"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Monday, September 11, 2017

In times of bleakness humanity rises. Waiting here for Irma. Remembering 9-11-2001 & Harvey...

Here in Atlanta we are awaiting the damage from Irma today.  I feel so bad for the people of Florida and two weeks ago Texas.  The earthquake in Mexico,  Now there is Jose getting ready to come to others. 
And the fires out west. 

Can you imagine your life - losing every thing you own?  All your pictures - all your papers - clothes - food - recipes - computers- tv's - food - maybe your glasses - your pet -shoes - water - electricity - gas cars -imagine not being able to make a cup of coffee in the morning..  Your driver's license, credit cards, social security cards, what else can you think of?  Sandra/Madsnapper said they have their ID's in a plastic bag and tied up ready to put around her neck.  Taping glasses on.  It is just amazing what damage these storms area doing. 

I know everyone is praying.



This day bothered my heart so much.  I don't ever think I could forget it if I wanted to and I don't want to.  Such tragedy for nothing. What a waste of lives.  How could anyone believe strong enough to do something so horrible and I don't think he thought twice about it. 

Teach your kids what happened, be in love with America and show them how to love America.  

Now the good thing - just as in 9-11 people are coming together - we didn't care about who voted for who - what nationality - what color - we were one and that is what we are doing now.

We are AMERICA!  One for all and all for one.

Do you think we need disasters to show us what is really important?  I don't for one minute think God causes these disasters - but I do believe He can use them to show us what is important.  Sometimes I think we lose site of what is really and truly important.

Okay I will quit being negative and go on to something lighter.


This is Betsy - she is my car - which I love - a 2000 Honda CRV with 173,000 miles on it!
I hope she runs for the rest of my life.
I do think her transmission might be slipping - like all of us older crones - lol.
People can recognize my car now that it is so old - lol.

Now if I ever won the lottery or had a lot of money - this is the car I would replace her with!
Yep I think she is so cute.

My hubs would kill me, but this is what he does a lot of days with ole Disco.  His retirement is eating - sleeping - and flying his model planes.  

NOW THIS IS 100% TRUE and I know because I do it many nights when I am having trouble falling asleep.

I first read about it from Dr. Andrew Weil - the health guru doctor.  It still takes me one or two practice breathes to release to the count of 8.

Okay and something I will be watching is the new Dance With The Stars.  
Who is going to watch it with me?

 – Barbara Corcoran with Keo Motsepe
– Debbie Gibson with Alan Bersten
– Derek Fisher with Sharna Burgess
– Drew Scott with Emma Slater
– Frankie Muniz with Witney Carson
– Jordan Fisher with Lindsay Arnold
– Lindsey Stirling with Mark Ballas
– Nick Lachey with Peta Murgatroyd
– Nikki Bella with Artem Chigvintsev
– Sasha Pieterse with Gleb Savchenko
– Terrell Owens with Cheryl Burke
– Vanessa Lachey with Maksim Chmerkovskiy
– Victoria Arlen with Val Chmerkovskiy


I already have my favorites picked out.

Okay so my parting words are to pray for these people that have lost so much and give if you can and love your fellow man.

Proverbs 4:23

23 Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it.


Regine Karpel said...

Beautiful post.

Paula said...

Cute little car you want to replace yours. I was thinking of getting eyelashes for my red Toyota pick-up. Couldn't find them out here so I put small red, white, and blue stars on the tail gate. My daughter thinks I'm nuts, but I think it looks cute.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with all you've said today. We must never forget the important things in life. Lots can be taken away in a moment, but you can never take away love. My car is a 2002 and it hasn't seen 100,000 miles yet. Since I retired I don't put on many miles.Hopefully it will last a good long while yet. Hope you will not have any terrible weather there as Irma heads your way. Stay safe !

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It is a day to remember and pray! Still hoping that Irma doesn't cause us too much damage. Hugs!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sandie - lots of challenges going on in the world ... nature and war ... not good - but take car of you and your car! I had a beetle an orange one - until someone went through a set of traffic lights and wrote me off - thankfully I'd been slow off the mark and so am here today! It was in Johannesburg - Friday afternoon ... so yes I hope as many as possible remain safe ... cheers Hilary

Cheri said...

I don't think we will ever forget today's date...what a tragedy that was. I pray for all of those that are going through these catastrophes right now...is this the beginning of the end??? I have read that people are putting important documents, pictures, jewelry etc: in plastic bags and then put them in the dishwasher, after all it is water resistant. Also, people have loaded up their washer with ice and drinks.

Ginny Hartzler said...

So good to see you today! Our car has similar mileage, and yes, it's transmission is slipping, too! I will give this tip to my friend who has insomnia. I love this adorable little car. In fact, I think all the VW bugs are so cute! But me and my big damaged body would be quite cramped up inside. So I just look at them and smile. Hey, Phil flies model planes, too!!! Is he finding retirement a hard adjustment? Phil says it will affect you in ways that you hadn't thought of. We used to watch "Dancing" every year! But now, I don't know any of them! Maybe there are two or three this year.

betty said...

We were just talking at dinner the other night about the hurricanes with our step grand daughter and we were asking her if she knew what the word "evacuation" meant. She sort of did, but then we asked if she only had 15 minutes to collect things cause they had to evacuate, what would she take with her. She came up with some good answers for a 12 year old.

Hoping your car will last as long as you want it to. My brother in law and sister in law both have Honda CRVs. If I remember correctly last time they talked about the cars, both had over 220,000 miles on them and were still relatively in good repair. They do rent a car if they are taking a longer trip though.

I do like your dream car!


Susan said...

Hi Sandie! I love the "new to you" car. Hope it runs a LOT for you. Hondas are terrific cars (but I am faithful to my Toyota. hee hee) Loved your post. So much loss in our world today. I will never ever forget 9/11 either. No one will, really. It was a black mark in our lives. Hope you are SAFE there in Georgia. Please keep us posted. Thinking and praying for all. Hugs. Susan

Andrea said...

I so love this blog post from you today, Sandie, but then again I love them all. :-)

Love the little red "bug".

Nope, don't watch "Dance with the Stars"... no particular reason except just don't. But you enjoy!

I love Dr. Weil too and hadn't heard his name in a long time.

My father-in-law flew model airplanes all of his life. He loved it. He tried to get our son interested in it but Austin just never liked it so Paul, before he got really sick, gave all his planes and equipment away to other enthusiasts. That's when we knew he wasn't going to get well again.

Yes, these storms!! So tragic!! Please stay safe, Sandie, and check in with us when Irma passes through and is gone from your area. Prayers for your safety headed your way!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Every year when we memorialize 9/11, I think of the families that have to go through this day every year. It must be so difficult. Their wounds can never heal.

You are so right about the worst of times bringing out the best in people. When I watched the rescues in Houston, I cried as I saw people put their own lives at risk to save another's. It was truly beautiful to witness. Despite our differences, we are all human.

My Retired Man is pretty much doing what your Retired Man is doing, only he does it in a chair.

Take care, Sandi.

Nonnie said...

Those thoughts have occurred to me so many times, especially in these past couple of weeks and Jay and I have talked about it. It's just awful to think about all these people will have to sift through and rebuild and what about their jobs, and what about the money to rebuild and what about not having flood insurance and losing everything. So thankful for the ones who didn't lose their lives or any loved ones. But many people did. And how tragic. I don't believe either that God caused these things, but you're right, that He can use them to wake us up, pull together, help our neighbors, and love each other. We talked about the fact that we at our ages wouldn't even have the strength to pick up the mess, let alone try to rebuild. I'm so sorry for these people. And, I will never forget the horrible day of 911 and how everybody pulled together then. Americans become lax very quickly. We have so much and we are pretty spoiled. As I cooked meals, I thought about how people are in shelters, depending on whatever is given to them, they have no stove, no table, no fridge, no food, no water that they are used to having access to. We all could go on and on. I'm happy to send money, but it is so small. I pray that everyone gives something to help these who've lost their possession.
Sorry to ramble on. I enjoyed your post. We have an older car, too and hoping they will last a lot longer. Disco and your sweetheart are quite a pair.

jack69 said...

Yes it seems it does take a disaster to draw folks together. That is good that we do pull together, but also a shame that it takes that to get our attention.

Good one, and yep keep that car. Our Motor Home is a 2000 WE B HAPPY!

Love from up in NC

LL Cool Joe said...

Your hubs will kill you when he sees that photo! Ha, I would if my partner took a photo of me asleep and showed it on the internet! Ha.

I will never forget 9/11.

Cranberry Morning said...

I completely agree that God did not send these disasters, Sandie. Disasters happen. But how we respond to them is our choice. Lovely post. Great pic of your hubs and Disco!! My white Jeep is a '95 and I love it. xo

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I liked this post, it made me feel happy reading it

Debby@Just Breathe said...

True, we will never forget 9/11, I get chills down my entire body just mentioning it. Wow, your car is doing great and looks great too! Love the picture of Disco and your hubby.

Jill said...

Are you ok?

I have to say, the teachers at my school did a great job teaching the students about 911. I had a very hard time not crying while I watched the videos. I'll never forget.

Terri D said...

Thanks so much for the prayers!! Florida is beginning to recover - at least here in central Florida. South Florida will be recovering for months. So sad! Love the photo of hubby and Disco!!

Lady Jane said...

Hi Sandy, I haven't visited in a while. I posted about all our tragedies also. Our car is a 2001 grand marquis and it has 108000 miles. I pray it will last us forever also. Love the hubby and disco pic. I will try the sleeping breathing idea as I have trouble sleeping also. Hugs, lJ

Paula said...

Excuse me for commenting a second time. I wanted to tell you since John's retirement he eats. sleeps, and watches game shows. Hope you are okay, haven't seen you here in a while.

Lynn said...

The car I just traded was a 2005 Toyota Camry with 238,000 miles on it. I would have driven it forever, too, but I was beginning to have to put money into it to keep it going.

Thanks for the falling asleep technique - I almost just practiced it, but didn't want to be sleepy. :)

Sandra said...

I love love love that little red car with those eyelashes and the picture of your hubby and the dog. I have posted so many pictures of Bob sleeping with all of our dogs if he knew he would probably have a fit he has no idea how many there are on the blog. He does what your husband does sleep watch TV watch the news sleep with the dog

Starry Dawn said...

I love your wise quote, "Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it." Well, I don't need a heart attack.
It breaks my heart to remember the "911," how many people lost their lives, and the whole world changed after that sad day, in New York City, my kind of town. I love your new blog, it's so inspirational, especially when you express your sincere thoughts. Your car is beautiful. Well, your dream car is rather small for you, it looks cute though... Natural disasters happen all over the world, and people actually realize how bad they are -when it happens to them. To lose everything must be a horrible feeling for those who experience it. I surely understand them, because I felt that way many times in my life, when I lost everything at one point in time. Take good care of yourself, family & those you love -when the bad storm strikes in your State! I pray for all of you to be safe! Your husband & Disco, your grandson's dog, look so cute sleeping, taking a nap together. I watched the dance folks dancing with the stars. I have no idea who is a better dancer, for I am not into that sport. Please, keep us posted about you and your beautiful world, my friend. God may bless you all. Hope, Peace & Love, Starry.

Betty said...

I didn't realize you were posting on your blog weekly. I usually only read the first ten or so on my reading list about once a week so I didn't see all your posts until I checked just now.

Yes, I remember 9/11. I hang my 9-11 flag out every year. It has the names of everyone who died. Five of them were from the town I grew up in.

I think I'd like to move away from the coast. I'm tired of worrying about hurricanes every year. I can't evacuate with my dog and cats. We joke that if we went to a shelter with our dog the entire shelter would evacuate.

I wish my animals could talk. I would love to know what happened in their past.