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Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Muses with a little bit of Awe...

Happy Fall Y'all

Isn't this a pretty scene?

So what did you do this weekend?   Any celebrations? Parties?  Movies? Visit friends or relatives? Did you put your decorations out?  Go anywhere special?

I went to Macy's and got 5 T-shirts for $13 each - my fall wardrobe!  I went and bought a new Bible for my Bible study - a different version.  New Living Testament - NLT - in big print too!.

My grandson goes to a Christian school and he has to learn Bible verses every Friday.  I think that's awesome - but it is in the King James Version which I personally don't care for - the thees and thous...  So we explain them in English first and then he has to learn the King James Version.

We are also studying verbs and verbals.  I am laughing here because I had never ever heard of a verbal - have you?  Do you know what part of speech a verbal is?  Anyway this year is somewhat better I have to admit. Thanks God and thanks for prayers.   I help him with English and I am reteaching him every day what he learned in school. The problem was when he went to public school they apparently don't teach grammar per say, so when he gets to this school - they have had it since 3rd grade and he is way behind. But he is catching up.  He got his progress report and he has all A's , B's and one 79 - in English!.

 They had a fund raiser this year and if you sold so many items you got to go out to Sky Zone which is a place filled with trampolines and you jump - yes young people actually like this exercise.  Then he went to a birthday party on Saturday at Sky Zone.  And yesterday he went to paint ball with our church.  I would say age 12 is agreeing with him.

He also has algebra this year - I did not have it until the 9th grade. I have to say it's funny - I went to school - I raised two kids - and now I am going through school for the 3rd time and that is just not normal!  I am worried what they are teaching in high school!   And you should see his science book - phew.  Can you tell I love this guy?

                                                             Is this a gorgeous barn or what?

These two are two peas in a pod and I am so thankful that they have each other.


Aren't they cute?


Love, Chatty and Disco


Jeanie said...

What a good grandma you are to help so much with schoolwork...and you must be doing a great job since he is doing so well.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

LOVE that autumn photo. And is it just me or are children taking algebra earlier and earlier? I didn't take it til 9th grade either, but my neice is taking it in 7th grade!

Terri Buster said...

Love the fall shot- so perfect for where my mind is today. Have a great week Sandie.

Lynn said...

That is definitely a pretty scene. I love seeing all the pumpkins popping up everywhere.

Pedaling said...

I love fall!
Yep, got my decorations out...also cleaned out the garage and went to a big rivalry football game with the hubs!

Everyone should have a grandma tutor!

Have a great week!

jack69 said...

No I have never heard of VERBAL. I wasn't very good at English, but I LOVED ALGEBRA! (Cute about the X).

Enjoyed this post for sure. THANKS. It is funny (not haha) looking back on life how it has changed. I went to public school when Bible verses were required for memory, and I am glad.
Smiles from North CArolina..
Love the "Fall. y'all."

Sandra said...

super shot of the peas in a pod... and he is doing fantastic in school. the algebra sign is how i feel about it. i got a d in highschool in it. verbal? hummm not sure about that. i know that i am really verbal.. the first photo is perfect

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Wow score on the shirts!

TexWisGirl said...

the algebra sign made me lol! :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your two peas in a pod are just adorable. I had a great weekend, thank you. Spent yesterday afternoon chatting with my sisters and that was a blessing indeed. I know that being verbal is all about talking so that is what we did a lot of. It has to be a verb. I give you credit for delving into algebra. I'm not good at all at that and the new math they came out with is a mystery to me. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Jackie said...

Beautiful photos!!! Just gorgeous!!!
Yes, since I am an English major, I do happen to know what a verbal is.
Hubby and I were talking yesterday about how teaching/learning grammar has changed over the years. He brought up a memory (unpleasant one for him) about having to diagram sentences when he was in school.
I smiled.....

Grandma Bonnie said...

I think it awesome to be a grandma that helps with homework. I keep telling my grandchildren thats what grandma's are for to help when ever they need. Good luck with the algebra. I already today my hubby algebra is his chore since he is so good at it. Happy Fall to you and your family!

Sandee said...

Yes, we all know you love your grandson and Disco bunches. Yes we do.

Loved the Algebra funny. Too cute.

We have been on our boat since last Thursday. We went to Encinal Yacht Club for lunch on Friday. Hubby took his ham radio general test on Saturday and got 100%. Then we just read and did whatever we wanted while it rained and rained and rained. It's been a fabulous weekend. We are heading home today.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

Sharon said...

Relaxed this weekend, watched football, and went to church. This was special!

I use the NLT translation. I really like it. I love how it reads like a real book - easy to understand.

I had heard of the word *verbal* used as an adjective - "She's a very verbal person" - but not as a noun. And I WAS an English major.

Sounds like 12 is a going to be a great year.

Y? I don't know exactly - it just seems like it's going to be an X-citing year!


(Disco, what a guy...)

Theresa said...

I am not loving the second time around schooling. My daughter's need a lot of help with homework and I am completely confused myself lol. My new favorite phrase? Go ask dad :D

Pooja Mittal said...

Loved the autumn pic.. 5 shirts, looks like you are shopping full on... Your grandson and dog get along so well.. :)
Keep in touch,

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

oh my I am glad my kids are grown up when I watch my son go over home work and say. I have know idea what your talking about bud.

Then he shows his son something he learned.

No dad we have to get the answer another way. So they have got a friend who is like you Sandie to come over and show him. Of course they pay her as she is a teacher.

So good for you learning again to teach Grandson. Unless you know the updates of school subjects. Good for grandsons marks.

I applaud you.

I failed Grammar with verbs, nouns, adjectives. The list goes on.

So verbs, nowns. Yuks.

I just speak as is. How I got 90 in speech presentations on paper and being verbal . The good Lord was with me big time.

Then people say to me which is cute.

Oh Carol Ann you have such a cute accent.

Love it. It gets me right into

the ball park. Ya!

Enjoy your blog as usuaul.

Happy Fall!

Nonnie said...

Sounds like a really busy weekend. Yes, kids love the trampoline. We finally pulled our small exercise trampoline out and the kids can't get enough of it when they're here.

I enjoy reading the NLT and I always love getting a new Bible.

Public schools are getting very scary. So glad your boy has you to help him and teach him. I'd say disco has it made.


Sounds like he's doing great in school. It's nice you help him.

betty said...

I have to say, Sandie, I don't think I would be able to help the kids in school these days once past the first few years of elementary school. I think your grandson is doing good; good grades for the first quarter; I'm sure they will only go up! Cute autumn picture, hard to imagine we are in that season already!

We have a SkyZone here, I've never been, would probably kill myself if I did or not be able to walk for a few days, LOL, but glad grandson is enjoying the activities presented to him :)


Ginny said...

There are my two boys at almost the end, they are BEYOND cute!!!! I think my next fav is the first fall picture. Maybe a verbal is just talking...you know, being verbal! I do not like the King James Version either. Who says which time frame we should just STOP at and whatever is popular at that time, we must use as a standard FOREVER?

Ann said...

I would be pulling my hair out having to do the homework help. I wasn't too good with it when my kids were in school...lol
Love that sign about algebra, too funny

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

I love the algebra 'thought'. hahahaha. Sounds like you have been having some crazy butt times around your place, too. I haven't answered your email but just read that site, that's all. I'm going to not be able to breath until Wednesday. I'll reply after Wednesday is here. ♥ and (hug)

barbara woods said...

our grandchildren are not taught to read cursive. isn't that awful!!!
when they get a letter they can't read it unless it's printed.

Paula said...

I too had algebra in ninth grade and still don't know it or needed it. I put out a big black cat on a window ledge and my lighted pumpkin on the front porch. My scarecrow looks kind of like it bit the dust.

Sandy said...

Sweet pictures! My favorite version right now of the Word is the NLT. I home schooled my son, Seth, and he graduated, did very well, and went on to tech school. However, I could not teach Algebra to him and had to buy videos for that!

Bev said...

Beautiful barn...but not as nice as the ones you take:)

Linda Primmer said...

The fall photos is gorgeous. Such a beautiful time of year. time to do some yummy baking too.

SweetMarie said...

I can tell you love this guy! He's so lucky to have you. :) I have no idea what a verbal is. lol
12 was a fun age for Kyle as well. :) It can also be the start of a challenging couple of years. :)

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

super excited that FALL is here. love it!! i love the cool temps. ( :

Denise said...

You and your grandson are truly blessed to have each other. Enjoy your week.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

You are a brave grandma doing homework with your grandson.

I think of myself as a fairly intelligent person, albeit, not as quick on my toes as I used to be. Last spring, while watching my grandchildren, the fourth-grader asked me for some assistance with her homework. After looking at her assignment, I was stumped and wanted to run for the hills. What happened to reading,writing, and arithmetic?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sandie I am so proud of how hard you work to help your Grandson!! You are such a giving and loving person! I rested most of the weekend but did go out to eat with my family and enjoyed it!

Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

I have the Living Bible on my iPad and just love that translation. So much easier to understand and it makes me want to read more of it. Congrats on your grandson's success. He sure is a cutie!

Terri D. said...

That little guy is worth your love, that's for sure - and Disco too! You are a wonderful grandma!

Susan said...

Dear Sandie...You are one of the best Grammie's in the WHOLE WORLD. I'm sure all you are doing for GS will help him realize how much he is loved and cherished.

Cute post. Love the doggies laying on the potholders. Susan

Renegades said...

I so agree with the algebra quote. How cute!

Aunt Betsy Is A Boomer said...

What a cute grandson! His grades are wonderful! I have a grandson that age as well. Verbal?? My first thought was isn't that a type of rodent you keep in a cage?? So, nope I not familiar with the term "verbal" but I loved the algebra funny!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I have no idea what a verbal is......
The barn picture is awesome same can be said about the autumn one.
Algebra...........I was good at algebra I don't know why I just was, not get it now everything I learnt in school has vanished.

Catherine said...

Dear Sandie, Your grandson and Disco are just adorable. Disco looks like he is enjoying every minute!
How is your leg? I hope you are doing much better.
I never heard of a verbal?
You always make me smile. Blessings dear and hugs, Catherine xo

Ginger Knox said...

Love the algebra sign and the belly up puppy on the slipper.
Tell GS I am so proud of him, not that it would matter to him. I just want him to know he has friends in his camp. He is growing up, great pic of he and Disco.
I am not telling you what I did this weekend but come over and take a look. You will like it.
Have a great week, Ginger

Saleslady371 said...

I have been reading through the Bible this year in the NLT and I am loving it! Your grandson is so handsome and I love your photos of autumn.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sandie .. wonderful you're so happy and can enjoy your grandson .. having had one education - that's enough .. now I teach myself what I want to learn via my blog: keeps me very busy .. children and animals I've missed, but cope without!

Love the algebra blackboard and notes ... fun!

Gorgeous autumn colours coming up - cheers Hilary

mail4rosey said...

LOL at the grandma sign. I love the Fall pic at the top.

School is crazy different from our day. What my oldest (25) and youngest (6) studied in Kindergarten are as different as night and day.

Whoowhah! on the good grades your grandson got. :)

Tricia Buice said...

I love fall decorations and a large print version of the NLT! Hope you're having a great week. We're watching it rain while on vacation in Florida. Take care!

Dee said...

Hi, When you get done helping your grandson with his home work you will be ready to start college with him :) I am happy to hear he is getting good grade's and enjoying himself.Your choice to send him to this private school seems to be the right choice. I never heard of a verbal either LOL. What is it? I love the barn and all the autumn color surrounding it....(sigh) The photo of the two peas in the pod is very cute...a boy and a dog sure go together. :) They are great company for each other.

The Boston Lady said...

So what IS a verbal???? I don't know how you do it, Sandie! Just think of all the knowledge in your head. It's going to explode! Ann

Debbie said...

Raising my hand over here in the Geek Corner like Arnold Horshack. Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! (Hope you get that.) I know what a verbal is. I'm a grammar geek.

I'm so glad that being 12 is agreeing with him. It happens to be one of my favorite ages of all.

I'm also in your corner about the KJV. Our pastor reads from it (only), and he isn't a good reader. It's hard to follow the meaning if you just listen to him. I admit that I plug my good ear and just read my own version. When I prepare for my lessons, I use four different translations to see which one is closest in that verse to the Hebrew and Greek. (Which makes me a bit of a Bible geek too, doesn't it?)

One cool random tidbit: The thee and thou and ye and you in the KJV tell you whether the "you" is singular or plural. (Still don't like it but it's cool to know.)

I loved that little thing in the middle about algebra. It made me giggle.

Evanir said...

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Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie, my sweet dear friend,
First of all, thank you so very much for sending me the links to many great blogs, great friends!
I have already joined 25 new blogs,
just by following your ideas.
Well, I can help you about teaching English Grammar, because I used to teach (ESL) English Overseas for many years. I think the new Scholars and Linguists have changed the terminology of some words in the English language.
I guess "Verbals" must be translated as "Phrasal Verbs."
For instance in the sentence, I am looking forward to meeting you, the verb is a compound verb which takes a nucleous, the main verb, look, plus an adverbial particle, forward, plus a preposition, to. This phrasal verb is not just one word verb, it is a three-word verb. I guess the new linguists may call them, "Verbals." But, they are really "Phrasal Verbs." The importance of these kind of verbs is the fact that they are made out of more than one word, and according to the following preposition, they will vary the meaning. For example, it is not the same to say, "Get Up!" than to say "Get Down!"
I love the picture of your grandson with his dog, Disco.
I am glad he is getting good scores. I do not like Algebra, neither Mathematics.
I have updated my profile, if you care to take a look.
I hope my comment may help your grandson and you.
God keeps blessing you all.
Warm Hugs,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Starry Dawn said...

Oh, Sandie, I forgot to tell you about what I did this weekend...
My 3 cats, Little Bear, Sonya, baby Baylee (my new kitten), hubby and I celebrated my birthday. We had a chocolate cake, and they sang the song, Happy Birthday for me. I used to go to Macy's with my daughter all the time, when I lived in New York City. Now, she goes there with her 3 children, my grandchildren. That is all for today, Sandie. Hugs, Starry.

Diana said...

School is fun isnt it?? We have the same thing here, helping with the homework. My grand daughter is starting algebra in the 3rd grade so the stop looking for your X is so funny!! LOL


Nancy said...

I think I had algegra for the first time in 8th grade... then took Algebra II in 11th grade. "Y?" Don't "X" me. Lol.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. Just love a great sale! Hope your week is going well. Love, Debby

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie,
I am here again to help you and your grandson about this post.
The name "Phrasal Verbs" were originated in England. There are the same parts of speech in the United States, but they call them, "Two-or-Three-Word Verbs.
I guess Modern Linguistics try to simplify terminologies, which might be confusing for some folks. I guess they must have created a new word, "Verbals." It looks to me that they took the suffix "al" from Phras-al, and added as a suffix into the word, "Verb", creating a new word, "Verb-al." Verbal is a singular, and Verbals are plurals.
English have got 7 parts of speech. According to their importance within a sentence, they are: Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions and Articles.
Verbs are the core, the essence, the most meaningful words. Verbs could be made out of one word, or more than one word, such as two words, or three-word verbs. For instance, typical examples that I used to teach to my ESL Students were the Phrasal Verbs, "Set Off," "Set Aside," "Set in," "Set for," "Set on," "Set forward," and so on.
Their meaning is completed different from one another. That is exactly why they ought to be studied as a separate field with grammar issues. They are so many of them. You should buy a Book with the List of all of them with sentences as examples.
Thank you for the list of links to blogs! I joined 25 new blogs, but not all of them returned the favour. Only just a few ones decided to follow me. That is the main reason why I do not waste my time in updating my blogs, for it is too much effort to talk to an empty cyberspace with no people around. I wanted to make new good friends. But, I failed. Please, do not send me more lists, at least, not at this time. I shall let you know when I'll be ready for more. Now, I have plenty homework to work on by now. Actually, you have given me lots of homework to do. I still suffer from chronic health issues, such as asthma, allergy, obesity, a poor eye-vision, arthritis, etc. In other words, it is hard for me to cope with much work, due to my disabilities. I wish I were younger and healthier again. Well, that is all for today. Have a blessed week, my dear friend, Sandie, with those you love!
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