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"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Happy Ending - Sugarland

Okay, okay - I've got to talk some about weddings. We have one coming in four months. A big white (ivory) wedding. If you didn't think a full formal wedding could be planned in six months - you don't know my resourceful daughter. I think it's all coming together beautifully.

I think what the song is trying to say, to me, is that again a happy ending is a choice. And not just one choice. It's a choice every time you make a decision - in marriage and in life. I believe that in my core! If you see someone happy or unhappy - it usually is a choice. Not always, but many times it is.

"A Happy Ending" by Sugarland - see the YouTube Below.

Cowboys ride into sunsets
The good guy always gets the girl
Cinderella's just fit
The glass slipper that changed her world
We all know the stories
We all know the fairy tales
We all get the glory
Of making it for ourselves

From the beginning
We're all looking for a happy ending
Every dream of winning
Every love we've been in
Right from the beginning
We're looking for a happy ending

We come here with nothing
And take it with us the day we leave
The first and last breath don't matter
It's all the ones that are in between
It's the reason for living
It's the reason the caged bird sings
It's why we sit in the movies
All the way to the closing scene

And for all the dreamers who have come and gone
Who have reached for the stars who have overcome
You're the hope, you're the wish, you're the truth
Baby here's the proof
Baby's born in the ghetto
Baby's born with a silver spoon
One tells his mama, "I'll have a dream."
One tells his mama, "I'll walk the moon."

My wish for you my dear daughter, is that you will choose to have a happy ending. To do that I think you both must work hard and sacrifice. But most of all - don't forget to choose to have some fun. Life doesn't have to be made harder than it is - hard times will come on their own. Slow down and smell the roses.

She is picking out songs for her wedding now - it's been a lot of fun - if you have any suggestions - let me know.



^..^ Corgi Dog Mama ^..^ said...

Wow! what a terrific post today!
You've been doing some serious deep thinking.
Love the video to go along with your theme.

Song suggestions....
At Last, the one Beyonce' sang for Obama's first dance, or by Etta James
Smilin' Face...James Taylor

My daughter had fantastic music for her wedding..all symbolic and fitting...their recessional was really cool, just joyous.
They had slides on the wall of childhood and then couple photos for the people to watch during the reception, which was cool.

Chatty Crone said...

Thank you - those songs would be awesome! I am going to go to YouTube and look those up and send them to her.

Your daughter's wedding sounded lovely - and I'm sure it was. I bet they went to a lot of work to have the slides ready. You must like your son-in-law as I do mine -you said the recessional was joyous.

My daughters friend has asked me to send pictures of her, her hubby to be, and my grandson. She somehow is going to get them on a quilt (in my daughter's colors) and show the blended family that way - then they will put it up on their living room wall which is huge and will be just the ticket.

JeanMac said...

Oh boy! How exciting. I just love weddings. Your advice was wise.

Chatty Crone said...

Thank you JeanMac.