"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Monday, October 07, 2019

Do you like it light or dark?

Today we are going to take it kind of easy.  For us 'middle-agers' the song below is an old song sung by some oldies but goodies.   
To me a nice way to start the day with a cup of coffee.  
Music brings us closer together.
Just click on the line below.

The Weight | Featuring Robbie Robertson | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

I think here in Georgia we are skipping fall.
We have had 91 days of  90 degree days this summer.  
It has broken the precious record.
It has broken all records for us.
I am so ready for fall.

Okay I am taking about actual light.  I have very sensitive eyes to daylight.  Even when it is overcast outside I wear sunglasses.  I just can't keep my eyes open.  

When we go out to eat - I never sit by the window with the broad daylight coming in.  My daughter is like that too.  My hubs is kind of in the middle.  Son and grandson love full daylight.  

Sometimes we get kidded that we live under a rock. Maybe we do.  That's okay.

Doesn't mean I have a dark personality.  Doesn't mean I am depressed.  I just like it dark - not pitch black - just a nice feeling of darkness.  

I feel safe.  I feel relaxed.  I just really like it on the darker side than the lighter side.

Now I have some friends that like it so bright when I come over I feel like I am exposed. Restaurants have all windows and the sunshine just beams in.  It kind of drives me nuts.

My question is - do others of you have preferences of light or dark - or do you even think about it?


Yes, when we sit down at night and watch television together - he has his own glass of water so that he does not have to get up and go to his bowl.  Not only that - but he likes cold water.


The Good Ole Days....


natalia20041989 said...

I love that first quote, old bookstores are the best! About the light , I think I am somehow in the middle, not too much light and darkness. Have a lovely week☺

Bijoux said...

I'm a full, direct sunlight gal because I HATE being cold. I take a jacket to restaurants in the summer because I can't take the AC. So, if there's any sort of sun, I'm sitting in it. Hope you enjoy a nice shaded week!

laurie said...

I love the sunshine but my brain injury makes me very sensitive to sun, I only have sight in one eye and I protect it, that disco is such a sweetheart, he reminds me so much of our last dog, they could have been brothers, looks and personality lol, have a great week!

Sandra said...

love the song. had not heard it before. Big boy will not drink cold water, he likes lukewarm, even water that has been in the sun outside. inside room temps is how he wants his water.
my mother was a dark person, her house was always closed up and dim, even with lamps on, they were dim also. so was her sister and my dad's sister. i am a LIGHT person, the brighter the better, our house is open with sun streaming in like we were outside. if i spend time in a dim house, i get depressed, or if it is cloudy outside.. lucky for me bob and i are both LIGHT lovers.. when we would visit mother, we would get up and open the front curtains, she would close them. you could live in Texas with Linda Chapman, she is a DARK person to....

jack69 said...

Sherry is a 'sunglasses' person. I seldom wear sunglasses, bout the only time is if I must sit or drive facing the sun.
Methinks Disco is spoiled! hahahahaha.
Love from up here in NC where we too are enjoying a little cooler weather.
Sherry & jack

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

What a great collaboration for that song! If only the world could be as such.

I do crave the light but, yes, my eyes are sensitive to very bright light. I love daylight savings time and the early darkness of winter plays on my mind.

betty said...

That is so cute how Disco drinks out of the glass like that! Koda didn't, but he did drink from sprinklers. Wow you have had a hot summer and with the humidity I bet it was just miserable at times. We had such a milder one here compared to other summers we've been down here. Almost pleasant if you call 108 degrees pleasant, LOL. I love the sunlight. The brighter the better. Too many cloudy days get me down.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do remember that Here's th church, here's the staple from child hood days. I prefer the light and am already misusing those extra hours of daylight the we have lost. But I do find I have to wear my sunglasses more these days. I used to never wear them, but now don't leave home without them. You disco is definitely one spoiled dog. Never heard of a dog having his glasss of water handy before. Hope fall gets there soon for you. Our weekend was much cooler here. Today is supposed to be mid 50's and sunny. A little on the chilly side. Glad the sun is coming out.

Mevely317 said...

RINGO!!!!! Love that video, Sandie@!
Not that I haven't been cautioned 1,000 times, but I've difficulty making myself wear sunglasses. Despite the fact my night vision is going to pot, I'm a 'darkie' too. Maybe it's on account I HATE the heat? 'Had to laugh at Sandra's comment: When my mother used to come visit she'd go around opening all the drapes -- that drove me nuts!

Julierose said...

Since i had cataract surgery i cannot take the light either!! We pull blinds when the sun or bright white skies appear...and with this eye infection it has gotten even worse--am wearing sunglasses INside!! So my choice is dark-ish--not black but grayed off--maybe i should make a gray quilt?? lol hugs and thanks for all the nice quotes Julierose

Buttercup said...

I like both, but some days my eyes are very light sensitive and even with sunglasses I need to stay inside.

Sandi said...

Sweet puppy :)

I like the light streaming in, but not when the late afternoon sun is blinding me. Then I pull the shades.

Sandee said...

When I'm awake I like the light. When I want to sleep I want the dark. I don't like dim places.

Have a fabulous day and week, Sandie. Big hug. ♥

barbara woods said...

I love sunshine but need sun glasses since surgery

Red Rose Alley said...

Sandie, I like a light kitchen, cause I'm always in there, but I like the tv room to be cozy and not so much light. I like restaurants that are festive with some light, but then my favorite restaurant is Macaroni Grill, and it has a darker atmosphere, which I love. So, I guess I'm a little of both. That is so funny that Disco has his own glass of water when you watch tv together haha. Oh my gosh, I smiled when I saw "here's the church, here is the steeple," cause I remember that well, but now I have to figure out the hand movements so I can show the grandkids. I LOVE that first quote and all those things too!

Have a wonderful Autumn week, Sandie.


Terri D said...

As to light or dark, I guess I don't really think about it. I don't like wearing sunglasses, but do if I am at the beach or if the sun is coming through the windshield really bright. Disco is one lucky dog!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I really like Robbie Robertson, and have at least one of his C.D's. I am a light person, as you know by the title of my blog. I have to have light! One of the first things I do upon waking up is to throw the curtains open wide. For some reason, it seems I can never get enough light. This is why I hate winter! Dark at 4:30, Hurrumph! I adore your tree quote, and will put it on our church prayer line.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I love the sunshine and having curtains and blinds opened during the day

bobbie said...

I want to thank you for sending me off on a 2+ hour music session with that video ~ FANTABULOUS!!

Starry Dawn said...

Well, I should agree with some statements of your previous comments. I love the sunshine, although my eyes´health issues make me very sensitive to sun. I only have a good vision in my left eye. So, I protect it. I use sunglasses, not only in the day light, but also inside rooms which have lots of light. My eyes got older, as I aged. I suffer from cataracts in my right eye. So the light kills me. I see blurred images. I prefer dark places, and I hide in my dark room. It makes me feel even more difficult to stay looking at the computer screen, or TV sets, or movie-theaters for a long time. I try to escape from the light things. In brief, my life is complicated. I almost became a hermit. Most of people prefer sunshine, the beach, and light things, which I don't. I don't go to the beach anymore. I'm an old timer. My skin is also very sensitive to the sun. I get sores, angiomas, moles, and all sort of bad things -when I expose my skin to the sunlight. I'm scared to get Skin Cancer!! It's a good post to ponder, my friend. You're so clever.

Lee said...

A nice, varied post, Sandie.

My two furry rascals have their own glass (a glass tankard) of water permanently on "our" bedside table. It is the only spot,and container, from which they will drink. If I put a bowl of water on the floor for them to drink from they'd think I'd lost my mind! They wouldn't touch it! lol

Susan said...

Hi Sandie.....Letting go. It's so hard to do, isn't it? But so necessary in our quest for peace. As for light or dark, give me light. I like bright, happy colors, houses filled to the brim with sunshine streaming through the windows, brightness everywhere, and as much as light as possible. During my latest 12 years living in Arizona, I never put on a pair of sunglasses! Just don't like looking at the world through dark lenses. Everyone's different One person's way of doing things is no better than the next. We all chart our own courses. Hope your week is everything you want it to be. Hugs. Susan from Writing Straight from the Heart.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The weather is crazy! I know Florida also has been hot for months. I hope it changes soon. I'm okay with the light. I have never worn sunglasses but just started to because the doctor said my eyeballs have yellowed from the sunlight. I do see very well in the dark. I love the glass of water with Disco.

LL Cool Joe said...

Well reading these comments it seems I'm not the only one with eye issues. I love the light, but now I have this dodgy eye I prefer cloudy days.

Lowcarb team member said...

I love your first quote and yes I can remember the Church and Steeple rhyme from childhood.

I wear glasses that re-act to light and dark … so on a bright day they will get dark. I do think it a good idea for people to wear 'sun-glasses' to protect their eyes when it is very sunny. It is also important to look after our eyes. Here in the UK they recommend an eye test every two years and obviously more if your eye condition warrants it.

All the best Jan

mail4rosey said...

I do remember the church and steeple. :) LOL on the 'you've gotten so big' meme. Truer words have never been spoken! ;) I guess I don't think about the light/dark thing. I do love natural sunlight coming in the house, so I guess I lean on the side of light. Have a wonderful day!

acorn hollow said...

I love full sun my biggest complaint about winter is the darkness. We here in New England are full on fall and it is glorious! I remember church and steeple but hadn't thought of it in years.

Abby said...

On the light/dark, I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I don't like bright lights or full sun, but I don't like walking or driving in the dark. I think my eyes are just getting older.
Lovely pictures. That Disco is too cute!

photowannabe said...

Wow, so many things to think about in this post. I guess I am a Light person.
I am caregiving for a friend that is in the beginning stages of Alzheimers and suffers from "Sundowners Syndrome".
Winter and dark evenings send her into depression and she can't function.
I pray that that doesn't happen to me.
Love that last cartoon about you got so big...too funny.
The quote about the trees letting things go is priceless..I may have to "steal" it for a words of wisdom Wednesday this Fall.
I can't click on anything to get the song.
Have a fantastic day...

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello, many thanks for your recent comment and question about celeriac on the low carb diabetic blog.

I have given you some more details, and you can see them here:

All the best Jan

PS Enjoy the remainder of Thursday and have a good Friday, the days pass by so quickly!

Jim said...

Sandie, that Disco dog is more spoiled than I could imagine. Does he lay down by your feet and snuggle up until your foot runs his tummy? I always wear sunglasses outside until it starts to get dark. Same in the house, I make sure the blinds point up for outside light. I don't like to face the window .
Have s nice weekend .

The Liberty Belle said...

I like all of those wonderful things in the first quote too! Regarding light, I prefer things dimmed but with golden candlelight illuminating spaces around me. I also enjoy the glow of a crackling fire.

R's Rue said...

Beautiful. Love it.

NanaDiana said...

Just trying to catch up a bit, Sandie. I have been so lax in visiting. I like it light and bright...the brighter the better. My hubby, on the other hand, loves it dark, dark rooms especially for sleeping. I could sleep with a light on. lol

It is interesting how different we all are, isn't it? Have a great weekend. xo Diana