"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday's Fragments


I'm back - lol.  I have missed everyone.  So some fragments of the week- yesterday we to Mercier's Apple Orchard in Blue Ridge, GA.

(More tomorrow.)


We did take Disco to the vet just in case and he said that it was indeed a miracle the dog didn't kill him.  He is overweight and the vet said it was the only time being overweight with a big neck was a good thing for him.  He seems to be losing his skittishness and seems happier. So thanks for all the good will towards Disco.  Again we were lucky!


Let's see what did I say I was taking a vacation for?  To catch up and cook - oops - that didn't happen, but I did get a lot done. I feel more centered and rested so that is a good thing.  I have missed y'all!


My computer which I do love dearly now for probably ten years is definitely going out.  We are going to back it up today just in case.  Oh vey.  So the new computers only have windows 8 which I don't like - my grandson has it - but I think it is my only option.  We have to do something.  If you don't hear from me all of a sudden. see a blog, read a comment on your blog, Facebook updates are missing you know what has happened - so stick with me for a few days.

Report Card on the First Week Of School

I want to thank you for praying for my grandson. I have to say the first three days went great.  Day 4 and 5 came - but I have to tell you then the homework hit - but I do have faith things will be okay - just with lots of homework.

He loved his first day - The grandson got in 7A homeroom, not 7B, which is huge deal for him.  7B has to be with one teacher for 3 hours straight - different classes, but three hours straight.  It is a small school and the teachers are the same in the middle school for three years. But this was a teacher he really struggled with last year - he had her three hours for classes last year.

I know the prayers helped with this blessing.  I know it.  I had to let you know that we are going to make it because of prayer.

I have to tell you a sad story though - On Friday the grandson came home from school and told us that one of the girls the day before lost her mother. She was 49, had had breast cancer years before and then it came back to her stomach - they gave her a big chemo treatment and it did not go well.  And she just died quickly in peace.  Now this is the oddest thing - he has gone to this school one year.  This is the fourth time a parent has died.  Last year they lost three fathers - one in 6th grade, one in 7th, and one in 8th grade.  This was the first mother who died, but four parents in one year of school and there are only about 60 students in all three classes.  And one more father has cancer and needs a bone morrow transplant.  What is up with all this????  The grandson is getting a little stressed from all of it.  I think they are going to address all the kids Monday - I mean it is so small it is like a family.  All the kids are hurt from it.

Anyway thank you again. I am sorry to report the sadness that has come along with it..

Love, Chatty and Disco

Sorry this is so long!



Sometimes you have to take one heck of a deep breathe and let it go with all your troubles.


Sandra said...

did you mean dog not door in the first part, disco survived the door? or did something else happen to poor disco.
yikes on the home work and i to wonder what is up with the cancer and deadly diseases... it is rampant and no matter the age.
welcome back to blogland.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Glad to hear that Disco is ok. Oh our pets and how we love them so.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm glad Disco is okay.

That first shot is amazing. What a beautiful place.

I hope you manage to sort out your new computer. I still cant get my head around my ipad and I've only ever used Apple Macs!

Jemma said...

Oh Sandie,
I am reading a book on how to
"let it go," just like your quote-breathe in-with a prayer or positive thought and then let the breath go with a smile.
So glad the first week of school went well, Grandson will do well with all the love and support he gets from you!
So glad you are back!!

linda eller said...

I gave in and bought a laptop with Windows 8 and at first I hated it. I thought I would never learn it. It is now 3 months later and I love it. It is much easier than before and gives lots more options. It just takes time. Sad about the parents dying at your grandson's school....hope things quiet down there this year.

Sandee said...

I'm so happy Disco is okay. I was so worried about him. Those big dogs can be so very dangerous to our little ones.

I'm glad your grandson is doing well in school, but homework can be very stressful. Especially if there seems to be too much. There needs to be a balance.

I'm ever so sorry about the parents that are passing away. It's hard for kids to understand mortality. Very hard.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ☺

Beth said...

I am happy that Disco is ok!

Liz said...

I'm so glad that school has started off so well, and I'm pleased that there was a plus to Disco's chubbiness! :)

Pooja Mittal said...

Missed you so much sandie... Thank god u back...
Hope you enjoyd your brak.. Good to know your grandson had a good tim on day 1.. And hone work, its never going to leave them alone...
Dont forget to enter my giveaway.
Keep in touch,

Jeanie said...

Any change in computers is hard to get used to....hopefully you will make the adjustment well when the time comes.
So sad about the parents at your grandson's school. I am sure that is stressful for everyone there.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So happy Disco is recovering from his trauma. Poor Grandson, I know hearing about the death of his peers parents is tough. Glad you are back and hope the computer issues work out.


Sharon said...

Such a pleasure *catching up* with you. Glad that Disco is OK, and I do feel better that you guys had him checked out at the vet's. I always say, better safe than sorry. And hey, thick necks are cool...

Continued prayers for GS - glad that week one went well. But, the news about the parents? That is weird. I will pray that God will comfort GS, and that he will be able to pass that comfort on to others. But oh, how their hearts must be aching.

Homework - now THAT is one thing that I don't miss at all. And by the way, I got pretty good grades when the BOYS were going to school! HA!


Rae said...

Glad to hear Disco is okay and that your GS is doing well with school. So sad about the mother - it is a hard thing to understand why things like that happen.

Cathy said...

Amen to "The Lift".

Glad Disco is okay.

Betsy Adams said...

Glad you had a nice week... Bet it passed quickly... My advice to you though is to stop blogging so much and FBing so much --and do other things which you enjoy in life. I had to do that... It just eats you up if you let it... Why don't you go to 3 days a week?

Good Luck with the computer search... We don't have windows (thank goodness)--but I've heard that once people learn the Windows 8 --they like it.

Glad your grandson is doing well. My advice since he's older now: Let him do his own homework --and just help him when he gets stumped... IF you all help him constantly, he'll never learn to do it himself... Just my opinion.


Kim said...

Oh no. I'm behind in blog reading so just went back to read about Disco. Even though I read the last post first I still had a lump in my throat reading about the attack. Disco has a guardian angel for sure.

Bev said...

So hard on the kids...hard to believe so many in one school!!...and the computer...get a MAC you'll never go back:)))

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sandie .. so pleased Disco is ok and recovering. Also great that you had a good trip away - fruit orchards are always wonderful ..

Then your grandson - that's tough what's going on in the school .. and strange - at least the school is addressing it and will be empathetic to the kids ...

All the best with computer part of life! Hilary

Love Of Quilts said...

Glad to know your family is doing ok. Pretty apple orchard.

TexWisGirl said...

truly sorry that the kids are feeling the vulnerability of losing a parent so close to home and so often!

Susannah said...

Miss chatty, I have thought about your grandson all summer and never got around to asking you which school you all chose. well, now I know. Good choice! The sickness of the parents happens here at our school, too. I think you just hear more of it because there are fewer students. Grandson will be okay with your wonderful family behind him. I will pray about it for you.


Donna said...

OmWord! That IS a lot of parents!
Something IS definitely going on with that...water? Powerlines? Something!
Still praying for your grandson and Disco!

Susan said...

Hi Sandie...So glad all went well on your staycation.

Also glad little Disco is still dancing!

I'm so sorry for the student whose Mom died. That is always a deep sorrow.

Take care, Sandie, and hope your Monday goes well. Susan

Susan said...

p.s. Kudos to GS for getting through the first few days with flying colors!Susan

Paula said...

I missed something along the way about Disco. Glad he is okay though. I've been dragging my feet on a new computer for just that reason. So sorry the students at your grandson's school have that sadness to deal with at their young age.

Cheri said...

Hey Disco,

Glad to hear you are doing OK. I was whimpering yesterday and Macy attacked me to show she was the Alpha Dog and mom had to get us apart. Mom really scolded Macy and I got lots of cuddles. That'll show her.

Love, Kizzy and Macy

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's so good to have you back. Glad you had a good time being off and glad your sweet Disco is ok too. It's very hard for kids to understand death. Especially when it's a loved one. My kids lost their dad early on and I know that some of them still don't understand it. Death is a part of life and I've always understood, or at least it seems that way, that death is not to be feared. I guess that is my Christian upbringing showing through. Dearth to me means no more tears, no more sadness and no more pain. I remember thinking that when my dear departed hubby died. No more ...for him . I think I was a little jealous. Now it is 20 years later and I still think of him up there somewhere watching over all of us.
Anyway, I do take time to breathe often and just let go and let God.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie,
Welcome Back, sweetheart!
I am glad Disco is doing well.
I am sorry to hear little children have to experience the loss of a parent. It's devastating.
I am sure your grandson will do great with his School homework.
About Windows 8, I don't like it either. Hubby has got it in his Laptop Computer. I still use Windows 7 in our Desktop.
I know I'll have to learn Windows 8some day, like it or not.
Computers are part of our lives in modern societies nowadays.
I realize you have got many more friends by now. Can you handle thousands of Online friends?
I don't think I ever could...
Anyway, I'm glad to see you back in Blogland, sweet friend Sandie.
All the Best,

Ann said...

so glad to hear that Disco is ok.
Love the picture of the apple orchard. It's gorgeous.
So sad about the parent deaths at your grandsons school. That does seem like an awful lot for such a small school.

Ms. A said...

Yay, Disco, boo, homework.

The kids may very well benefit from some type of counseling. That's a lot of losses and their brains may be on overload, especially if they are sensitive and empathetic.

I love my Mac!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is really sad about the parents who have passed away and yes that is a high figure for such a small school. I'm looking forward to going to the apple orchards this Fall. Nice to see you back. Have a great week.

Ginny said...

Gosh, this is horrible! More people around here are getting cancer too. So many of our friends...my mother, my best friend. Keep little Disco PLUMP!!! Little cutie, I would love to have a cuddle with him. Windows 8, Phil has it and does not like it. Now listen, so many people hate it that they have just come out, or ARE coming out with windows 8.1. It is just like our old 7. If you can't find it and have to go with 8. here is what Phil did. We had our computer guy come out, and he made a start menu on it like the old kind.

Shelly said...

Despite the homework, it sounds like school is getting off to a good start. I hope it continues for him!

Denise said...


Karen Lange said...

I agree, a deep breath is sometimes just the thing! Will be praying for the family that lost their mom.

Glad you had a good time away! :) Oh, and btw, the blog tour is being postponed till September. You'll be hearing about it soon.

Happy Monday,

SavannahGranny said...

We all need to take a deep breath, let go and carry on.
So glad Disco is feeling better that GS is managing. I know you are holding him close and making sure he knows his family is not going away. Often, children are fearful of that when a friend loses a family member.
Prayerfully, Ginger

Miss Debbie said...

welcome back! glad you got some things done and that your grand boy is happy at school. sorry about his friend's mother. will pray for the family.

Katie Clooney said...

Sandie...NO more vacations for you! I missed you too much. I did not have nearly as many laughs as when you are around. So glad Disco is doing well. Love the pic of the dogs. Love the homework sign too. Glad you're back!!!!

Grandma Bonnie said...

I am so thankful Disco is doing fine. I sure was worried. I am glad your grandson had a good start in school. My granddaughter's first day in first grade was today. I can't wait to hear from her.

Inger said...

I too am so very glad to hear that Disco is doing fine. It's amazing how fond we become of our blogger dog friends. Good that start of school is going well for your grandson.

Merlesworld said...

I glad that Disco is now ok.
It's sad when kids lose their parents at a early age it leaves a gap that is hard to fill.

Cranberry Morning said...

That is very sad about the parents whose children attend the school. Something's wrong there! I'm glad Disco is okay too and I'm going to have to go back and read that post! It's been a tad hectic around here lately, but a good hectic. Blessings, Sandie.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

How terrible about all those kids losing parents. No wonder the students are out of sorts. So sad.

NanaDiana said...

That is so sad about all the parents in that school. It really hits hard when it is a small school like that. I guess it proves that one in four theory about cancer. I am glad that your boy is doing okay though.

LOVE that beautiful first picture- xo Diana

Debbie said...

Welcome back to the land of the blogging! I'm so glad your GS started out on the right foot, even though the homework has started up again. (Maybe/probably starting with a bang and will get more manageable. I hope so!)

As to the deaths, that is not only so very sad, it is uncanny just as you said. I will remember to add a hedge of protection around him so that he doesn't let it stew inside of him. He's at a tender age.

And I am so glad about Disco!

Terri D. said...

I'm glad Disco is okay! I'm glad Andy had a few good days before the homework hit, and that he got the teacher he wanted in the A class. He is a smart young man, and I think will do just fine. Prayers will certainly continue! So sad about his classmate's mother passing (and all those last year!). Very hard.

It's good to have you back!!

Dee said...

Poor Disco...what he went through and survived would definitely leave him with a happier attitude...I am sorry your grandson is having to learn life lessons of death so soon and so often. :( Glad your back...


So sad about all those young parents passing on. It must be stressful for the children. Glad Disco is alright.

barbara woods said...

Cancer is terrible, wish they would try harder to cure it.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

It is good to hear that Disco is doing well, if only our computers would last forever without fear of crashing and losing everything.....
yes like the others I liked the first shot.

jack69 said...

Love the entry. The good reports about Disco and the Grandson. good stuff.
YEAH we missed you, good to see you back and rested.
Love from North Carolina.. Home for awhile...

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Glad to hear that Disco is okay. And sad about all those losses at your grandson's school.

Welcome back!

Mimi said...

I too am having major computer issues....I have got to get professional help for this thing Now....i cannot take this kind of stress anymore...and I miss all my blogger friends!!!MY GOODNESS....I feel so sad for the students at your Grandson's school, 4 parents gone in one year is just to many for kids that age to deal with. I would think something is in the water or environmental---is it all cancer related????that kind of thing scares me. Middle school is tough, I will be Praying for your Grand son.
Have a great week
hugs 2 U,

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Love your picture of Mercer Apple orchird.
I've been out of the loop since school started and glad that Disco is going to be fine. Terrible about all the parents passing at such a young age for the students. Glad Grandson got the teacher he wanted.

Eva Ason said...

I am happy to hear GS loved going back to school, sad to hear about the cancer though :( I'm glad that Disco is ok.
The first picture is beautiful, love the view.

Rose said...

Bummer about your puter.

I hated my Windows 7 when I got it as I loved XP was the best. But with trial and error, I got thru the process and like it now.

I hear people don't like Windows 8 but you will get adjusted. You won't have much of a choice. Ugh. I know it is a pain.