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Monday, April 15, 2024




And if you look closely, all donkeys across the world, whether they are grazing in pastures or gracing the big screen, share one mysterious feature — they have a dark cross on their backs, running down their spines and across their shoulders. "They've all got them, even the dark ones


Okay - I am having a problem with BIRDS!
Or lack of birds.

I wanted and received a bird feeder, pole, and bird seed for my birthday.

I have ONLY gotten one or two birds - for viewing - since February!!   I know they are there because the seeds are going down, but I don't see any.

We have no trees in our back yard and there is construction about a half a mile from here.
I have tried everything!
Any ideas?



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Have a wonderful day!


MadSnapper said...

ha ha on round is a shape, that's me. I am trying to get the birds to leave our property, the starlings and black birds, ducks and ibis are leaving nasty deposits on pool decks, drive way, and in the back yard the nutty dog is licking it up off the deck but it leaves a stain. the construction noise and dust and lack of trees sounds like that might be the reason for your lack

Sparky said...

Birds will migrate to where there is friendly habitat. Thankfully, we have lots of songbirds, predatory birds and everything in between this year. We're surrounded by acres of woods, have available water, lots of trees (we even leave the dead ones if not near the house for the woodpeckers), bird houses, flowering bushes and feeders of all descriptions. I do enjoy our wild birds. They're better than TV. I could never cage one of them. I'm not into caging anything, actually. I know, that's off subject. I hope your birds return soon. I would feel lost without our daily "bird show". lol
Well, I gotta go mow the property. I let the wildflowers take over this year. They are lovely but when they get up to my knees, time to deal with it.
Blessings. 🤗

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The only thing I can suggest is that your try different types of bird food. It could be birds in your area prefer a different kind. I never found feeding birds to be a problem. Sometimes squirrels can scare them away. We solved that by putting out a corncob for them to eat.

Bird watching is a joy!

Red Rose Alley said...

That's so interesting about the DONKEY! I didn't know that. They are special animals for sure. I smiled when I saw the Zen to Zany picture. I came across that when browsing through her quotes. So glad you introduced me to these delightful quotes. About the birds.... I think now that Spring has arrived, you will see more birds. But yes, they do seem to come around when there are lots of trees, and since you don't have any trees at your home, it might be harder to find them. But the feeder you put out may attract them.

I love the Chatty Crone feather at the end of your posts. ; )


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is very interesting about the donkeys. I like that. I like that you got the pole and feeder. I have not clue why you haven't seen many birds but I bet in time more will come.

photowannabe said...

Fascinating thoughts about the donkey and the cross.
Don't know why you aren't getting birds to your feeder. Maybe now that Spring has sprung they will come to get food .
I had to laugh at the quote about round being a shape..So True!!!

Mevely317 said...

I so love that legend of the donkey!
Unfortunately, I've no advice about birds. We've bluebirds, cardinals, starlings and I know know what all. Oh ya, a pesky mockingbird that likes to mimic a car alarm. Tom's the bird watcher/feeder here, while I prefer those rascal squirrels.

Please let us know if and when the birds catch on to your new dining hall (lol)!

BeachGypsy said...

Mary rode her donkey heavily pregnant and Jesus rode a donkey Palm Sunday . I love donkeys--- they have fun personalities and are real affectionate, like big dogs. Try different seeds first--- your local birds might like something different. Also they like trees or bushes close to their feeders--- like a " landing and wait zone"--- before they go to the feeder, and a safe "Escape" place when they're done. They also enjoy a birdbath or two nearby. Hope this helps--- it took us a few years to get it right and now we have so many birds--- they also like having their own side of the house--- different types on each sides of our house, like " territories " maybe?

Ginny Hartzler said...

The first thing I am thinking of is...what kind of food are you putting in the feeder? Different kind of birds need different food. A whole lot love black sunflower seeds. Finches like Thistle. Find out what kind of birds are around your house. Also, birds usually come out to eat first thing in the morning, then in the evening. Also, if the seeds are going down fast, the squirrels are eating them. There is no way to keep this from happening except to buy a squirrel-proof birdfeeder. That is what we had to do.

Terri D said...

I don't know about birds and don't have feeders. Hope some of the other's advice is helpful. Interesting about the crosses on the backs of donkeys. I'll have to pay attention when I see donkeys again. There are six or eight at my son & dil's ranch in Georgia. xo

Julia said...

I didn't know about the cross on the donkeys. How interesting...

I stopped feeding the birds because of the darn squirrels. They even get in the squirrel-proof feeders. There are so many of them in our area. They have become a real nuisance. My sister-in-law is feeding the birds so I know that the birds are being fed in. One less thing for me to worry about.

Linda said...

So many interesting facts here! We have lots of birds at our place....but we have two water ponds plus a huge honeysuckle bush and a trumpet vine that they like to shelter in!

BeachGypsy said...

Glad you stopped in to see me! PS--- Those look like eastern bluebirds in your picture--- THEY LOVE MEALWORMS!

Buttercup said...

I have no good bird advice, but any time I sit down on a bench out of doors pigeons flock to me. But I'm sure those are not the birds you want to see.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

What I know about birds could be written on a postage stamp, the have two legs, wings nd fly that's about the size of it.

jack69 said...

I have no idea how to attract birds, But I must say the cross on the donkey i have never thought of, but of course it is JUSTIFIED with the precious cargo one carried in scripture. Thanks for the bit of info... I am trying to catch up, but I am very slow. i do so appreciate your comments, they do lift my spirits.
I am glad YOUO have that LOVE of your life... (Like I have).
Love from NC

Theresa said...

I didn't know that about the donkey! I have nothing on how to attract birds, we have plenty but we live back in the woods. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Kay G. said...

Water! Not one of those fancy, big bird baths.No, no, no! You know the plastic bottom part of a flower pot? Get two of them, not too big. Elevate them on one or two blocks, if possible. Fill with fresh water every day. Must keep them clean!We use a sunflower and small seed mix. Uh, we don't get the cheap stuff either. I did once and you should have seen the looks from the birds! They know!! I love the story of the cross on the donkey. We have a dear friend who cares for donkeys at an animal sanctuary in England. Can't wait to discuss donkeys with him! Thanks!

Kay G. said...

And birds need a place to shelter and to perch and a nest to raise their young.If you don't have trees, plant bushes or put some small trees in pots near the feeder. We are big bird lovers at our home.

Debby said...

The birds will come eventually. Just keep putting the food out there and be patient. They have to let all their bird friends know. Plus, there are different seeds to attract different birds. Find out the names of the birds who frequent your feeder and then get seed to attract more of them. There could also be someone nearby who has better or more food. We have a lot of birds for front and back - but then we do have a lot of trees. I'm sure you will get them eventually. They are so fun to watch.

Lee said...

I'm visited every day, and often, by my families of native birds. I love having them hang around. They give me great comfort.:)