! BUT I think those who are all emotion can also see beauty, like ME! And YOU! the world IS a tragedy, because man has made it so, but it is also beautiful as well.

Miss Debbie said...

Yes I know exactly what you mean!

Ms. A said...

OMG... I loved that sign about attitude!!!

Paula said...

I eat hamburgers too often too and I like everything on them, even onions.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Your Grandson looks adorable all dressed up!!
So glad that April is behind me and look forward to May and the May flowers AND new grandbaby at the end of the month :-}}}}}}}}

Terri D. said...

Your grandson looks absolutely adorable in his jacket and tie! How cute!! It's nice that they are getting lessons in social norms!

I always enjoy your hodgepodge answers! Have a good Thursday!

Debbie said...

Now why in the world didn't I think of spending money? Goodness, I can do that faster than anything! haha Enjoy your day!

Granny Annie said...

I'm still hanging on the first words that contained "manners class at school"!!!! That is great. Wonder if very many schools offer that to the young men and women? Of course grandson is extremely dapper in his new duds.

Munir said...

I sometimes make hamburgers at home. My daughter loves them as I add spices before I cook them.
We had Impatients that grew outside the post and hung out down. They can be fun if they find a good spot. If moved they may not do good. So we have to be careful to let them have their space.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I rarely have hamburgers and haven't made any myself in years.......

Good that you were able to rush out and get your grandson a jacket as quick as 123.........spending money is always easy buying things we really need over things that look nice and seem a good idea at the time not so much

Cranberry Morning said...

Are you just the greatest grandma or what!! Good thing my children don't read this blog or they'd adopt you. lol

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was so sweet of you. I have never heard of Mary's, is it a department store? Slow to anger.... that's not me! Hope your Wednesday went well. Debby

Stacy said...

Spending money, as easy as 1-2-3....isn't that the sad, sad truth these days. A person doesn't even have to try.

The Boston Lady said...

So nice that you bought him the sportcoat. Your "lift" was quite appropriate and in harmony with my thinking today. April dragged for me too - May the month of May be a good month for all of us. Ann

Jemma said...

When I read about you- and how your days are spent my heart overflows!
Hamburgers-not so much-except way back when. I remember having the best hamburger ever at Shirley's. A little drive-in joint. A treat with my Mom and Dad on a Sunday evening!
Sweet Hugs and Love!

Jazzi said...

We would do anything for our grand kids!! bet he looked great in his suit jacket. I cook the burgers on the grill and nothing special but the ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickle!!

Gardening: I wish I could, I would love too but have this thing called a black thumb!! My dad had all of the love of gardening but sadly he didnt pass it on to me. I need someone to come and teach me what to do!!


Rob-bear said...

Your grandson looks great in a dress jacket and pants. They really suit him.

As far as I'm concerned, the world is a tragedy, whether you think or feel.

I think that's enough outa me for tonight.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

Lighthousegal said...

Sounds like your family is very lucky to have you and that you enjoy taking care of them and being an important of their lives. I bet the smile on your grandsons face when you showed up with the jacket for him made it all worth while.
When you have a hectic day, it is so easy to just grab a burger, we do it frequently.

JOHN said...

I always look forward to reading your blog.And reading all these comments.And you found time to jump over to mine,read it and leave a comment.That means a lot.Grandson looked very nice.He will never forget what Grandma did for him.Hamburgers.Once a month.Knock out burger.Pepper jack cheese,jalepenos(optional) onions.lettuce.and avacado.A great burger.I like the May day ideal.I to Give thanks to God.I have a Garden box off the ground.It has Red hot Sallys,Dragon blood,A blooming Aloe vera Colius,Now tomorrow Im off to search for Impatiems.Never heard of them.Keep up the blogging.Its a great read

Catherine said...

How come that money slips out of the hand so fast? LOL! But when it's for those that we love, we don't mind so much do we. :)
xo Catherine

My Journey With Candida said...

I think we all could use a manners day!! Boy was I late in commenting. Hope you have a great day and soon it will be the weekend...

Ann said...

Grandma to the rescue with the suit coat and shirt...lol

I the laugh at the end of the post. I'm going to have to remember that and use it at work.

barbara woods said...

it's scary what the crazies come up with

Betty Manousos said...

gosh, that sign about attitude is priceless!