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Monday, October 17, 2022

NEW POST Commercials and TV Shows

On my soap box again:

Commercials, TV Shows, and Cable TV in 2022

Have you all noticed the commercials of today?  Nothing is off limits. Anything goes.

The new television shows - show that any language and violence is acceptable in regular TV!

It seems so normal. It seems acceptable. Does that make it okay?

And what about some cable tv shows? Guess that' okay because cable is an option to watch or not.   

I can see why the world are changing, or is the world changing television?

Kids are so different nowadays too.

Anything goes.  Nothing seems sacred anymore.

Even in pretty good shows the language can be just awful.

I have to say it gets to me.

I don't like to watch television that has bad language every other word or a lot of sex and extreme violence.  It disturbs my sleep if I go to bed after watching it.  So, I don't watch them.

I especially HATE when they swear using God's or Jesus's name.  
I hate to admit at times the show is so good I do finish watching it, but I hate it and feel guilty.  
I should turn it off and a lot of times I do.

What purpose is it done for?  I think they could do the exact same show - and it would be just as good - without those words.  Why do they do that?  What is their goal for us?  How did it get to be acceptable? 

How do the actors condone it and say those words - knowing it will be recorded forever? 
That their children will see it one day.

Most of the time I stick to the older shows.  They are uplifting and I feel better after I watch them then I do watching extreme sex and violence and listening to swearing - they are so dark.

What is your opinion on what is on television today?

What do you do about it if anything?'

A good show we just found is Heartland. (14) Seasons
I love the Walton's too.
Father Knows Best.
What do you watch?


Love, Chatty



MadSnapper said...

Amen sister! Anything goes in the movies now like we were watching one last night and for no reason at all they decided to show the woman sitting on the commode where their pants down around her ankles while he was talking to her. In the past we might know that he was looking in a mirror and she was sitting on the commode but they didn't actually show it and for what reason do we want to look at someone sitting on a commode. I agree the movies and the shows have gone crazy and sometimes after I watch a movie I think why did I watch that

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess the only way we can show our dislike of what is being shown today, is to turn off the TV. They will know it's not acceptembe when people stop watching. It's a shame so many good shows are ruined by bad language or actions. We don't need that. We need to see more shows like the old ones that had family values in mind.

Sandi said...

I see it too. Or, rather, I don't see it. I keep it off. We never have the news on here either. My kids grew up without it. It is propoganda and it is meant to change us.

jack69 said...

Strange isn't it? I know NO ONE who likes or appreciates the language or 'sex show' on TV today. And yes it is a wonder that it continues. On the other hand we might have our TV on 3 hours total a year. Basically it is never on.
When I see it today it will be in a restaurant and it seems more commercials than news or programs. SICK is what it is....

photowannabe said...

I totally agree with you an all your points.
I am shocked at how the commercials are even getting more risque.
The enemy is having a field day showing bad as good and that everything is acceptable.

ellie said...

I do love Heartland­čĺŚ

Honestly, I don't even watch American shows anymore. Thanks for the post. You make some very good points. Stay true. Stay the best you. All the best to your blog.

Mevely317 said...

Preach it, girl! I couldn't have said it any better.
I remember the years I worked for the CBS affiliate in Tampa. I can't remember what show, but it showed a man's bare bottom (back) in the locker room -- Hill Street Blues, maybe. Anyway, we got so much nasty mail and phone calls demanding we take it off the line-up. I'll never forget what my sales manager said: Don't complain to the station; if you want to hurt them where it hurts, complain to and boycott the advertisers who are buying commercial time on that show.
I've never forgotten that, and I'm feeling that way about the latest 2 Volkswagen commercials. Not that I'm in a position to buy a new car, but they've gone to the bottom of my list.

obscure said...

I agree that much of it is gratuitous, especially the nudity and sex. Anything for ratings. :( However I do think that some things - like the depiction of gay families, etc - are more television reflecting the changing country. And that is not a political statement, btw - my only political view is that no one should be punished for being themselves, and that no one can judge but God.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I totally agree! We have been desensitized! The worst for me is saying God's name in vain. Do you stream? The Detectorists is sweet and amazing. So is Amanda Raisin. And Doc Martin! PBS has a lot of good shows too, like Call The Midife and All Creatures Great And Small.

Red Rose Alley said...

I was watching a show one time, and it turned out to be incredibly vulgar. I said to the person next to me, "you couldn't pay me to say those words." So, I know exactly what you are talking about here, Sandie. Yes, some shows are just off limits for me.

When you mentioned The Walton's, I just watched The Homecoming yesterday (a Christmas episode). ; )

Have a blessed October week.


betty said...

We got rid of cable about 4 years ago and since then only have an antenna that doesn't pick up a lot of stations, but the stations it does are older ones with Westerns so hubby watches a lot of that when he does watch TV but we have reduced our TV watching significantly since dumping cable. I do watch shows on Netflix I probably shouldn't. The cussing does bother me, but I'm like you, taking the Lord's name in vain makes me cringe a lot. I too don't know what the appeal is for people to cuss and it does ruin a perfectly good show at times. We definitely are desensitized to the language these days for sure!

I hope you get a dog soon!


acorn hollow said...

I agree with you! We do not watch a lot of regular tv we watch British Acorn tv and Britbox no commericals.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It gets to me too. I seldom see commercials because I record almost everything I watch. It is a sad time for our world and I can't imagine what the future is going to be like. I pray that change will come.
I want a dog too!!!!

Terri D said...

Satan has a grip, that's for sure. I agree with all you say! Praying!! xo

Tinseltown Talks said...

I stick with the TV oldies for the most part.

Lowcarb team member said...

We are not big television viewers ...

All the best Jan

Lee said...

Sadly, the world as we knew it, has changed...to its detriment.

You would enjoy "Virgin River", too, I think Sandra. There are not enough of these kinds of series around these days. "Younger" is fun entertainment, too. I love that series. "Mad Men":, "Gilmore Girls"....

Take good care. :)

Theresa said...

It is disturbing what we can see and hear on tv. We do a lot of hitting the mute button. Even some commercials­čś│ are embarrassing. We watch Andy Griffith while we eat dinner, we love the game shows and sports. The World is going downhill fast. Have a beautifully blessed day dear friend. Hugs

Starry Dawn said...

I hate TV nowadays, especially the way it looks like at this point in time.
When I was just a kid, I used to watch TV Shows in a black & white TV,
for example, The Three Stooges, Gunsmoke, The Avengers, Mission Impossible,
I love Lucy, Lassie, Daktari, Rintintin, the dog, etc.
I do NOT LIKE BAD LANGUAGE. So the way modern folks, TV, Movies and Shows
seem to publish dreadful foul language, appear as if it were funny or OK to do it. I stay away from those things, sadly, almost in isolation...