"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yet anther thank you and praise.

You guys were holding out on me.  My friend Suzanne at rue-mouffetard.blogspot.com  brought me dinner last night!

Now this was exactly like Olive Garden.  And did you know that at Wal Mart now they Olive Garden salad dressing and croutons there?  And guess who got that too?  ME!

Homemade bakes ziti and if have to get the picture of the meatballs.  My hubs thought he had died and gone to Heaven.

And the cup cakes - darn I have to get a picture of them too.  Trying to get coordinated here.

Not only that but I got this from some very secretive friends I found out:

Apparently she emailed some of my buddies and asked if they wanted to - they could send in a card to her house and she would bring them over.

SHE DID and this was awesome.

THANK YOU SO MUCH - I am going thru them today.

Now here is my problem.  My computer is at a desk - and I have to lean forward to write (and see) and that makes the bandage wrapped around me tighten and that makes me swell.  
The swelling is uncomfortable.  So it is hard for me to stay on the computer at length and that makes it hard to write everyone back. 
Can you believe that this is my biggest problem now? 
I love to write back and thank everyone.
But for awhile I just can't.
What I have learned like I said yesterday - from all of you - 
is how to be a better friend!



I am clobbering you with love today!



Sandee said...

You have a ton of friends honey. Didn't you know that? You do know.

You don't have anything to do but heal up. That's all. All the thank yous can be done after that. Well, you've thanked all of already.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big healing hugs. ♥♥♥

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

Hi Sandie Love. I hear you love. You take care. Write when you can.

The Lord is good. Oh your healing is amazing of your spirit of enthusiasm. Before you know it. You will be just a going as we know you. Oh my you have been so special to all of us. Still are. To even want to write on your blog. Oh you have awesome friends with meals cards. Oh that basket gift is beautiful. So thoughtful. And kind.

I have been away also and I have a card sitting here for days to mail you also.

I am going out to-morrow and I will mail it for you at the address I am to send it.

Huggies me Carol Ann Canada

Ginny said...

I even see a zinnia in there, and really yummy food! If this is your worst complaint (I hope it is?) then that is great! Stay off the computer, we all know we are thanked for sure. And we will all be right here for you when you come back, so take the time and heal the right way!

Bev said...

So glad you are doing so well!! Take care!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

How wonderful of Suzanne to do this!! You touch so many souls Sandie, more than you know. It is such a blessing to know you and be inspired by you. You kicked cancer's ass!! I knew you would :) and stop worrying about writing us back! We're just glad you're ok!

Lynn said...

So nice to be clobbered with love - that's so lovely!

Cheri said...

You got some really nice surprises from some really nice gals. Lucky you and you deserve them.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

We are so thankful that you are okay, that is our thanks, sweet lady! Take care of yourself and don't worry about the computer time. We'll be here when you're feeling better. Have a great day!

Cranberry Morning said...

You are such a blessing to us all, Sandie, and that is a gift to us. We love you and hope your recovery goes well. Take it easy. ♥

Beth said...

Sandie, God is good and we all prayed for you and he answered our prayers! HUGS!!

Vee said...

Get off that computer and have some ziti, read a few cards, and sip something yummy. What Suzanne did was so thoughtful! Ain't blogging grand?

Terri D. said...

Who doesn't love you? I feel so blessed to have your friendship. Sure wish I lived close enough to lend a hand, Sandie. I am praying for you daily!! So happy you are up and about. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Rejoicing with you over the success of your surgery. We prayed that every trace of cancer would be removed from your body, and it has been! Praise God for answered prayer.

Don't worry about the computer. Just take care of yourself. Soon enough, you'll be feeling good as new and you'll have all the time in the world to do all the writing you want to do.


Musings, Tea, and Me said...

So happy to see you home again! Take care and get well before trying to do too much. -Vickie

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Now I know no one expects letters back from you! Just relax and recover :-) I hope you're feeling well.

Munir said...

It is funny that I see salad on your blog right after I wrote about eating right in the email.
Just get better and that is all we want from you.
You have given us a wealth of reading material that is both inspirational and funny, besides being earnest.
So, there are real reasons for every one to pray for you:)

Sandra said...

you have our permission to stay off the computer and heal. we know you care and that we care for you. you can thank us all when the bandages come off. please take care of yourself. wow waht a dinner and food and good stuff and friends to

Say What? said...

It puts such a smile on my face to see people loving you and praying you through this.

Now, stay off that computer and heal. We'll be ready for your update as your strength grows. ((hugs))

Susan said...

Dear Sandie...

If anyone should have at least, say, 100,000 friends, it you Y-O-U.

You inspire.
You make people laugh.
You encourage.
You are kind.
You are thoughtful.
You are courageous.
You are forgiving.
You are love, personified.

May each day bring renewed health and wellbeing. Hugs to you. Susan

Stella said...

Just wanted you to know I have been adding my prayers and best wishes to the long list of wonderful friends you have. So glad you are doing so well. Sending you continued blessings. Stella

Jeanie said...

I'm glad you are getting taken care of so well....now take care of yourself until you are completely healed and don't worry about anything else.

Aunt Betsy said...

Wonderful news! I have been thinking about you and praying for you daily. Don't worry about being on the computer, just take this time to take care of YOU! We will be anxiously awaiting to hear from you when it doesn't hurt you to lean over the computer. Take care and know that you are loved!

betty said...

So sweet your friend brought dinner and cards!! Just heal, Sandie; you'll be back up and running soon on the computer, just allow the body time to recuperate!


Ann said...

You don't need to worry about writing everyone back, just get better. That's the most important part. What a great package you got and dinner too.

Catherine said...

Dear Sandie, You are the best!
You are always inspiring and uplifting to all.
I keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

Love and hugs, Catherine xo

Eva Ason said...

You deserve it all and you are such a great friend!!
Warm hugs from across the ocean!!

Shelly said...

I'm not blogging, but wanted to pop in and tell you I'm praying for you!

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Please focus on taking care of yourself! Be well:@)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You are SO precious to all of us! I'm glad you're getting some special treatment. My hubby and I are praying for you my friend! Sweet hugs from us both, Diane

Betty said...

Now get off the computer and rest!!!

I just wanted to say what I learned about cancer. It teaches you that what you once thought was a crisis or really, really important isn't at all. It kind of gets your priorities in order. It changes your way of thinking and I guess that's a good thing. So cancer isn't all bad. A stain on the carpet no longer ruins my day. Little stuff like that.

The Boston Lady said...

So good to see you on my blog roll! But as so many said, go back and rest! Of course you have so many friends. You are a friend to so many people!!! Big gentle hug to you. Ann

Denise said...

You are truly loved way beyond measure my friend. May you continue to be blessed, love you bunches.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

It must be hard not being able to use the computer with comfort if you need to rest do so. You are loved

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Surprise! Sue and I spoke about doing this. I am so glad she was able too. We know what a great cook she is! You have tons of friends and we all love and admire you my dear Sandie!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

,,, just heal...!!
we love you
tweedles and georgie

NanaDiana said...

Whooo Hoooo- You just take your good old time coming back and blogging when you can. Ummm..your card is still sitting here. I finally stamped it today. sorry- but you know my heart has been there with you.

God bless you and your recovery. We now need to pray for Debby at Cozy Blanket. She put out a plea today for prayer. We will pray her through this, too, as we pray for your continued recovery- xo Diana

BECKY said...

So good to see you back here, Sandie....BUT, do not wear yourself out trying to blog! We all know you are OKAY and that's what matters. We'll also be here when you ARE able to blog more. You've got wonderful friends, near and far! AND I do not think you need to be a "better friend!" You already are an awesome one! Hugs!

jack69 said...

Love you lady, you are loved by bunches of folks.... AS IT SHOULD BE!
Take care of yourself. Great entry!

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Friend, So glad your friends have ALL done so much to make you feel better. You have done so well --and I am so proud of you... Just remember not to over-do---once you 'think' you are feeling better. The energy level will come back gradually--so be patient....


Joan Horton said...

Praying each day brings more healing, reading your post lifted my spirit so glad u have so many friends & received such good gifts. Take care & rest.

Ali arif said...

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Glad you are feeling better. We are all here for support whenever you need it. MEANWHILE, you take care of you.

Debbie said...

YAY! I couldn't find the comments for your previous post so I assumed that you had turned them off.

I am so happy to read the updates, and my husband and I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving yesterday morning for you before he left to go out of town. (It's funny to me that he remembers to pray for "Debbie's Chatty friend", as he calls you, before I even get the chance to pray myself.)

We are thrilled about the margins being clear, and we are so thankful that through it all, you are feeling the Presence.

Donna said...

Awwww!! I'm so glad enjoyed it all!!
You have, Indeed, a wonderful friend there Girl!
Now you just REST!!

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

hi Sandie! I'm not due for my next chemo until June 27th. I won't know until I am there for the blood test, if I am allowed to proceed or if they want me to skip a week. It's Dr. decision at the time. I am finally having better lengths of energy but I just take one day at a time.

You have a ton of wonderful gifts. You are loved by many!!!! I love you, too.

♥, Renae (but we both hate cancer huh?)

A Quiet Corner said...

Do what your body tells you to do and not do!...:)JP

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

Yay, yay, yay! That food looks wonderful. You take everything that comes your way and soak it up. You have loved on many others in your life, and now it's your turn to receive. So happy to see a word or two from you. Take your time getting back to your fans. we ALL understand!

Sandi said...


"Joy is the serious business of Heaven."
-C.S. Lewis

Sandi said...

And this...

"Sometime you win. Sometimes you learn."

hassan mouse said...

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Dee said...

To have a friend you have to be a friend and you definitely are that....I am happy you have been showered with goodies. I wish I could pop through the screen and visit with you. :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

now you just rest and don't worry so much! We are all here-- just waiting for you to get better

Faheem Zia said...

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Tricia Buice said...

Such blessings all around. Great news on your prognosis - take care of yourself and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Terri @ Backward B Ranch said...

Rest up, Sandie and take it slow. You need an ipad so you can prop it on a pillow close to you. :) {{hugs}}

Asif Ali said...

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Buttons said...

Thinking of you what wonderful friends you have and do not worry about not being on the computer we know you are resting and taking care of yourself.
Prayers and hugs B

Buttons said...

Thinking of you what wonderful friends you have and do not worry about not being on the computer we know you are resting and taking care of yourself.
Prayers and hugs B

NanaNor's said...

Hi Sandie, You deserve to be spoiled, so relax and enjoy it. I hope you get stronger everyday and the swelling stops quickly so you can be at your computer.
I believe that as we bless others, we in turn receive blessings-I know that you have blessed so many and you deserve it in return.
Hugs and prayers,

Jackie said...

I popped back over to check on you, Sandie. I do hope that you continue to take the best care of you.
Hugs a bunch!!

Soggibottom said...

I did try and send you a cup of tea this afternoon :-)
Ah, just get well soon babes and hey, it's hot so it will swell anyway, but best not annoy it any more than you have to :-) Lots and lots of love :-) x x x

Marsha Young said...

Sooooo glad to hear your glad good news! God is good all the time.
Blessings and continued good recovery to you~ Marsha

Rob-bear said...

Blessings and Bear hugs as you keep getting better!

Nonnie said...

You are one popular and loved lady! I think your being so loving to others might be a big part of that. So glad you are healing well. Take good care of yourself.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie Love,
We all love you so much!
We pray for your complete
healings and prompt recovery.
Take your time, and rest,
my sweet dear friend!
Have a blessed time with your
dear family, Sandie!
God bless you, and keep you safe.
Warm Hugs across the Ocean.
Poet Starry.

Peg said...

So glad you are feeling better! Sue's food looks wonderful too. Just checking in on you

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your meal looks delicious! That was very sweet of her. She did email your friends which was very sweet of her. I had just mailed your card when I got her email. Thinking of you and hoping your doing okay.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I missed this post of yours. Glad you have the support and love of so many friends. It makes a difference. I wanted to take the opportunity to send you some hugs and let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

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Granny Annie said...

Just take care of you right now:)

Angela said...

You need to take all the time you need to rest and let your body heal. You had major surgery girl!

Sams Club sells the dressing and croutons too! I bought them and love them. Dinner looked delicious! I love pasta!

You are loved and in my prayers!

mail4rosey said...

Sneaky friends are the best kind (if it's a good sneaky). And I'm sure not one person expects you to write back. We just want you all better. :)

I saw your comment on my blog today, and nope, we did not drive through Atlanta. We flew. ;)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sandie .. so pleased things are healing and you've had so much 'love' .. your friend treated you royally .. what a great idea to bring the cards over - such a wonderful surprise .. and then all the flowers ..

That's good news all round .. let everything heal and take your time .. but good to hear from you - cheers Hilary

Stephanie said...

It looks like you have some amazing friends!! (was there any doubt!) Hope you are back to 100 percent soon!

Cranberry Morning said...

Just a note to let you know I'm thinking of you, my friend. Hope you're comfortable as possible and will heal quickly. Also I hope you're reading this on your phone instead of at the computer. Many blessings!

Kamao Poot said...

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Starry Dawn said...

Good Morning, Sandie,
I send a brief note to say Hi.
Dear Friend, I am sure you have hundreds of super friends.
We all love you...
You have been a super friend to us. We keep praying for you,
for your complete healings
and prompt recovery.
Blessings, Prayers, Friendship Love and Warm Hugs,
Poet Starry.

Nikki (Sarah) said...

Ahh Sandie....so grateful for your coming through this. I think you're right that He heard your name over and over and over and over and told the angels, - protect this one, take care of her and let's get her well. Yeah!!! Tons of love Chatty Girl.....from my heart.

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

You are darn rights I am gonna beat it! I have conquered thus far and my exam today was excellent. My blood could was low-ish but in the ok range so they proceeded and it when by really fast. I was amazed I was out of the and home by 3:00!

Took and nap and now at the 'puter!

How are you feeling?

Now we are two bosoms buddies. lol.

Linda O'Connell said...

Hi Sandie,
Sending you a virtual, gentle hug. Praying for your speedy recovery.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Glad the worst is behind you Sandie and do hope you notice an improvement daily!! Don't worry about blogging - you need to heal and take care of yourself!!
Thoughts and prayers continue!!

Starry Dawn said...

Have a blessed Sunday with your dear family and loved ones, SANDIE, precious friend!
We all love you so much.
Take great care of yourself!
Take daily afternoon naps,
take plenty of rest!
We pray for your complete healings
and prompt recovery.
God may bless and protect you
at all times.
Hope, Peace & Love,

Lucy said...

I didn't know you were taking comments yet. As nearly as I could figure out things have been pretty god as far as diagnosis. I wish everything the best for you, Sandie. I did not have my computer running for a while, as usual.You are well thought of by your fellow bloggers. Just great that things are going well. Will be glad to have you back feeling comfortable at the computer.

Kay G. said...

Hey Sweet Georgia Lady!
I just went back and read about your cancer and I just want you to know how much I love all this LOVE that I am feeling from all the comments! Consider this comment adding to the love!
Don't worry a bit about replying to me, just take great care of yourself!
Love your hubby loved those meatballs so much, they DID look divine!! Take care!

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