"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday's Fragments!

An old year ending and a new year beginning -         school that is, 7th grade!  WHEW!

NOW AN ANNOUNCEMENT - I AM GOING ON A STAY-CATION THIS WEEK -  Ole Chatty is whipped from summer vacation....  No worries I am still going to be here.  Still on the computer writing and reading emails.  And I will be reading YOUR posts and making comments.  I just won't post.  I hope to start cooking more healthy.  Get the GS organized in school.  I want to make a book of sayings I have been saying quotes for, and things like that.

I have kept this week open and unplanned.  I have to start getting up at 6 and I have been sleeping at least til 8 - so this will be an adjustment.  Having to go to bed early too.  Not going to do any cleaning.  I might take naps or anything else I WANT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay now if you give a little prayer for the grandson - he starts today.  Same school.  Now here is the good news.  He knows all the kids and is not a newbie.  He knows the teachers and what they expect.  He knows the rules.  No chapel clothes this year and they can wear tennis shoes.  New principal and new rules - she said the word of the year at school is 
Is that not great?
The teacher he had such trouble with homework with - he had three times last year.  3 hours a day.  This year it goes down to one.
They have shorten the classes and have added a study hall.  Apparently we were not the only ones with too much homework.
So he is happy.  They had a swim party Saturday and he had a ball - no fears being the new one. 
So the only negative is homework. 


Susan - Writing Straight From the Heart - asked in her blog last week if we had witness any miracle lately.  We have indeed.  And this was a miracle.

   Last week daughter, GS, and Disco had gone somewhere.  They pulled in the garage.  Disco ALWAYS runs right into the house.  Well not this time - this time he must have seen a man walking his two BIG dogs in front of our house.

Well he shot out like a bat out of you know where and went out barking and growling.  I know he is a bad dog.  But the big dog - grabbed him by the neck.  The owner looked horrified - like he knew that his dog would hurt Disco.  Daughter was out there - GS was almost in the house and left the door open and went out - hubs heard it (I didn't I was upstairs blogging - didn't hear a thing) and he ran out.  

The dog had Disco in the air - by his neck - and swinging him back and forth.  They were sure he had killed him because he was limp.  The owner of the big dog - let one dog go and he rain - and TACKLED his dog that had Disco - he actuality pulled out clumps of hair on his dog - still in our yard - to get him to let go of Disco..

Well Hubs went to get Disco who looked dead - but he was totally physically okay.  Shaken and scared, but no blood of broken bones we could see.  Now he is still shaken from that experience, but he is okay.

Now you could say that the dog didn't want to hurt him - but we think he did - just the way the owner tackled him.

TO US AND WE WILL NEVER CHANGE OUR HEARTS - this was a miracle.  I KNOW GOD PUT HIS ARMS AROUND HIM - because the GS would just have died too.  They are so bonded.  And they need each other sooooooooooooooooooooo bad.  Don't think Andy could have gone to school today if things had turned out differently.  

THANK YOU GOD!  I don't know what to do about Disco - he is so bad and we love him so much. 

He was really shaken - but would he do it again?  YES!



Do you think this is true - do you have an unknown story in your life?

I can't think of anything else - but if you need me just email me.

OKAY I WILL BE BACK ON MONDAY THE 19th - God willing of course!  



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Okay friends - I love y'all.

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CalamityJr said...

Today's Laugh could actually be the Lift - we all need to hang that sign up sometimes! Oh, Disco. Maybe it's a good thing Woody is so afraid of other dogs; he's really just a people person, err, dog who thinks he's a people!

Rae said...

That is so heartbreaking about Disco. It is scary and very traumatic. I hope Disco gets over it soon. Have a great stay-cation.

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Morning Sandie! Take a great vacation! Rest, relax, reform and realize. Those are my -4 R- suggestions for the week. Sometimes life just gets in the way, huh?

Glad Disco was ok! OMyGosh! A neighbor dog did that to my new little kitten once. We thought for sure he was dead! Nope, lived on. My Lil Girl gets brainless when she sees another dog. I could so totally picture this entire story you told. Poor little Disco.

Glad school homework has been lessened, too. That is an answer to prayers. School starts for all I know here next Monday. Wow, was this summer shorter or is it just me?

Sandra said...

this is good news he is happy with school... and that the homework teacher is only one class and also the new flexible principal.. great news all of this.
this thing that happened with Disco might change him from doing it again... we used to walk our dog on a leash in St Pete, there was a dog about the size of Disco that the people let him out in the front yard by himself. he was a terror. he chased us every time we walked by and bob had to fight Max to keep him from grabbing the dog because the dog was nipping at his hind feet. one evening, we did not see the dog coming and Max grabbed him just like you described. that little dog was screaming like crazy, but he to was ok. from that night on the dog never chased us, he would sit on the front porch and did not even bark.
i am so glad Disco is ok.. and from now on i suggest putting the door down before letting him out of the car. dogs are unpredictable to say the least.

Sandra said...

forgot to say ENJOY your staycation

Shelly said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm so thankful Disco is OK- what a scary thing!

I hope this school year is the best ever for your grandson, and what a wonderful thing they reduced the homework. There are many studies that refute the effectiveness of it after a certain point-

Changes in the wind said...

Enjoy your time:) Glad hear Disco is okay...had a poodle years ago that had the same experience but not the same ending. It all can happen in a flash.

Pondside said...

Have a good stay-cation!
The lift - well, it is more of a thought-provoker than a lift today, in my state of mind!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Poor little Disco! That was a horrifying experience and he's so lucky that he wasn't hurt, but you say the little stinker would do it again? Tsk tsk tsk

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Enjoy your break and good luck with the healthy cooking - it is more work sometimes, but you will feel great :-)


Enjoy the quiet days ahead. And yes, cleaning...don't do it!! It's hazardous to your health and I have [well Jody at least] proof of that!!! But you have to pay me a visit for my Monday post to see what I'm 'talking' about. You wont' want to miss it.


Dang....forgot to mention my thoughts for Disco!!!

Cheri said...

My Kizzy would have done the exact same thing as Disco, thank you Lord for watching over that pup.

Terri D. said...

Praise God for sending His Angel to take care of Disco! I hope he has learned his lesson!!

Prayers following Andy as he gets back to school! Please keep us posted!

Enjoy your time away, but know that you are missed!! Hugs!

Catherine said...

Haha ~ that mom being happy about school starting is so true. I remember the enjoyment of getting back into routine. Funny!
Wishing you a most wonderful week my friend!
xo Catherine

jack69 said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it started with the opening picture! Sherry and I just sat here laughing. I remember the feeling!!!

have a good Stay-cation. and return soon. Glad you all got your miracle. It is a fact, at least to me, it could have been the sad end of Disco.... But than God GS still has his 'bad' self.

Love from here....

TexWisGirl said...

glad disco is okay. my big dogs would have probably done the same thing. the owner was surely doing his best.

good luck to your grandson!

Love Of Quilts said...

Have a good stay-cation.

Love Of Quilts said...

Have a good stay-cation.

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

Poor Disco. My little doggie is pint size I baby sat for and when we go walking he is so aggressive to huge dogs. Not small doge. Three times as big as him Teddy. I am scared. He went barking wolf, wolf right up to a great Dane and a huge Poddle. Never seen a poodle that size. And the owners gave me the dirty look. Really. I was dragging that leach on teddy to shorten it.Of course duh me. You have to click the button on these new gagets. I was so wondering what next with those Dogs..

So it is a natural thing dogs do I guess. This authority issue like even the birds do, every animal does only this time it was your Disko who got the blunt end.

Scary for us. Glad your Disco is okay. Maybe dogs need Shrinks. You think. Ha,ha.

Bev said...

Oh Disco... I loved when you said he is so bad but we love him so much...that's probably how God feels about us.... Have a good week!!

Lucy said...

I am so glad to hear that Disco is ok. You may want to have him checked out if he doesn't act right. We thought a little dog that was attacked was fine and then wouldn't eat. She had internal injuries and a big dog had shook her. Have a great vacation and so happy your son seems happy at school starting.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can only imagine that you need a little vacation time even if it is at home. With school starting It's probably time for you to get a little 'me' time. As much as I miss having any family at home, I do remember the relief it was just to know that they were all settled in their own homes with their families. You don't have that option there and I know you love having your daughter and grandson there, but everyone of us needs a little time of their very own too. Yes, I believe in miracles and your Disco definitely experienced one. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sandie .. hope you can sort your life out and do the things you want to do ..

So pleased Andy is looking forward to school and those changes seem to be good ones ..

Not sure about the Disco situation - sounds terrible and very worrying .. I hope he'll be ok and won't do it again .. but as you say - an unlikely thought ...

Look after yourselves .. Hilary

Betsy Adams said...

Have a great week off, Sandie. We ALL need that on occasion. Otherwise I think our blog posts get stale....We also need balance in our lives ---and when we spend too many hours per day on blogging, something is WRONG...

Hope your grandson does great in school.. Sounds like they made some GOOD changes.

Have a wonderful week.

Sandee said...

Poor Disco. I'm glad this story had a happy ending. Bless his heart.

I always pray for your grandson.

Have a terrific staycation. We all need time away from the computer. Big hugs. :)

Betty Manousos said...

that quote: "...be back soon"-so resonates with me! i just need a break, too!

have a fantastic week off, my wonderful friend, have fun or relax, whatsoever.

hope your grandson does great in school. good luck to him!
glad disco is okay.
we'll be here when you get back.

love ya!

Ms. A said...

Good luck to GS and hope you enjoy your week.

Poor Disco. Can't help thinking of one of my "bad" grandkids and the behavior that gets her into so much trouble. Does she learn? NO. Will she do it again? You bet she will. Eventually she'll meet a "big dog" and just might not survive with her neck unbroken.

Pooja Mittal said...

Hey sandie , will be missing your posts this week...
I wish i was still n school.. Its so exciting first day of schoool, meeting friends ...
Ur grandson had swimming party, how cool..
Keep in touch,

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thanking God for his protection over Disco. My heart stopped reading it! Keeping your GS in my prayers. Enjoy your week off. Debby

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I would agree that was a miracle with Disco! So glad he is OK. Wishing GS a good school year. Enjoy your week off!



ENJOY your break. Prayers for the grandson. And thank goodness Disco is okay. What a scare.

Grandma Bonnie said...

Oh Dear poor Disco. He just thinks he is bigger than he is with all the love his family gives him.
I am glad to hear there may be less homework this year. I always wondered why my children came home with hours of homework every night. What were the teachers teaching if I had to teach the homework for hours every night. Hope you enjoy your blog break.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

A stay-cation!! You have earned it!! You should take several naps and eat several sweets. That's what I would do LOL.

Ginny said...

Oh Sandie, what a story!!!!! I will tell you that I think the other dog was the bad one, not Disco! Disco was only chasing him, but the other one was trying to KILL him! YES, it IS a miracle!! And not hurt AT ALL...has to be a miracle! Our cat Cher was a bad boy, a real rascal, and we loved him the best. I am SO sad that we let him down. He had been throwing up four or five times a night and when we would get up, we just thought this was normal for having three cats and furballs. Not until too late did we discover all the vomit had been HIS! Anyway, take lots of naps and hang in there!! Give little Disco a HUGE hug from me!! What did the dog owner say? And was HIS dog off the leash?

barbara woods said...

Get some rest!!! and that's a order, didn't know i was a dr. did you

A Quiet Corner said...

Holy moose-poops! Where do I begin! Glad you are taking a stay-cation...well-deserved; WONDERFUL about your GS and the flexibility approach!!; now, Disco...hmmm...it could result in a few things...him becoming more aggressive towards others or him becoming timid, although I do NOT see that happening!!This comment is the size of a small book!!!!...:)JP

Denise said...

Enjoy your vacation, love you. Prayers continue for your dear grandson.

Sharon said...

OK, first and foremost, I really don't think Disco is a bad dog. He's a dog - and sometimes those *chasing* instincts just kick in. Marty was once attacked by a big dog who got away from its owner when my son was taking him for a walk. He got Marty by the neck, too. Marty was OK - and I can't tell you how RELIEVED I am that Disco weathered his confrontation OK.

Evidently bullies exist in the dog world, too.

Sounds like GS is going to have a much better year. Praying for all of you as you hit the books, and learn to deal with teachers again!!

Enjoy your time off this week.

And yes, I have an unknown story in my life. Not sure if I want to let it out - it's not pretty! Praying and pondering that one...

Tricia Buice said...

You go girl! So happy for your break and sleeping in - boy oh boy! You're going to have fun - naps? Completely awesome. Blessing!

My Journey With Candida said...

Poor Disco... I hate when dog attack other dogs. My gosh... I hope he isn't hurt. Maybe this will teach him not to mess with other dogs.

SavannahGranny said...

Sandi, I have felt lead to set up a Prayer Request Page. If you like I will add your GS. Let me know and what info to appear.
Blessings, Ginger

Nonnie said...

Sandie, after I read about your GS and Disco, I skipped over everything else to say, yes,yes, yes, that was a miracle. So glad your Disco is all right.
It's wonderful to hear all the good news about your GS and school. Enjoy your vacation. Rest easy. And don't break your promises to yourself about not cleaning. :-)

Nonnie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SweetMarie said...

I'm sure your grandson will have a fantastic year! Flexibility is great at schools like this. Kyle could wear his socks with slippers to school with his uniform of course. :)
I'm so Happy Disco is okay!!! Poor little boy!
Your staycation sounds perfect! You so deserve it! Don't do any cleaning! I wish I could be there to drink coffee and talk with you. :)
hugs to you and Disco from me,

Lee said...

I hope you enjoy your Stay-cation, Sandie.

Poor Disco! How terrifying for you all, and most of all for Disco. Wow! I'm so glad he's okay. Perhaps the only way to ensure he won't do similar again is to put a leash on him before letting him out of the car...and just leading him into the house. That way you can be sure of his not heading of to protect his property again.

Enjoy! :)

Zoe Byrd said...

omg...MY DISCO! So you don't think that near miss would make him think twice? I think youre right. Skip has chased more than one bear in his day. I am so glad he is ok...he is so adorable and harmless looking when asleep...the big doofus! Challenging big dogs like that! Skip does that too! But he will stop when I say so thank goodness so I can stop him in his tracks...It wasn't easy but we started with a leash and moved on to just my whistling and now he stops cold...The last big bear scared me enough to be really strict with the training! Prayers for the GS ...and have a great Staycation! love you! Z~

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie, sweetheart,
Oh! It breaks my heart to know
that your dog, Disco got hurt
by another dog. Thanks God, Disco
did not get killed!
Anyway, you must be very careful
to let him go outside without
any supervision. Dogs could get in troubles so easily.
I really love your dog, Disco!
He looks a bit sad in the picture
you have shared of him.
I hope and pray Disco will get better soon, if there is anything wrong. I am glad you are taking
a good break on vacations.
It seems like your grandson began his School Days. My grandchildren
will begin their School Days in the second week of September.
I guess New York has different rules in many ways...
My family will soon go on vacation to Virginia Beach for a week.
Summer Days will soon be over.
So, enjoy having a good time outdoors and anywhere you love to go, Sandie darling.
I recently posted a lovely poem with my flower artwork, if you care to visit me.
Welcome Aboard at anytime, Sandie!
God may bless you and loved ones.
Warm Hugs,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Theresa said...

That first pic just about sums it up. Mine go back next week and weeeee ha! I can't wait lol.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Homework............oh how I hated it as a child and as mother, I didn't have the patience to deal with my girls when it came to homework. I thought my days of having to deal with a child doing homework were long gone but alas not so Jessica wants me to help Leo with his homework since she doesn't have the patience to help him

Susan said...

Hi Sandie..I am SO GLAD Disco was saved.

That was, indeed, a miracle.

Praise the Lord. Susan

Renegades said...

Have a great week off. You'll be missed!

Jackie said...

Prayers for a wonderful school year.
I do hope it is a great one.
So glad that Disco wasn't hurt or killed. What a frightening experience for all who watched and endured it!
Sending you hugs, my friend.

Debbie said...

I need a staycation! That's a good idea. If I hadn't been so lame lately, I could justify taking one.

I hope he had a wonderful day yesterday and came home ready to start the year. I'm glad he will only have the homework overload teacher for an hour a day. That should help!

As for Disco, I stand with you. He had to have been protected, and I'm so grateful that he was.

(And I agree with the quote and have an untold story.)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I love the idea of a stay-cation, Sandie. We all need a break to just RELAX!! I think this is going to be a good year for Andy. And, I love the miracles that DO happen in our lives! Enjoy your rest. blessings ~ tanna

mail4rosey said...

Aww, I bet that was s-c-a-r-y. Be glad you missed it and there was a happy ending!! I'm glad your little Disco is okay!

Prayers for the GS said for today. AND LOLOLOL at the back to school picture!

Anna and Liz Recipes said...

Great Post! Have a nice relaxing time while you are on Stay-vation!Love your quotes for the day!:)
Your grandson is adorable and I am sure he will be so happy in school!

Grammy Staffy said...

You did have a miracle. What a great story. Enjoy your staycation. I posted a video of our rafting trip in Wyoming if you want to hop over and go down the river with us. Hugs, Lura.

Dee said...

Happy to hear about the miracles...It will be so much better for him not being the newbie and to have his work load lessened...yay. And praise God Disco lived through that terrifying ordeal...your poor grandson....:( I think I have a unknown story unfolding every year...or so it seems...but good stories. :) Enjoy your break. I get up at six with my grandson Max and it isn't easy. We have been having some good talks. But I am ready for bed early.

The Boston Lady said...

Well, look at all of us who miss you! So glad to hear about GS's school implementing some flexible policies. Sometimes we forget they are children, not robots.

Seventh grade was the most difficult for my son. Socially. After that year was over it was smooth sailing. I always think they find themselves in 7th grade.

Disco! No! No! No!. I honestly think if that dog wanted to kill him, he would have, Sandie. The owner was probably so scared and that's why he reacted as he did. But God was with Disco whispering into the big dog's ear perhaps, thank goodness. Poor thing. It will be interesting to see if he would do it again (but under controlled circumstances).

Enjoy your Stay-cation! Nap! Ann

Eva Ason said...

Hello there! It is good to take time off every now and again, enjoy it my friend. Great news about GS school ^_^ Big hugs

Jemma said...

So glad you are taking a week just for you-
Poor Disco-such a frightening and horrific episode in all of your lives. I am thankful it had a happy ending.
Great new about your grandson-just know it will be a good school year for all!
Warm and Happy Hugs Always,

Inger said...

Oh, we are so glad Disco is OK. Small, but brave doggie, I hope he learned a lesson. Have a great vacation.

Ann said...

Wow, that's some story about Disco. How scary but yes a miracle that he was not hurt.
I'm trying to catch up with everyone after being away from the computer. I really haven't missed it at all

Catherine said...

Dear Sandie, I am glad that you are taking a staycation. It is important that you know you need this and are listening to yourself.
Happy for your grandson that he is feeling comfortable with school. I think that the schools give tooooo much homework. The kids just don't get to have any family time. It is so hard on the parent too. I think part of it is the parent is doing all the work for the teachers.
Well, anyway you did witness a miracle. If the big dog was swinging Disco it is a miracle that Disco is fine, but a happy ending!
I hope that you do write that book. It would be very uplifting for the world.
Well, I think many people have a story kept close to their heart.
Blessings dearest and a big hug. Catherine xo

Retired English Teacher said...

Good for you for taking a staycation. I like that word. Getting up early and cooking more healthy - wow, those are some awesome goals. I hope they are coming along well for you.

Here's to an awesome school year for grandson.

Lynn said...

Oh my - that is a scary thing that happened to Disco. I'm glad he's OK.

And have a happy staycation!

Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Greetings Chatty Crone! What a fun give away you have going! I've got a book report/Laura Frantz interview and book give away going on my blog right now so I can't get involved with your book give away. This must be the time of the year for book giveaways because I've now run into three of them in the last couple of days since I've got mine going! I haven't run into one before that for quite some time! You have a fun uplifting blog!

Tammy said...

Sandie, I hope you have nice and relaxing 'staycation' :D

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my peaches.


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Miss Debbie said...

Hope your grandson has a great year! And hope you are enjoying your week "off"!!!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Disco is one lucky pup! I'm so glad he is ok. So Scary!
I'm prying for your GS to have a great year, he's due, very due!
Enjoy your week, sounds like something I need to do ;)

Dolores said...

So good to hear that Disco is okay!!!! That must have been horrible to witness.

Disco must have the 'little man' syndrome.....he thinks he's a big man.

I understand about the rest and vacation.....enjoy your time of vacation!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Oh, poor Disco! So glad he's okay. Also glad this year looks promising for Andy.

Enjoy your staycation.

Susan :)

Maggie Ann said...

I'm glad your Disco is fine...what a scary time he had and it is a miracle he survived that attack. Bless his little heart. I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing week Sandie! Just everything you need it to be =)

Theresa said...

Sweet Disco:) Enjoy your STAYcation! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Hope you had a great staycation. And I hope the first week went great.

Zoe Byrd said...

I just returned to thank you for your birthday wishes and to see that you stay on STAYcation! Hope you are having a grand time staycationing...(I love that term can you tell?) LOve, ZOE

forgetmenot said...

Sandy, Enjoy your "stay at home vacation"--sometimes those are the best ones. So glad Disco is OK--quite a scary moment for all of you. Love your "school starting" pic. That is exactly the way it is too--Moms are happy, kids, not so much. Take care, my friend. Mickie ;)

Terri said...

Oh poor Disco! You are right- that was a miracle. Now what can you do about that man walking his dogs in front of your house..it will just happen again! I hope you had a great rest (I see I am late to your blog again!)

Donna said...

Oh, Poor Disco!!! Hope all is still well with him!
Enjoy your time off! Feels good doesn't it!

Lucy said...

I will be going to my youngest grand daughters wedding. Gabby, she earned that nick name when she first started to talk. Her dad is my son Ron, and he is the one that always watched out for me and Joe.

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh -- that was a close call with Disco. Perhaps he learned something from the ordeal? So happy he's okay Sandie.

Blondee said...

Heartbreaking about Disco!! :(

Hope that your blog break has been restorative!

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie,
I visit you again on Sunday,
just to show you some blog loving.
I re-read your post about your taking a break on vacation.
It's always a good thing to
take a break, and then begin
again your time with new projects
and a new energy...
You said that you are writing
a book with your sayings, quotes,
thoughts, and other things.
This is a wonderful idea, Sandie!
Good luck in all you do, my friend!
I hope Disco is doing better by now. Take good care of him, dear.
Your grandson has begun School.
My grandchildren are still on
vacations in New York.
They will start School in early
September. They'll go on vacation
to Virginia Beach in a few days.
I just love your uplifting blog.
We have adopted a new kitten.
We call her, "Baby Blue."
She stays in my room, because
my other 2 older cats are furious.
Since I am an animal lover,
I just can't live without animals
around me.
I feel they are my true friends.
Enjoy your vacation time, Sandie!

De simpel huisvrouw said...

i just love your blog!inspiring warm with much variety...loves from the netherlands

Rob-bear said...

Glad Disco is OK. Him and his big mouth — do you think he learned anything? Yeah, probably not.

HOpe you had a good staycation!

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh Disco, you are one dangerous (to himself) little dog! I am so glad it turned out the way it did, and that your neighbor was actually able to wrench Disco out of his dog's mouth. It was truly a miracle! I would love to think that Disco learned his lesson, but I think you're right about another time. Dogs will be dogs. God bless Disco - and your grandson who loves and needs him.

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