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Monday, December 02, 2019

It's All Who You Get

We did - very nontraditional though.
We have a small family.  
This year we decided to meet half way with my niece and SIL at a restaurant for dinner.
At first hubs was mad at me - because he wanted a traditional one at home.
There were only three of us and their three made six.
We decided to meet at a restaurant.
If you have ever wondered what it would be like  - it worked out great.
We went to Bahama Breeze.  
Hubs got his turkey and dressing and the rest of us ordered off their regular menu.
We got to talk - no one had any work to do - no clean up - and the food was good.
We laughed and caught up on things.
The restaurant was full - so a lot of others do the same thing.
What did you do?



See how grandpa babies this dog?

Did you shop on Good Friday?  
I did not.

Something to think about:

Are your ducks in a row this season?


Do you know what I mean that it depends who you get?
When I go to the store - someone will tell me no right away.
If I come back around someone will tell me yes.
On the phone sometimes I get told no they cannot do do it.
Then if I call later someone will go to the ends of the earth to do it for me.
I think some people are lazy.
Some people work hard.
But I do know in life it is all who you get.
Have you ever experienced that?



Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Thanksgiving is about people and meeting up with your family and spending time relaxed and having a good time talking and laughing together sounds perfect to me.

We have gone out to dinner on Thanksgiving twice in my life. They were marvelous! This year I spent two weeks getting ready for Thanksgiving for 21 people. I do seem to have masochistic tendencies. It was all good though.

betty said...

I think you had a great Thanksgiving! Honestly whatever works out is always the best and it seems like this was the best for you guys this year! I didn't shop on Black Friday but I did see that meme of the dogs in Pet Smart LOL. I'm keeping things simple with everything these days so I would imagine I'll not be doing too much shopping and doing a lot of shopping online. Always enjoy Disco's corner!


MadSnapper said...

yes it is all who you get and the scary and sad thing is the health care is the same way, you can get the wrong nurse or doctor or pharmacists. love the disco daddy pic and your Christmas car on the side bar is precious. we ate out, just the two of us... no muss no fuss is good. but then we have no leftovers … neither of us wanted to cook a turkey... thought about buying one from Publix but bought turkeys seem to dry...

jack69 said...

We ate at a restaurant also, but I must admit, the food was NOT GREAT, but the company and conversation was tops. It was Just Sherry & I and we got a takeout for son #2.
You are right, IT IS ALL IN WHO YOU GET! We have run into that about reservations lately and received the 'That is what it is!' and not much else. I think some jobs are a little complicated and folks don't keep them long.
AND YEP our ducks are scattered, definitely not in a row!
Love ya, enjoyed the entry
Sherry & jack

Abby said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds perfectly fine to me. We ate in a restaurant once, before we had kids. It was a strange experience - some weird people there. Another year, we were moving and staying in a hotel. One kid had a bad cold, so my husband and the other two went out to eat, while I stayed and had a very quiet Thanksgiving in a hotel room with the infirm. Not my favorite, but not terrible.
Disco is too cute, as always! And yes, I think some "helpers" are not as helpful as others.

Sandee said...

We did non traditional at home and it was most nice. Lot's of folks like to go out and not have the mess to deal with. It's all good.

I linked this post to Awww Mondays because of Disco.

Have a fabulous day and week, honey. Big hug. ♥

Bijoux said...

Lol, yes, people are lazy in retail. But customers can be awful as well. We had a very traditional meal. We always host, this year a smaller crowd of 11. That's funny that you went to Bahama Breeze. We have a gift card and that's one of the restaurant choices on it. We've never been to one, but there are 2 in Ohio and I told my spouse that we should go during the winter and pretend we're in Maui!


sounds like you had a terrific Thanksgiving. we ate out at a restaurant last year and it was great. i'm glad you had a good time. no cleanup is a big plus. this year we had dinner at our daughters place so we could spend time with the grandchildren.

Linda said...

I totally agree with you! Louis Dean had the Geek Squad Out recently and they did not so much as turn the TV on! He had messed up the control and scheduled them to come fix it. They sat on the couch and chatted with him but didn’t even TRY to fix it. Summer came over, went to Best Buy and bought a universal control and reprogrammed it and fixed the problem
Louis Dean went back to Best Buy to say he was not satisfied with the service and the manager over that department looked at him and said he would need to make an appointment. She bordered on being rude. He got nowhere with her. So he went back to his truck and then thought NO! This isn’t right. He went back in the store and when the little greeter person met him at the door, Louis Dean asked to speak to the manager of the store. Long story short - she made it right. Refunded his money, listened to the problem, assured him she would address both the manager of the department as well as the Geek Squad - who is all new people now - and thanked him for bringing all of this to her attention. Before he left she asked,”Are we good now?”
By the way, he’s decided that he will be using another Best Buy for the Geek Squad!
It’s all in who you get!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't host thanksgiving dinner at my house any more. The kids have taken over. This year it was my youngest son's turn and he made the Main ingredients for the meal, We all took sides and desserts and shared a huge meal. I agree it's who you get that makes a difference. Too bad that everyone can't be like minded, but they are not for sure. Glad you had people to share your meal with and had a happy Thanksgiving. It's all about being together with those we love. No matter where.

Ginny Hartzler said...

When my mom was alive, she always took the entire family out for a thanksgiving buffet at a restaurant. It is so nice...takes all the pressure off the holiday and makes it only fun. this year we spent the day at our son's house, and D-I-L. did all the work. My ducks are lining up at this point!

Ginny Hartzler said...

YES!! It all depends on WHO you get, I find this time and again!! Some people will go out of their way to help you, and others couldn't care less.

barbara woods said...

had two in a row , want do that again

photowannabe said...

We have done the non-traditional Thanksgiving on occasion too.
I do like the no clean-up aspect of that but as I said in my post,
when we went to a friends house for turkey dinner..I so missed the smell and leftovers,
That I bought a small turkey and we have been feasting on it for 2 days.
No shopping for me..I loose my patience when there are crowds and cranky people.
HaHa, my ducks aren't in any kind of row either...no ducks and no plan today...
Boy do I know what you mean about it's who you get...don't get me started!!!
Love your post and all the memes that go with it.

Laurie said...

Wonderful thanksgiving and I hope December is great too!

Patti said...

I think your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! Good food, good company, and no prep or clean-up for anyone. How nice is that! Bottom line is, there is no single right way to celebrate the holidays, so if dinner in a restaurant is what worked best this year, that is perfectly okay!

Your little cartoons are always so cute. My ducks are often not in a row. Especially on Mondays.

Have a blessed day,

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

No thanksgiving here for me but I am a Aussie, the rest of the post made me smile

Terri D said...

Joe and I decided we are going out next year. It was just too much work and we had so much food leftover that will be thrown out tonight for trash pick-up tomorrow. I froze the turkey but nothing else... and I even sent leftovers home with those who wanted some. It is just too much work. Great picture of Disco and hubby! Loved your post, Sandie!! Love you, too!

Mevely317 said...

Growing up, I can't recall a single Thanksgiving meal enjoyed at home -- nor even having turkey. Daddy used to say, "Your mother works hard every weekday, and I won't have her working hard in the kitchen on Thanksgiving." The last few years before moving to Alabama, Tom and I'd just find someplace we could order off the menu -- I was always thankful for salmon; him for prime rib. :)

Love Disco's Corner; Black Friday at PetSmart is cute … but sad, too.

Susan said...

ha hahahhaha I liked the cat who ate the mouse the best. So cute. Actually, Sandie, I've never had Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant. Its always been at home. This year I didn't have to cook, though, as my daughter did, and THAT was wonderful. Cute column . Hugs. Susan

Red Rose Alley said...

It's all who you get - I totally could relate to what you said, Sandie. Yea, sometimes I get people who seem like they don't want to be bothered, and then other times they'll do something for me that makes my day. I'm glad you had a nice time at Thanksgiving at the restaurant. And no preparing or clean up. I think when we get older, we just want to have things simple, and it doesn't matter if we are doing what everyone else is doing. And eating out on Thanksgiving is more common than you think. I cracked up at the doggies at Petsmart. No, I never shop the day after Thanksgiving. It's crazy out there with the crowds and lines.

Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season, Sandie. I always smile when I see that you have a new post up. : )


The Feminine Energy said...

I cooked for 3 days, cleaned house for 2 days before that, and compiled my grocery list for Walmart pick-up 2 days before that yet. So we had a "traditional" Thanksgiving this year. But I find absolutely NOTHING wrong with going out to eat either. We host Thanksgiving only every other year... the opposite years the kids go to their in-laws place for Thanksgiving. On those quiet Thanksgivings when there's only the 3 of us at home, I usually cook a turkey breast and then make a few sides. But next year it's a good possibility that we might go to one of the Thanksgiving buffets in the area. You've given me the courage! So glad you had a wonderful day. Love, Andrea xoxo

Lowcarb team member said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds good to me …
Here in the UK we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but we recently had a lunch-time family get-together at a local restaurant, and it was brilliant:)
Good times, good company, good food all very special indeed.

With Christmas approaching fast, I've written my/our cards but have more presents to get … and the decorations are being done this coming weekend.

Happy December Wishes.

All the best Jan

CHERI said...

Your T'giving sounds absolutely fine to me...whatever works and makes everyone happy:) The holidays can be soooo stressful, but we could easily solve that by not overdoing and "allowing" it to stress us....I'm preaching to myself!!!!! I sooooo know what you mean about "it's who you get"...I could give MANY examples but won't take time to do so. Sometimes I feel like hugging "who I get" and other times I feel like slapping their nose of their face!!!!! I always love your blog....I really like the DUCKS IN A ROW!!!! Lately, I definitely can't even find my ducks!!!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving day! We had a nice time at Adam and Gabby's with her family. I love Disco with grandpa, too cute! I did some shopping online Friday. No my ducks are not in a row. I should be done decorating and haven't even started!!!

Jim said...

I'm glad I've got you, Sandie, for a Blogging friend. And that you found me again. We had changed blogging circles when I slowed my posting, hence my reading. And I hardly post on Facebook, mostly stuff from my blogs. My other active is verses I write with the poets.
BTW, I'm on a Blogging Sabbatical one. For December until after January 10th. Such a temptation to read and write though. Tell more about that in January. That happens now and then My old, old friends know I "go to JAIL, one with limited wifi," 2oo5 and 2906 friends.
We too ate out, at our local La Madeleines. Our bachelor son hurt himself too badly to ride as far as the others were driving to see their mom. He went with us but would make rounds then with a daughter and her family, then end with his almost steady and her family. We also had a widow friend from church whose son and family went to NYC.
I use that saying a lot, lately after seeing more ducks than I'd paid attention to have changing it to getting them in line or order. The fly farther south over our house in spring and winter. Also we have two families that live by the little lake by our library.
Sandie, you guys have a nice, merry, and Joyful Christmas. We won't be but us two but I'm thinking that our Jail will have a Christmas Eve service. We may have to lead one if they don't. Mrs. Jim might play the piano if her arthritis will alow,
Merry Christmas to you and family.

roughterrain crane said...

Three cute dogs in the window gap made me laugh.

Small Kucing said...

Whether it's at home or at a restaurant, the main thing is the whole family are there. As i aged sometimes i preferred not to cook

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