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Monday, March 04, 2019

66 years old and counting...........

Happy 66th to Chatty Crone - this is where I am having my birthday party - every one is invited who wants to come!

I have been sick a couple of weeks now so I have been bad in reading blogs. I am sorry - but I just had no energy to do it.  
We all got sick here - grandson first - 
He works at the after school program every day after school with first graders - need I say more?  He had strep and a sinus infection.  Rick and I got it the same day and dang blasted it lasted over ten days.  We still have a residual cough.  My lungs were definitely the worst.  Then Kelly right before she went back to work from winter break - got it.  So not healthy around here.  I ran a 104+ fever - I have never been that hot in my life - I couldn't move.  Asthma. Bronchitis. Sinus.  Headaches.  Fevers that lasted days.
Okay I guess I sound wimpy- but it has been tough!

I am going to post pictures of what I like.

This is a joke which I think has it's basis in reality!

Anyone ready for spring and beautiful flowers?
Come to visit Atlanta - we are in full bloom spring.

Cute the way this person has a small garden set up on their bike.

This is cute too - do any of you decorate like this?  I think it is so unique and so pretty.

More wondrous glory - do you think this is real?

I have so many friends that love gardening.  Do you?
Me I hate to admit this - but I tend to be a plant killer. 
Makes me so sad.

Balloons for Chatty.

Flowers for Chatty. (Achoo).  

A birthday cake:




What more could one ask for?

Hope you enjoyed the party!


Okay these are not all my own photos - I have borrowed them from somewhere - if they are yours - I will gladly give you the credit as they are gorgeous.


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