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Friday, July 11, 2014

Fun Friday with a move..............nope not this time.......

After many  years (28) we did FINALLY put up our house for sale.
It took an act of congress I might add!
You have to know my husband to appreciate this.

We had picked out another house (house number 3) - it was about 1000 feet smaller with no basement!  It was pretty and in all coastal colors.  We could do it I know.

B U T -  yesterday we had an inspector come out and check the house.  The house was 20 years old.  In the next two years it was going to nee a new roof, 2 new air-conditioners and heaters, and then the pipes in the ground were made from Poly D and that means they needed to be redone as there is a lawsuit against them as they disintegrate.

Then there was a TRUSS board - I guess an engineered board in the house that went the length of the house - and is never to be cut - and someone had put a pipe hole  through it.  Many other issues too and that added up to about 20K of problems.

Well we countered and asked for a reduction of 10K - meaning that we would each bite 10K of the cost issues.  Problem is they really don't have a lot of money and neither do we - so it was not a match made in Heaven.  And our real estate lady is worn out with us - I am worn out too - think if our house even sells - we will rent awhile . . .

We listed our house a week ago and not one bite.   I believe there is a plan for us.  Later rather than sooner.  Well, at least our house it up.

So that is where we are at with the move.  I guess it is always good to sell the house first......

 How many bars do you count?

Does the door open in or out?

 Am I right or wrong here?

 How did this happen?

 Or this?

 Are there 3 or 4 bars?

 Is this upwards or downwards?

How many bars?

All these optical illusions are from Debby. Thank you..

I am thankful that things are getting back to normal.

x_3bb42393 photo x_3bb42393.gif




the best things in life are free, laughter, smiles, trees, flowers, oceans and rivers ... 
Thank you Sandra! 

PS   I went to the plastic surgeon yesterday and I got released from her care.  
        She said I was doing great.
        No lifting for 4 more weeks. 
        I can swim in a week.  
        I saw the incisions for the first time, they're not too bad and they are thin and will heal!
        The doc said my color was back and that I looked good and Kelly had told me that                       yesterday - funny I didn't realize I was off on my color.  

       I went to my oncologist is today - the last leg of the journey.  A big day for me.  I was a little          scared to be honest with you - i felt she had the future in her hands.


     No chemo  ----------  No radiation -------------  No pills --------- No more surgeries.
    She did say that in all her 20 years she had only see DCIS return in about 15 cases         and  I didn't fit in that bracket.  Who knows.  But for today I am okay and to tell you
     the truth - today is all we have anyway.

    She is sending me to a nutritionist next week and will see me in three months.   
    I will go to genetic counseling in Sept. and see her again in October.  I will have to see     her a couple times a year - but I liked her - and I had confidence in her - and I like           that someone is watching me for awhile.   

   She said I was a LUCKY gal!  Thank you God and you all for all your prayers!!!!
   I just thought you'd want to know!

PSS  My computer might be dying - if you don't hear from me you will know why - will have to get a new computer!  lol



Terri @ Backward B Ranch said...

Happy news about your doctor visits- sorry about the prospective house, but ya know that God has a plan for you, and all those problems were just a heads up to re think it. I hope your house sells quickly! Good luck with it. Hugs!

Stella said...

What wonderful news about your health. I am so happy for you and your family. Please take care of yourself and I will continue to send prayers your way. When the right house comes along it will all perfectly.

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

So glad to hear you're doing well Sandie! Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer:@)

betty said...

So thankful, Sandie, wonderful news!!!!! I am glad to hear that you are healing too and feeling better!! Good thinking to rent for awhile, really I prefer that over buying myself because if something goes wrong, call the landlord or property manager and they take care of it. I too wonder how that man got stuck in that playground equipment! Amazing!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Such great new Sandie! I know God is powerful and is watching out for you! Such a special person and a great friend. Well the house was not meant to be then. I looked at so many for Mom and I an finally she is in a Sr Independent Living place and i'm in my duplex and it seems to be working. I hope you home sells, it's such a tough market right now. Again so happy with the good health news. Hugs to you!


Beth said...

Sandie, I am so happy that you are doing well!! I hope things work out house wise. HUGS!!

Barb said...

Glad you got a clean bill of health from your DR. I have a house up for sale, too - stressful!

Sandy said...

Thank the Lord for your fabulous news about your health! You will have a buyer for your house and you will find something you both like too. I just know it. Love that sweet picture of your grandson and Disco. So very sweet.
Have a good and restful weekend. And I know what you mean about it taking an act of congress to get your hubby to move. Mine's the same way. I have wanted to move for quite a while and we've been in our place for 29 years!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've had some good reports now. I hope you won't worry about the house or anything else! Just get extra rest and we'll all keep praying. Sweet hugs, your buddy, Diane

Sharon said...

Wonderful news about the doctor visits! Oh Sandie, what a tremendous answer to all of our prayers.

As for the house, I guess we have to believe that God knows when, where, and how this will all work out. I remember once looking for a house years ago - we were renting at the time - and it took forever. We tried buying one house, one that we thought was our *dream house*, but the owner would not budge on their price. We put everything on hold for a year, and then found the perfect house in one weekend.

Two years ago, when God's timing was oh-so-right, my old house sold in 24 hours! So, I just know that God has the perfect place, and He will bring it to you in His perfect timing. And your house will sell, I'm sure of it.

As far as the optical illusions, stop messing with my mind!!

Adorable GS and Disco photo!

And glad to see you back in Blog Land. I have missed you very much!


Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Wow tons of news! Glad you cancer is done for a while/all the time.

Sorry about that house deal. There are too many stories like that these days. No one has had money to keep their homes up. They expect the buyers to be rich son of a guns.

Today has been long. The longest day at the computer in a while and I am done for the day. Nigh nigh!

Paula said...

So glad for the good news for you. I was deleting a lot of email advertisements and accidently deleted yours, sorry. I'll catch you later. I'm having some good days.

Terri D. said...

Wonderful news, Sandie! I'm so happy for you. Excellent!

Love all the giggles - thank you!

You are right to just give the house situation to God. It will work out. And renting isn't a bad option. Love & hugs!

Ginny said...

Wonderful news! And whose gorgeous porch s that, yours? God's plans are not our plans, nor is the timing.He saw you through this, and He already as a plan for the house.

Nonnie said...
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Nonnie said...

I'm delighted for your good news. I know it is a great relief. Buying and selling houses. Not always the most fun, but I'm with you on selling first!
I had to skip over all the bars. I'm on pain meds right now and seeing a little fuzzy.
That boy of yours is so sweet.

(and I don't think luck had anything to do with it!)

Susan said...

Hi Sandie...

If you don't get the house, there's a reason. Everything happens for a purpose.

The medical news was great. Soooo happy for that.

Hope your weekend is splendid. Susan

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Good to hear from you Sandie!
And wonderful news from the Oncologist!
Yes,, maybe just rent for awhile

Jeanie said...

I am so glad to hear the good news about your health....many prayers have been answered.

Anonymous said...

I knew you were not well and thought you weren't blogging, you haven't come up on my blog list, but you have been, oh my gosh, Imissed so much, I am so happy all is turning out well, no chemo, yay, no radiation yay! I have thought of you often and keep you in my prayers,
selling a house is the most stressful thing, we wish we had never sold ours, and thats the truth, we acted to quickly when Gary became ill, I hope you find your new home soon,

jack69 said...

Just to say what a SWEET entry. Now I do love the illusions, some of my best times are with illusions.
Knowing the good report, is tops. God bless you lady

the house is listed, that is the main thing. It must be out there for it to be shown.

sometimes those unforeseen things are a blessing. I always try to figure HE knows best when something I like falls thru.

mail4rosey said...

First and foremost, hurrah for the good, scratch that, great news!! Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!

And second, you always put up the coolest things (and I love the pic of your grandson and Disco).

The park scene...really?? Man, that'd scare ya being stuck in there!

And the sign, about growing old, yeah, high five to ya on that one. :)

Merlesworld said...

Glad to hear the health report is so good.
Selling a house it has sent sane people crazy never done it myself, couldn't bear to leave my garden or the house for that matter, my house is almost 100 years old so it has a few problems but I will face them when they can no longer be ignored.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Wonderful to hear from you Sandie and to get your update!!
You know it wasn't luck - It was prayer!!
WOW!!! Happy feet for you!!
Don't worry about the house!! looks like there were too many obstacles for this house - there are many more!!
God is Good!! And so are you :-}}


The news on your health is wonderful, for sure. As for the house situation I hope that everything works itself out. You have to just take one day at a time.

Eva Ason said...

That is great news, about your health!! Hope the house situation will work out as well for the best. Have a lovely weekend

Shalet Jimmy said...

I am so glad to hear that happy news about your health....Your blog is like " Tough times do not last but tough people"...I love all your posts. Even your pictures are thought provoking...Thanks a lot...and God be with you always...

Katie Clooney said...

great news Sandie! As far as the house goes - everything happens for a reason. Maybe God thinks you've had enough excitement for awhile and wants you to chill for the summer. Have a great weekend, sweet Sandie!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm so glad to hear the good news about your health, but sorry to hear about the house. Older homes do have their problems, but I like the character they have. I've lived in a couple of them during my life time and prefer them to the newer ones. Those pictures of the optical illusions made my head swim...I never could tell if there were 3 or 4 bars..ha ha. I'm thankful you life is returning to normal there and hope you can enjoy the summer. It is flying by fast.

Sandra said...

good news from the doctor and oh no on the computer. when it rains it pours.. good luck with selling your house, and i think you made the right decision on not buying that house... i do hope that front porch is not the one you are selling. i want that porch

Changes in the wind said...

So grateful for your wonderful news:)

Vee said...

Wonderful news! The best! =D

Those optical illusions are intriguing and, of course, the answer depends upon which end of the bars you are looking at.

If your real estate person is frazzled with you so soon, I'd be releasing her.

LL Cool Joe said...

Good news about your heath. Bad news about the house. But think how much worse it would be if those two things were the other way around?

Mevely317 said...

Wonderful news from your doctors ... come to think of it, that's the BEST news.

I'm a bit disappointed to learn you feel your realtor is 'worn out' with you. Seriously? Surely she should know Real Life isn't a 30-min. episode of HGTV House Hunters!?! Years ago when I was looking for a townhouse, I got a bit discouraged thinking what I wanted just didn't exist. Then, as the saying goes, when I least expected it ... less than a minute after walking through the door I instinctively 'knew' that was the one. I hadn't even seen the bedrooms or baths, but just got a great vibe. My realtor says that 'chemistry' happens a lot. Hope it does for y'all as well!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Sounds as if you are indeed on the road to recovery...Thank God. Now, your house situation will correct itself when the time is right. It's so hard to be in the middle of it all though, and wonder what the outcome will be in all of this!
Hang in, and hang on!

Sandee said...

Yikes on the house issue. Yikes.

I'm so happy for the great test results. Not having to do any of those things is awesome. Great news indeed.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and scritches to Disco. :)


I'm sure it'll all work out for the good in time....there is always a 'plan' in the works.

Great news too on the health !!!

Lucy said...

Great news Sandie! When you feel like there is not likely to be much good news in our lives and something good happens to us , it renews my faith. At 84 I know each day is a gift , and from my surgery I feel that each day will be stroke free and that was my biggest goal. I never want to be a burden to anyone.

A Quiet Corner said...

So bottom line is that it was a blessing the house was inspected....yes, having a solid contract he's when buying although we didn't, being cancer free is the best and most important!!!!...:)JP

Kay G. said...

Gee, I wish I could afford to buy your house. I know it is lovely!
Good news on the medical front, honey, I am glad for you.
Take care.

Lee said...

That's why it's always important to have a building inspection when purchasing a home. I often wonder how many people don't do so. Invisible traps. The right place will come along, at the right time, Sandie...both ways...in someone purchasing yours and you buying the one that suits all, or almost all your requirements. And just think how wonderful that will be when it's all done and dusted.

I'm so pleased re your personal health good news, Sandie. That is massive and overshadows your real estate issues by a hundred golden miles. :)

Take good care...the sun is shining brightly on you. :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So happy to hear the news from your doctor.

Good luck with the house. It takes A LOT of patience :-)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So happy to hear the news from your doctor.

Good luck with the house. It takes A LOT of patience :-)

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

whoot, whoot Sandie for your health reports. That is the best blessing you can ever have.

The house selling is secondary. Let go and let God deal with it.

He knows what is best for you and family.

Enjoy your summer sweet friend.

Thank you for you thank you card.

I am out allot now with friends, smelling the rose of life. I am a social butter fly and it is fun, fun.
So now spreading my wings and flying.

Yes that was my surroundings in the video.

Glad you enjoyed it. My pleasure to do it for you.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Great news about your health!

Jackie said...

I've been away for so long that I feel like I've missed much!
Your home is for sale?
I do wish you blessings as you sell your home and find the perfect one for you and your hubby.
Continue to take care of you.
Love and hugs to you,

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Ok all those bars gave me a headache...........just saying.....

Now have to say I have never had a house to sell and have never owned a house so have no idea about those things.

Susannah said...

Sandie, YOU are the best! Above all of that....you put a happy spin on every single blog you have written. Even is you are down there is always a special lilt or something funny that makes some one chuckle. I am so happy with your result, as you already know. You are one of God's special gifts. Your job here is not over! Thank Heaven for that!!!

Granny Annie said...

After all you have been through and come out with flying colors, I haven't a single doubt that the right home will find you:)

Ann said...

Awesome news from the doctors. So happy to hear it.
I don't think I would want to have to go through trying to sell my house. I've been here 26 years and have accumulated so much junk over the years. If I could have a front porch like the one in that first picture though I could be talked into moving :)

Betsy Adams said...

So glad to hear from you --and welcome back to regular blogging. I love your Friday posts.

Great news about your health and I wish for you a very long, healthy future.

Good Luck seeing your house and finding on to buy. Don't give up! That perfect house 'will' come along --if you are patient... Renting may not be a bad idea if your house sells first.

Those optical illusions drive me batty.... Do you have answers??? Most of them looked like 3 to me...????


Betsy Adams said...

YIPES... I kept looking at those darn Optical Illusions.. The 3 about the bars look like they are 3, 2, 2... But on the middle one, you asked if they were 3 or 4??? SO confusing...


SweetMarie said...

This such good news! I'm glad someone will be watching over you as well!
Renting is best for us as well. It's a Big decision when you're buying and we want to know that we're in a good location for us all. :) I'm sure you need to do the same. Kyle is starting college at Wake Tech Community, we're all so proud of him! He will keep his job and now he has to start paying his own car insurance. lol
LOVE that front porch!!!

Carol Z said...

Your last note is just the best! So glad you're feeling good and healing good. Take good care and lots of hugs!

Cranberry Morning said...

Too bad you have to think about selling a house. But such good news from your doctor. I hope you can go through the rest of the summer worry free. And yet I know that your faith is in God, the only real source of hope and healing. Blessings.

Donna said...

It's Wonderful when people just, Believe!!!

Lynn said...

Good luck with the house sale - it took awhile for the perfect person to want mom and dad's house, but it happened.

Hope you are feeling well today!

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie, sweet dear friend,
Great News about your Health!
This is the most important thing,
your healthy life.
Praise the Lord! God answers our prayers, and God listens too.
About your house, Well, if it does not sell quickly, you may also think about the possibility to RENT YOUR HOUSE TO GOOD TENANTS.
Sometimes, it takes a long time to
sell a house. I have been looking
for homes in the Internet in some Southern States. I often see the same houses for sale for one year or longer, even two years without being SOLD. So, I guess it must be hard to find someone who is interested in buying a home nowadays, especially with today's economy.
In other words, if you do not sell your house quickly, you can rent it with a nice rental income, plus GOOD TENANTS.
I pray that all your dreams come true in the best way.
God bless you, my friend, Sandie.
Best Wishes, & All the Best.
Hope, Peace & Love,

Starry Dawn said...

Sandie, dear friend,
Oh! I forgot to let you know
that my hubby is on vacation
for one month. So, he takes
most of my attention when he
is home most of the time.
In other words, I don't spend
much time in the computer lately,
because I spend more time with
my hubby. Now, you know what I am
up to, if I am not Online much.
I am so glad for your good health.
God listens to our prayers.
Praise the Lord!
All the Best,

Jason Clark said...

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Betty said...

I don't think things are ever normal when the house is on the market. You don't get much notice when someone is coming! I've never enjoyed having a house listed. Good luck selling. I didn't realize you had been living in that house for so long.

Sorry about the other house, but it's probably just as well. No house is perfect, but that one had some serious problems. Be sure and get the sellers of any house to buy you a warranty for a year. Can't hurt.

Dee said...

you definitely have been blessed by the good news from the doctors. Sorry about the house you wanted having so many issues. My wandering buddy Sue is looking for a house and running into similar problems. They just redid roofs, furnaces and all kinds of things in their house getting it ready to sell and do not want to buy a house that needs those things. They are down sizing like you. To much upkeep for them. I keep telling her God has His timing...to stay calm and enjoy life as you wait. :)

Dee said...

Good grief...forgot to tell you my mind goes wonkers with those brain games/optical illusions.

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Sandie, I've been away from blogging. I'm sorry I did not know and so thankful for your good news, what a blessing! Good luck with the sale of your home. Oh my, having had our house on the market now for some months, I can say, it's no fun at all! Our market down here is not the greatest. Hope and pray your home sells right away.
By the way, loved the chuckles, thank you! I know I can always get a laugh when I drop in!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about that house but I think it's best to walk away from it. You don't need that kind of stress. I pray that God will work quickly in getting your house sold and finding you a new place that is absolutely perfect!! ((HUGS)) Happy to hear all the good news you have been receiving. God is Good!!!

Zoe Byrd said...

:) just happy for you....

Jenny said...

Oh my wow.

What a load you have on you.

So glad you can start swimming again. Maybe that'll help with the stress.

Your home looks lovely. The right buyer will come along at the right time!

So happy to read the good health news!

Take care of yourself.

You matter.

Hugs and prayers across Blogland.

Sheila Y said...

I'm glad you got such good news from the doctor. I have been visiting my parents in Alabama (through this weekend) and I get behind on my blog reading. Take care, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Maybe the house didn't work out because God wanted you to be 100% on your game first. Now that you've gotten good news and are on the road to recovery...things should work out.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

First - the front of your house looks as neat as a pin - so when the time is right .. you'll be ready to go ..

So pleased about the all clear for the time being - certainly someone was on your side ..

That's good news .. cheers Hilary