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Friday, April 27, 2018

The Story of the French Door ... or a love story to my grandson whom I love very much.

So where is our journey today gang?

Can you find a problem in this?

The Story of the French Door . . .

You know how much Andy is loved - well I hope someday he thinks back and remembers it too.He has had a very good life here with us  Sometimes he knows it and sometimes he doesn't, but he is a teenager now.  I am hoping at the end of the line he will remember all the good.  We have been a three team family unit since he was two weeks old.  The one complaint he has always had is that he has always had three parents.  It is what it is and we all sure have done our best.  (My daughter has been a great mom and provider for him.)

Now that he is 17 and will be a senior soon - 5 weeks - college is on his mind.  He would love to go away for college.  I would love to see him go too since he wants it so bad.  However, going to private Christian Schools most of his life has eaten up that part of the education fund. 

He will have to stay home and go to school.  We have a fantastic University five minutes away - Kennesaw State University - about 400 students less than the University of GA.  In a couple years it will near impossible to get in like UGA is now - so he will be blessed to be able to go there, but he has to live at home.

Was it worth it to spend the money to go to a private school and drive to the University - I guess only time will tell.  We do believe that that is what God would have wanted.  We did it for a lot of personal reasons and Godly reasons.  And besides it is too late now to second guess.  If we were rich we would do both.  But it is with blood sweat, and tears we all did this - his mother - grandpa - and me.  

Grandson has turned out to be one of the nicest young men ever.  He has great manners.  Knows how to speak to adults.  Went to a college prep school and should be ready for college.  Great friends.  Now I know after high school or college kids might turn to test the waters - but I do believe that when God says teach a child when he is young he will not depart from it - so my belief is that grandson will be with God.

Now how in the world does this relate to FRENCH DOORS?  It does.  All he wants (all - lol) is privacy - here - that is where the doors come in.  When you enter our house the dining room is to the left and the living room is to the right.  He has slowly taken over the living room and now it is going to be the Grandson's room.  Not sure yet if bedroom or Man Cave - I vote man cave so he can have friends in it - but I am leaving it to him.  He put a big flag in it  - moved things all around - has his pictures up - lol.- so it is officially his.

Now here is the kicker - I have wanted a French Door there since 1986.  Who gets them?  Grandson.  Yet I am happy for him.  

Now my hubs is a super saver (cheap) man who shows his love by doing things.  He decided he was going to put the doors in himself.  It has been two weeks of heck - but it is in. It is beautiful. Now he flies and builds model planes - if he didn't have those skills he would never have been able to do it.  MY advice is not to do it yourself.  He went to Home Depot and Lowe's - no kidding - five times a day.

I do thank you hubs.  And Andy if you ever read this - I hope each time you enter that doorway you remember the time - hard work - and love your grandpa did for you.  I think you will.

This is to the left when you come in - the dining room that has been converted to a classroom already for years.
But you get the idea of the doorway.  It was exactly like that on the right.

They are finally up - not perfect - but up.

Little places to fix - the upper left and see the door was too small?

There HAD to be locks on it - and there are.

Ready to paint.

Finished door - and yes grandson did help.  lol

Well that is the saga of the French Door -
... or a love story to my grandson whom I love very much.

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Lynn said...

This is a lovely love letter to your grandson. Beautiful job on the doors! You and your husband are wonderful grandparents.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your grandson is well loved for sure. Living at home and going to school is definitely money saving. A couple of mine stayed at home, a few went away. But those who went away had some big loans to pay off when they graduated. Living away is very costly. I'm sure he'll do just fine!

Sandra said...

great job to all 3 parents and great job to hubs for the doors. will there be curtains on the doors since it will be his bedroom?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Well done Sandy and hubby ... and yes what a lovely letter ... I'm sure he'll realise the huge amount of privilege he has had ... and what a lovely job you've all done for and with him. Amazing doors - they look brilliant - excellent man cave!! Cheers to all - Hilary

Knitty said...

Love definitely shows in those doors.

As an adult, we always wonder about our big choices. As a child, there is no way to truly comprehend the factors the adults are considering. The best of kids on some level, simply want what they want even if they have the grace not to comment otherwise. It isn't until they are adults making decisions that affect their future and affect their loved ones (financially, where they might live, etc) that they begin to realize how their parents juggled and struggled.

Your grandson sounds like an amazing young man. I bet one day, the idea that bugged him (3 parents), will be seen as a gift.

Best wishes to all of you!

betty said...

Beautiful work everyone did with the french doors and with raising your grandson! Fine job you all did by pulling together and working together for his good. I honestly think you guys made the best decision with sending him to the private Christian schools; the quality of education gotten through them will carry him through with his college days. It will be good too that he will be at home for the start of college at least, who knows what the ensuing years will bring; but it will be good to "keep an eye" on him a bit and make sure things are going good as he adapts to that next chapter down the road.


Ginny Hartzler said...

It is thanks to all of you, and God, that your grandson has become such a wonderful man! And I LOVE seeing your home! The door is beautiful, and I cannot wait to see it painted!!! It really beautifies your home. I also love your flower bouquet in the large and beautiful vase, and the metal flowers on the wall above it. Stunning! I bet your house is gorgeous!

Betsy Adams said...

Amazing love letter --that hopefully your grandson will cherish forever... You and your hubby have truly sacrificed so much of your lives --just to take care of your daughter and your grandson... BUT--what joy that sacrifice has brought you....

I'm sure that both your grandson and your daughter will look back on these days with lots of gratitude for your love and yes, your sacrifice.

Proud of YOU and HUBBY, my Friend.


Anonymous said...

they look wonderful and I understand completely,, in more than one way do I understand lol,, our Grandson also went to a private Christian school and is now ready for college,, he also will have to accept the fact that he will be living at home and going local, and there have been a few things on my wish list that i have never been lucky enough to have but my children have and I share in the joy of them having the things I wanted, its funny isn't how we can be fulfilled by our kids gettings things we want but may never have,, I guess thats true love!!!! Your grandson is so lucky to have so much love around him!!

Terri D said...

You and Disco have raised that young man well. He will remember the love!!

Saimi said...

First things first, the crazy picture of all the question marks has a 5 in it. My OCD eyes went straight to it. I love the story of your Grandson. The three of you obviously did a great job with him. We had three sons and teenaged is definitely a game changer. Actually our first son cruised through it so nicely leaving me unprepared for our second son. Holy Moly, but the good news is the alien inside him left when he went to college and I had my boy back. I was prepared for the third son so it didn't hit me so hard when my baby boy stopped talking and started grunting haha. Your grandson is a very blessed and lucky boy to have you all caring and loving him. He's going to really appreciate his new man cave and the doors look very nice as well! Tell your hubby he did a great job!
Have a nice weekend

Saimi said...

Wait, did I say question marks haha they're two's, I'm not losing my mind....not at all haha

Mevely317 said...

I love the French doors!
... but more so, this HEART-felt letter. Something I hope Andy will share with his own grandchildren some day!

I don't remember your hubby being an RC (airplane) enthusiast, too. That's my Tom's passion building and flying WWII aircraft. Due to downsizing he had to part with several when we moved; in fact, two are still residing in the trunk of my Camry!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

That was beautiful, Sandie. Yes, most of us will do anything for our family, especially our grandchildren. You, your husband, and daughter raised him, steered him in the right direction and gave him all your love. Now he has a man cave! He is a lucky boy in so many ways.

The other day I told my granddaughter that I would go through fire if she needed me. I meant it, but I am hoping the situation will not arise.

Paula said...

Nice post and beautiful doors. I hope Andy enjoys his man cave. Oh I found a five where it didn't belong.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The doors look really nice, your husband did a great job on them. Obviously if he wants to go away to school he can but he will have debts to pay later. The smart thing is to go local for the first two years. Your take all the needed courses and get them out of the way. Also most kids don't have a clue what they want to do in the future so he can decide that while going locally then he could finish his last two years away from home if he wants to. I think at some point he should have the dorm experience and be away from his family. Adam went locally for two years and then finished off at UC Santa Cruz.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Your grandson is a lucky young man and who knows he might end up enjoying going to a uni close to home only time will tell

jack69 said...

YES, sweet lady eventually he will APPRECIATE it all, but until then young life gets in the way. Yes it is tough, but you guys will 'eventually' be seen for what you are, all love and dedication to a great kid.

Oh yes, I enjoyed the read. and for what it is worth hanging French Doors is tough. Single doors not so much;BUT double doors? I and many carpenters have had problems doing it. BUT tell the GRAMPS it looks great! He done good. (Glad Andy helped!)

Starry Dawn said...

OH!! WOW!! This love letter to your grandson brought me into tears...
I can feel your superb love for your grandson inside your heart, I could hear your strong heartbeats... The French Door is a good title for your story of love. I'm sure he will always remember what you all have done for him. Your grandson is so blessed by God to have a wonderful family with you all. I'm certain that you are a very proud grandmom, and your husband is a very proud granddad. Your daughter is very lucky to have a mom and a dad like both of you by her side. I hardly see great families like you got nowadays. Maybe, I'm blind, and there are many, but I don't see too many around me... So, your grandson is going to College soon. What career will he take for his future? I hope he makes the perfect decision for his life.
I'm glad that I stop by this day to read your unique letter of love.
God's many blessings on your way, and your beautiful family, my friend.
Hope, Peace & Love,

Nonnie said...

Awwww Sandie, this love story made me cry. Someday this grandson of yours will tell others how blessed he was with his three parents who gave so much to him. He belongs to God and God will take care of him. You have invested so much in him. He will go far. Love, Connie

Carol Z said...

I can't believe Andy is starting college. Wasn't he just nine years old? I am so thrilled for him beginning his college journey. We often don't have everything we would like, but if we make the best of what we have, it's a blessed life.

Jill said...

Such a beautiful tribute to what a family can accomplish with love. The doors are stunning!

Susan said...

Oh Sandie, the French doors are BEAUTIFUL! I love them. Kudos to Rick for installing them through blood, sweat and tears. And now Andy benefits from them! Oh my gosh. Loved the hear no evil, see no evil, with the little cell phone monkey. Funny. Take care. That was a fun read. Susan

Terri said...

Ok, so when did he grow up so fast? I can't believe he is going to college! The hubs did a great job on the doors, and I bet grandson appreciates that, and your sacrifices for his education. He may not know it now, but I bet he will soonee than later. Have a good week, Sandie!!

Weekend-Windup said...

Nice to see how you linked the french door in the story. It looks beautiful.
Nice to read the good habits of your grandson. He is very much gifted to get you as his grand parents:)

Small Kucing said...

found the number 5 .

wow...a uni near home and only 400 students and less. That is fantastic.

I would love privacy too.

peggy said...

That is the sweetest story. I am sorry to be so long getting around to commenting, but it was worth reading again today. I love french doors too but too small here for any. I think you made the right decision for your grandson and it's funny that at church today our pastor spoke along those lines about teaching a child and when he is old.... I hope your day was fantastic, with those you have in your life I'm sure it has been. Love from Michigan.