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Monday, March 18, 2019

The Jewish Synagogue in Atlanta

We went Thursday – our bible study – 18 of us – to the Atlanta Jewish Synagogue.
It’s official name is THE TEMPLE.  It is a reformed Jewish Temple – which means the rules are easier to follow or more replaced than the orthodox Jew.

Information on it:  https://www.the-temple.org/

They have two arcs of the covenant which hosts their Torah’s – the first five books of the bible.  They read a section every Friday night – their church service – and then they turn it – and it is read to the end – then they start over again.  Those two doors open and a gold wall slides down and exposes the Torah’s.

These are the Torahs – there is a breast plate/shield. 

This is on a table facing the congregation – it is the Torah rolled open to where they will read on Friday.  All Torahs are made with natural materials – wood/papyrus and the writing in natural inks.  They are highly protected.  

Okay there always has to be two lights in a temple – the red one - electric and above natural light from outside.

The steps come in 7 – for the seven days of creation.
Each and everything represents something in the Jewish Life.
The speaker was an 81 year old Jew.  She had a bandage over one eye.  About ten years ago she was at a Braves game – and sitting near 3rd base – a fly ball came and hit her right in the center of her eye.  If it didn’t hit there – she would have died.  Her face was smashed.  The ball landed in her lap – all bloody – and the man behind her reached over her and stole it.  All the Braves doctors were on stand by as she was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  She never talked about money – but I bet she got some.  She was an awesome speaker.

During the Holocaust many Jews hid the Torahs.  If they were found the Germans tried to destroy them.  This one was found in Poland – see the little pin marks – the Nazi’s took  ice picks and tried to destroy it.

Arc of the Covenant – that can actually be carried.  Above it the Ten Commandments.

Below are two ID tags of two Jewish people that died in Concentration Camp.

This Temple was bombed in 1958 having to do with the Civil Rights movement.

A 13 year old was killed her in Atlanta – Mr. Frank was accused because he was a Jew.  They reduced his sentence to a life sentence instead of death.  However a mob got a hold of him – took him to Marietta – and lynched him.  Later he was found to be innocent.

It was extremely interesting and boy she knew her facts and religion.  
Then we went to Mary Mac's for lunch.  You have to check this out - it has been an Atlanta staple for years.  It is a genuine southern tea room.  
It was delicious.
News on grandson - he is ready to go on a service trip to Guatemala for a week.  He leaves on Saturday and I would covet prayers for his safety at all times.  Thank you.
He has to bring his own toilet paper - and they are not allowed to flush it in the toilet - we are so blessed here.
And of course no drinking of any water.

 I hate to show you my garage, but do you 'get' this picture?
When he goes for a ride with me he hops on the ledge of my back seat to see if there is anything to bark at - like the cat next door.  LOL
I took a picture of him in my rear view mirror.
He is a hoot.

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Abby said...

I've never been inside a Jewish temple, thanks for taking us along and for the stories that go with it.
My thoughts are with you for your grandson's safety. He should gain lifelong memories, but I know it can be an uneasy week for you all.
Our dog, Penny, still gets nervous in the car. She needs lessons from Disco!

jack69 said...

WOW you did a great job of explaining and photographing the Temple. Religious stories have a way of 'finding something sad', i.e. the lynching. BUT like a 'Fiddler on the Roof' life is tenious!
Love from NC
Sherry & jack

Nonnie said...

Sandie, how fantastic that your Bible study group was privileged to tour the Temple. I love all things Jewish and we have been to Israel twice and it is so fascinating. For the past few months I have been attending services at a Messianic congregation here and it is so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful photos and sharing about them. I would love to do that.
That's terrific for your grandson to visit there. Tell him to be careful with the food he eats, too! Disco, Disco, you are such a spoiled little guy!

Red Rose Alley said...

Interesting facts and photos of The Temple, Sandie. That's a shame about the Torahs and the ice picks and trying to destroy them. Nel and Jess visited the Anne Frank house years ago, and they said it is something everyone should experience. I will say a prayer for your grandson when he heads off to Guatemala. Why aren't they allowed to flush the toilet paper? That's so funny that Disco hops on the ledge of your back seat when he gets in the car. I love the smile quote, and isn't it the truth? Always enjoy coming over and visiting with you, Sandie.


Linda said...

Fascinating!!! Thank you, I didn't know any of this!
And, as always, you leave us with a laugh and a smile!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Praying for your grandson, that he stays safe and well. Shame he couldn't take Disco with him.

Small Kucing said...

May your grandson have a smooth and safe trip.

Thanks for sharing photo of the temple

Dar said...

Sandie girl, this is so interesting. How nice you got to go to The Temple with your church gals. It gives us a better understanding. Of course, my prayers for Andy as he does such important mission work. What a fine young man.
And that Disco, what a hoot is right. LOL By the way, if you saw my garage right now, you'd know yours is organized in comparison.
love n' hugs from up north where my house smells of fresh baked breads