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Friday, November 21, 2014

Fun Friday with a little help from my friends...........November 21, 2014 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thank you Denise Oldham.
Do any of you know her?
If you do she had a serious heart attack and has been in the hospital in rough shape - 
getting all sorts of surgery done.  
Please keep her in your prayers.  

Well my daughter decided to go elsewhere for Thanksgiving with my grandson. 
I think this will be my first Thanksgiving ever without any extended family.
 So I took the grandson last week to see this movie last weekend.  
 It's great and if you get the chance to see this you should.
Kirt Cameron and his sister are both wonderful Christians.  

Did you know we are losing our Bee population?  
Just passing some information about why they are important.
Thought it was interesting even though off the subject. 

That is me falling off the bike - and quite recently too.  
I have had some growing pains lately.
Needing to pick myself up - dust myself off - and move on.

Even old Disco gets extra on Thanksgiving - although he does not need it.  
He HATES this sweater even tho it keeps him warm.
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I love this one from Vee.

I am a little late with this one - thanks Joan.
Florida Trick and Treaters.  

A helpful ideal....



I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Sandra said...

enjoy your Thanksgiving and go out to eat. we love being just two of us... have been since 06 and don't miss the fuss at all....

Susan said...

Oh Sandie. That was a great compilation of funnies.

Honestly, it's so good to laugh, isn't it?

From Proverbs: "A cheerful heart is good medicine."

You gave us a good dose today! Have a beautiful day, my friend. Susan

Sandee said...

I like the drinking on. That made me laugh out loud.

I'm sorry you're not having family for the holiday. You'll do fine. Just smile and roll with it. I so remember that feeling of disappointment.

Have a fabulous day honey. Scritches to Disco. ♥♥♥

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sandie .. well I'm glad you had a good pre Thanksgiving weekend and enjoyed the film .. Disco will be happy with some quiet as you too .. time to watch what you want, do what you want, read what you want .. have a peaceful time ...

Love the laughs though .. but am sorry about the blogger who is seriously ill - not an easy time ..

Happy weekend - hope there's not too much snow .. Hilary

barbara woods said...

good one dear

Marsha said...

I just happened upon your blog today and I must say.....Love, love, love it! I kept going on to others, one right after another and soon found that I had spent a few HOURS reading your blogs. You're definitely a keeper! Thanks for the laughter, tears, smiles, and total ahhhhhs!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Thanks for all the fun and funnies! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a nice Thanksgiving. I'll keep this lady in my prayers, too! Keep pedaling my friend! Hugs!

betty said...

Wishing you a great Thanksgiving, Sandy! It will be fun just the two of you celebrating it. You can pretty much decide what you want to prepare, go out, etc.

Too cute with all the laughs; couldn't pick my favorite except the how to cook a turkey one since we'll be cooking a turkey next week for an outreach at church :)


Ginny said...

The clothes hanger tip is so cool! And to think how many I have thrown away over the years! So will the two of you be alone for thanksgiving? That can be a good, peaceful thing! And relaxing! CUTE Disco, I bet it is hard to resist giving him too many treats! You were riding a bike and really fell off? Are you O.K.?? Gosh, I can't even stay balanced on my own feet!

Lady Jane said...

Lots of funnies Chatty. Have a great weekend and nice Thanksgiving. Like the clips for the bags. Great idea.

Mary said...

Going out to eat on Thanksgiving sounds good to me!! No fuss, no muss. I don't go to the movies often but I do plan to see Kirk Cameron's movie sometime soon. Thanks for sharing the instructions on how to prepare a turkey, I've been doing it all wrong. lol

Sharon said...

Sandie, this was so much fun!

Yes, I do know Denise, and the latest news I've heard is that she's doing a lot better. Continued prayers for her, though. She's been through so much.

I did know that about the bees. In fact, I just bought some honey today made from local bees. I'll have to thank them and tell them to stick around!

The Florida trick and treaters - too funny!

Caption for Disco: "No, that is NOT my tongue!"

Sandie, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sorry you won't be with family, but know in your heart how much they love you...and so do I!


Jackie said...

What a cutie Disco is!
Sending you warm Thanksgiving hugs and wishes for a lovely day.
I know that you will miss your extended family. Receive an extra hug because I can send it to you virtually....

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sorry GS will be elsewhere this year. I recommend Cracker Barrel - they have a really good Thanksgiving meal including the pie, and it's reasonably priced.


Prayers for Denise. Just my hubby and me for Turkey Dinner, so I know how you feel.

Lynn said...

I'm using your turkey recipe this year!!! Happy Thanksgiving Sandie, enjoy:@)

Terri D said...

Love the photo of precious Disco!! Always enjoy your Friday funnies!! Thanks for the laughs!

A Quiet Corner said...

Caption for Disco's pic: Another chip for the hip!!
Sorry to hear that your D and GS will be elsewhere...but that gives you time to pare yourselves!!!...:)JP

Terri said...

Good set of giggles today. I've actually done the plastic clip DIY. Still use them..and love them. I'm sorry about your Thanksgiving plans being changed. I hope you have a wonderful holiday though.

Betsy Adams said...

My son had that recipe for cooking a turkey on his FB page... Too Funny....

Disco looks so cute with his sweater.. Bet it does keep him warm.

3 Blind Mice explanation is SO funny....

Saw the turkeys 'mooing' last year --but hadn't seen it yet this year... Love it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Ann said...

We have a very small Thanksgiving here and I was seriously considering just going out to eat.

Paula said...

Lots of funnies, thanks.

Carol Z said...

Thankful for the smiles you gave me, especially Disco all dressed up. We're a smaller group this year, too.

Prayers for Denise and a big hug for you!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

most important- the wine!

jack69 said...

Hey Sweetheart, enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner, or go out. Sandee said it. roll with it.
It happens moving WEST! (Into the sunset) But always remember Life is good, and I know you do.
Loved the laugh and lift as always, you do good.
We haven't decided on Thanksgiving yet, they are having a dinner here in the park, we may go to that.
Anyway, the heck with it. forget the turkey, just have a glass of wine.

Love youlady. The visit made me smile, you are good at that.

Lynn said...

The turkey with the gun cracks me up. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Sandie!

Pooja Mittal said...

your nice and positive post really brightened up my day
keep in touch

Susannah said...

I feel kind of bad that you and hubby will be alone on Thanksgiving. Will you cook a turkey? Our neighbors are going to be alone, too. I will stop and see them on the way to the big dinner at the son's house. My daughter-in-law makes a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. I have to say that one of the things I am thankful for is my friend, Miss Chatty! You are a sweetheart and you sure do brighten my day on Friday or Saturday. Today was another grand and funny post! God bless and Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for!

Changes in the wind said...

Disco is a dog with a thousand expressions:) Loved the girl with the sunflower.....Take this time of change as an opportunity to do something totally different and fun for the two of you, never know, you may opt out next year:)

Kay G. said...

Oh Sandie!
Looks like you have been hit with that SPAM against American women, hope you will delete it soon. I got the same one, he needs to read our blogs, how long have we been married between the two of us, about 60 years? :-)
Love that Stephen King cartoon...the answer is No, if it was Stephen King, they would ALL be dead! HA!

mail4rosey said...

The little trick or treaters cracks me up!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm sorry your grandson and daughter will be out, but maybe it'll be sweet for you and hubby to enjoy one another's time. :)

Those little doggie sweaters are cute, and the tiny dogs need 'em! But you're right, they don't always like them. ;)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the funnies this week! You always make me smile sweet friend. Yes Thanksgiving I don't usually have family, but this year will have my Mom!! The kids always go to South Georgia to see family down there! Wishing you a wonderful day!

Nonnie said...

Hoping your blogging friend Denise pulls through. My husband had the heart attack and all the surgeries and he is doing great! I hope she will too.
Glad you had time with your grandson and fun at the movie. I admire Kirk Cameron and his sister greatly.
Disco, keep your shirt on! It's cold out there! Trudy
(Trudy hates her sweater, too!) we finally had to take it off her.) love to you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Sandra,
I love reading here, your inspirational pictures, and quotes are wonderful. I tried to follow you, but somehow didn't work.
Wishing you, Happy Thanksgiving!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Oh Goodness, such merriment and laughter here today-Seriously Three Blind Mice??heheh-Wine and the baked Turkey?? And Disco poor puppy being loved so much it hurts!
Your are a doll, have a great weekend!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yes funny and interesting the children with the walkers are so bloody cute.

The how to cook a turkey reminds me of my grandmothers fruit cake recipe

Granny Annie said...

The turkey recipe is the only way to fly:) LOL

Katie Clooney said...

Sandie..As always, you give me my weekly chuckle. Love the pic of kids dressed like old people. Enjoy your week.

Inger said...

Have a happy healthy Thanksgiving and Thank You for all you have done for me this past year. For us, I should say.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie, pretty lady,
First of all, have a Happy Thanksgiving anyway! Sorry to hear your daughter and grandson won't be around this year.
I am sure you will miss them...
I love the recollection of great funnies you have posted, especially the one with the turkey aiming his gun to the old lady dropping her knife.
I love Disco in his sweater outfit.
Turkeys pretending to be cowls at a blind man with an axe is funny too.
I am sorry to hear our blogger friend, Denise is sick at Hospital.
I'll be praying for Denise's full healings and prompt recovery.
Laughter is great medicine for the heart, so we should laugh more...
Have a blast this Holiday Season!
May God bless you all!
Hope, Peace & Love,
Poet Starry.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie, pretty lady,
First of all, have a Happy Thanksgiving anyway! Sorry to hear your daughter and grandson won't be around this year.
I am sure you will miss them...
I love the recollection of great funnies you have posted, especially the one with the turkey aiming his gun to the old lady dropping her knife.
I love Disco in his sweater outfit.
Turkeys pretending to be cowls at a blind man with an axe is funny too.
I am sorry to hear our blogger friend, Denise is sick at Hospital.
I'll be praying for Denise's full healings and prompt recovery.
Laughter is great medicine for the heart, so we should laugh more...
Have a blast this Holiday Season!
May God bless you all!
Hope, Peace & Love,
Poet Starry.

Starry Dawn said...

Sandie, dear friend,
Oh! I've forgotten to let you know that
there is a nasty comment in this post.
It is about American women...
Please, read it, and see it for yourself, if you agree or not with the comment. I think American ladies are so lovely. I love American people!
One should be careful what one writes.
Poet Starry.

Mevely317 said...

Prayers for Denise!

Soooo glad you weren't seriously injured in your bicycle mishap. (But!, was it 'Bloopers' worthy?)

Knowing your 'unsinkable' spirit, Sandie, I've no doubt you and your hubby will create a loving and memorable Thanksgiving.
... and we want to hear all about it!

Catherine said...

Dear Sandie, What a nice post with so many smiles and good thoughts.
I wish you were closer I would love to share Thanksgiving with you.
Wouldn't that be fun!
Happy Thanksgiving and I am thankful to know you.
Keeping you in my prayers always. Catherine xo

Never Forsaken said...

Thank you so much for the info about Denise...I've been worried about her since I got an email a couple weeks ago from someone who did not explain the details.
I have been praying, and will continue.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too..and thanks for the chuckles :)
Blessings, (from a fellow breast cancer survivor!)~Lisa

Eva Marie O'Brien said...

Disco is just too cute:) what a lovely post as always :)

Lee said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Sandie...put your feet up, relax and enjoy it...you deserve to do so. Hugs. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I don't know Denise but I will keep her in my prayers. Yep, that's my way to cook a turkey! Still haven't seen that movie at our theaters. I've heard about the bees and it is very sad. Love the Stephen King joke. Yes those pups are the cutest thing ever....
Happy Thanksgiving

Dee said...

Just want to stop by and thank you for being my blogger friend and for bringing so many smiles and laughter to me through your blog. I pray Thanksgiving day will be filled with many blessings and only a few calories. ♥ Dee

Jim said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sandie and all. It will be a little lonesome around this year for you. We are at our daughter's and her family, minus BP. BP stayed in London to finish her senior year in high school there.
Our senator says the U.S. Government should not spend money on the bee problem. Do you think he hates honey also?

Betty Manousos said...

have a wonderful thanksgiving my friend! xo

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Sandie -

Great cartoons!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Susan :)

mail4rosey said...

I'm just here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Small Kucing said...

Am smiling now from ear to ear. A wonderful Thanksgiving to you

Mary said...

Hello Sandie, hope you've had a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. My email address is
See you again soon!

Betty said...

Sounds like a quiet Thanksgiving. We had a quiet one too, but I enjoyed the day. Hope you did too!

Small Kucing said...

Dropping by to wish you a great week ahead Sandie :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Sandie!!

Lynn said...

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving - sounds quiet, but good.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Sounds like you had a quiet Thanksgiving Sandie!! Bet Disco missed his "boy" as much as you did!!
We were up in Ohio visiting my husband's family. Haven't seem my girls since Oct. Toooo long!!!
But we're heading up to Helen this weekend with my girls and grandbaby Sadie!! My eldest is PG and they know the sex and will hopefully tell me what my 2nd grandbaby will be!! Hope you've had a good week and have stayed off the bike!!