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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Simple Qigong Exercise from Chet Day's Website -

"Mark Rothstein sent me this simple Qigong exercise many years ago, and it's a terrific one to try to get a sense of what this Oriental approach to natural health is all about.

Here are Mark's thoughts and the "how to do it" details for an easy and highly effective Qigong exercise that you should use to drain tension and thus improve your life...

"Hey, Chet, I just started taking Qigong one day a week (in addition to my Ashtanga yoga).

Both use very deep breathing in their practice. The yoga practice even has a name for it - pranayama.

In the Qigong practice, you stand up, relaxed, and take a deep breath in while raising your arms over your head, then lowering your hands slowly while you breath out and imagine that the "bad" Qi is draining out of your body through your feet into the earth while the fresh Qi is entering through the top of your head.

I find many of the Qigong practices "subtle" (that means I don't feel anything).

But this one is very relaxing, and I can feel the tension drain out of me, and I feel re-

I don't really know what the Qigong is, but I do progressive relaxation myself and I do this kind of calming images with my grandson just before he goes to sleep - I call it breathing in the good and exhaling out the bad. Puts him to sleep (after our prayers) like a baby.



smilnsigh said...

The Qigong practice sounds lovely. Relaxation, deep breathing and mental imaging, all combined in one.

But I think I have to vote for the pictured doggie version, first. >,-)

Miss Mari-Nanci
Smilnsigh blog

Chatty Crone said...

This is how you will feel after the Qigong (?) exercises - you get the best of both worlds(teehee). Chatty