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Monday, August 28, 2017

Vulture in the Neighborhood - why was it here?

I have NEVER seen a vulture let alone one in my neighbor a couple of doors down.  There must be something big and dead around!  My friend Darla said there were seven types of vultures and this one is the turkey vulture since it looks like a turkey!

Image result for full eclipse august 2017
(To the photographer - if you would like your photo removed from here, please notify me.)
Did any of you see the eclipse in totality?  We were at 97% here in Marietta, GA.  A couple of hours north it was 100%.  I can tell you that the one I saw on television was better than the one I saw here - but it was still interesting.  People were eclipse crazy here. The traffic back was horrendous! 

Image result for glen campbell 2017
I sure hated to see him die with Alzheimer's - I hate that disease. I think he was a great country music star that had a lot of courage.

What else has been going on?

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Summer is over.  Now a lot of people love summer - I don't honestly.  Too hot for me.  My favorite season is fall - and this weekend the temperatures fell from the high 90's to the high 80's!  A cold wave.

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Isn't this place beautiful - I love to dream about places like this.

Image result for natalee holloway
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Does anyone remember Natalie Holloway?  Her father has been in the news lately and hopefully has found her remains.  Then the family can finally rest in peace - sort of.  The reason I remember it so clearly is I had my hip replacement the same day.  Sad.

My tomato pie (that is a piece of basil I put on it and then I took it off) turned out good.  A blogger friend of mine suggested I drain the tomatoes all night and I am glad I did - it was still a titch wet at the bottom, but not bad.

My latest tip is a spin brush - I own none of their stock - lol - but this is the greatest invention ever.  It is saving me from having to get on my hands and knees to clean everything.  It is $40 but it is strong and works great.  Just a tip for those of us who have trouble getting on their knees.  It comes with a long handle and different brushes and it works great.

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And to end some inspiration.

Love, Chatty


Paula said...

How nice to see you back here.We see lots of buzzards out here. That is what we call them. At the ranch if we saw bunches of them we always got out to investagate. Hoping it wasn't one of John's cows.

Sandi said...

One root ssves the whole tree. That is inspirational!

Granny Annie said...

Great post Sandie. I had no idea they think they have found Natalie Holloway's remains. So hopeful they will get some closure. We have many turkey vultures around here but I never saw one walking around alone in the neighborhood.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My yard backs up to woods and the road I live on is rural with lots of animal life. We have many turkey vulchers flying around. A few months ago one landed on my deck and seemed to be looking in the window at me. That was not a good sign.

Theresa said...

We live in the Country so we see just about everything, especially dead critters in the road:( I saw the eclipse but it was not total where I was. I would have liked to have seen the total eclipse but there were too many people trying to fit in one spot! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Nonnie said...

Great inspiration, Sandie. We recently had the remains of a bunny in our back yard and I was very surprised that no vulture was sitting in our backyard. It was difficult, but Jay and I managed to get it cleaned up. Yuck.
I remember the Natalie Holloway case very well and have been wondering if the remains will prove to be hers. It's just a very hard thing to imagine having not only lost your daughter, but having to wait so long to have a closure. I hope those are hers and that she can have a burial. What a tragedy.
I prefer Fall, but I have to say this summer hasn't been as bad as we have experienced in the past. We've had good rain and few days over 100. That is a miracle.
And dementia and Alzheimers are heartbreaking.

jack69 said...

Love the entry. Always a good visit. You have a nice layout. The photo of the tree is fantastic, makes a great addition to 'YOUR STUFF'.
Love from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, we head south in the morrow.

jack69 said...

PS: The buzzard is like the 'Bo-Weavil' Just a looking for a home! LOL

Saimi said...

I have never seen a vulture so close like you did, wow I too wonder why he is visiting your neighborhood. The Eclipse was amazing. we had a great view from our house although we didn't get the full effect of the totality. I noticed my house was darker on the inside even with the shades up and the temperature dropped.
Glen Campbell was an amazing artist and singer he will be missed. My husband love his music.
Have a great week!!

Terri D said...

It is so great having you back, blogging again!! I've missed your humor and photos! Wishing you a great week!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Which spin brush did you get, and where? I would not buy one without a friend's (like you) personal recommendation. The place with the flowers is gorgeous! I would be happy if we just lived CLOSE to it, and could see it a lot! We didn't look at the eclipse, it seemed it did not even get cloudy! I noticed no change. But people went nuts! I sure remember Natalie...I had thought they threw her body in the ocean? always so HAPPY to see a post from you, Sandie!!! I consider you a dear Blog friend and am so excited you are back!!

barbara woods said...

I will have to look for me one, my knees don't work either

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad your tomato pie turned out good. I don't know who that woman is. You talking about the Hurricane shower scrubber, I have one!!! Yes that front porch is lovely. I didn't watch the eclipse. It is going to be 108 degrees here today.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, IF you have Turkey Vultures, then they are obviously looking for or eating something that is dead in your area---maybe a deer...????? We see them when we go to Arkansas and hike along the cliffs where they live!!!

I followed the Natalie Holloway story intently when she was first missing.... SO--right now, I have recorded the story on Oxygen --so that I can catch up with whether or not the remains they found are hers... What a horrible story.

We loved the Eclipse at our home (perfect location). My son and wife came and he brought his big telescope and equipment.. SO--we could see the eclipse up close and personal that way... AWESOME.

Praying for the flooding in Texas and at my son's home now... He's already gone through way too much this month... Prayers for Mark.



i too have seen turkey vultures. very unusual birds. it is sad about glen campell for sure.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm glad I've never seen a vulture in our garden! It looks vicious!

I love the image of the tree, I feel like that sometimes!

Jill said...

Ewww, that vulture would give me the creeps! Let us know if you ever learn why it was there! I hope you're having a good day. So nice to read your blog!

betty said...

What an interesting visitor with the turkey vulture! A bit ugly indeed! That would be nice if the Holloways could get closure about Natalee after all these years. We were visiting Washington, DC at the time and the news was all about it.


Susan said...

Loved your newsy column, Sandie. Always enjoyed Glen Campbell. So sorry he had Alzheimer's. How does that even happen? Wonder what the turkey vulture was up to? Hope your day today is blessed. I pray for all the people in the flood zone of Texas. Hugs. Susan

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Great blog entry, Sandie. I saw a buzzard only once--a few years ago when we were driving to work. I had no idea what it was but it sure didn't look like any bird I had ever seen before! I had the impression that it was standing upright--I don't even know how to describe it!

Lee said...

Hey there Sandie...an interesting, varied post.

Your tomato pie sounds delicious.

We don't have vultures in this country (other than some of the human kind)...so I can't help in answering your question re its appearance. Perhaps the eclipse brought it out of hiding....

Take care. :)

Linda O'Connell said...

Four turkey vultures landed in a field across the road from us and caught some small animal and ripped it apart.

I love all your pictures. Your blog is so fun, Sandie.

Kim Standard said...

I have never seen a vulture that close before! I guess he was looking for food?. Glad you liked that tomato pie. Yes the eclipse watchers were crazy with traffic....My uncle is in the end stages of Alzheimer's....awful disease

Starry Dawn said...

Welcome Back, My Dearest Friend!

I have always loved your inspirational posts in your wonderful Blog.
I shall return, and be back to read more of your amazing posts...
In my case, I just write blog posts from time to time, not too often.
God bless you eternally, and those you love, my friend.
Big Hugs from Starry.