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Thursday, March 04, 2010

43 Simple Ways To Simplify Your Life

43 Simple Ways To Simplify Your Life

I have been thinking today about what I wanted to post. My head was rattling with ideas, but I am so behind the gun. However I love my blog and my friends so here it is for today - hopefully better late then never.

I have been following Dr. Mercola for a long time now. I may not do everything he says - but he is a wealth of information. I think he has an opinion about everything. His office is in Chicago.

This is a good article today - different things we can do to simplify our lives. We all want to do that don't we? Especially me - especially today!

We had two estimates for getting our squirrels - each being $2K which is a lot when you are out of work, but the squirrels are right over head - my head - all the time. And we have tried everything.

My blogger pal and now friend Linda at A La Carte and I had lunch yesterday. We were talking about The Bachelor. And we decided he liked Vienna because she was - like my example yesterday - someone who decided to get in the bowl and lick the icing of life - now clean up your minds here if they're going the wrong direction - we meant - and Linda had this input - that when they bungee jumped - they were both afraid - they did it anyway and by addressing the fear and jumping together (thereby licking the icing) made them bond. And I said when they went to the sulfur water - Vienna said how it stunk and said<>she did anyway. They put that silk/mud all over themselves and again - licked the icing of life. And we both wish them well and hope they make it.

Okay, I'm off the topic which is no surprise, but Dr. Mercola, you should check him out and see what he has to say. We are never to old to learn.

Happy Birthday Patricia Heaton/Wikipedia

Heaton is a consistent life ethicist and is supportive of pro-life groups and causes, opposing abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty. Heaton's advocacy became particularly visible during the debate regarding the Terri Schiavo case.In addition, Heaton is Honorary Chair of Feminists for Life, a non-partisan organization which opposes abortion and embryonic stem cell research and supports other pro-life causes on the basis of feminism.

Gosh I loved loved loved Everyone Loves Raymond. If all shows were that funny and we watched them all the time - I think the whole nation would be happy and better off!


Linda said...

Cracking me up!! Had so much fun yesterday but no bungee jumping or mud baths were included! Get those squirrels!

Knitty said...

Wow, those suggestions were great!

After commenting on your post about the squirrels a few days ago, I was curious about your grandson and did some back reading.

I liked you before, now after getting to know more about you through posts that were published before I became a follower, I truly admire you in addition to liking you!

Strength and blessings to you always, and joy and laughter too. Oh, and also, a delicious bowl to lick. :)

Life is good! said...

love patricia heaton! hate the bachelor, oh don't get me wrong, i watched each episode and hated each one! well maybe just him. any guy who looks for love on tv deserves what he gets. girls, well girls are just silly and of course they would search for love on national tv. well i wouldn't and you probably wouldn't but the youngens well they are more daring.
sorry, i'm just rattling on and on and on and on......

Susan said...

Hi Sandie! Thanks for the post. Loved reading the 43 suggestions. I do quite a few of them but it's always good to learn more techniques! Hope you are having a good day. Sincerely, Susan from

Stella said...

First to make my life simpler could you consolidate the 43 suggestions in to one sentence for me? Aren't squirrels such a menace. They tear my bird feeders up and chew the deck apart.

Anyway you asked if I cook much. For the church mostly at Lent. Different groups take turns or individuals can volunteer. I do cook for large groups as my family with children, grandchildren, niece and her family total 27 for family dinners. The pans are all mine and I use them frequently as I enjoy feeding people. How did I carry all that out - carefully and with lots of huffing and puffing (not as young as I used to be.)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Sorry about the estimate for the squirrels! Yikes! We had them once in the attic in our old house, but the exterminator was able to put some sort of cage on the outside of the house where they were getting in and they could leave the attic, but not get back in with the cage there. Then after a week or two they came back and closed the entrance into our attic permanently. It was no where near your quotes! Hope you can find a better solution.

Angela said...

Oh my gosh Sandie! I had no idea that it cost that much to get rid of squirrels in the attic! You should buy your husband a gun! lol

I loved Everybody Loves Raymond! Do you watch Patricia Heaten in her new show? It was on last night and I laughed myself silly! It's called the Middle.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

The squirrel needs a place to love too

Life is good! said...

yep, you have me pegged. i was shopping at walmart. hopefully you would never see that at the mall- isn't that what they have mall security for?

That corgi :) said...

I didn't know that about Patricia Heaton, that is awesome to read things like this on your blog :)

ouch about the squirrels! I could send my next door neighbor, he catches the squirrels that come in his backyard with some sort of trap and then takes them to the local park and releases them (think is a few weeks later they come back, LOL - he has a lot of fruit trees in his yard that they like to eat off of )


Buttercup said...

I just discovered Dr. Mercola. I found an article about bromides. Fascinating. I'm sure there will be a lot of things that I won't do, but there was tons of good information.

ocmist said...

Picture 6 excitedly bouncing, begging corgis: Can WE come, PLEASE… Just turn us loose in that attic and WE’LL take care of those nasty squirrels for you!!! Then all you would hear, instead of squirrels, would be a whole HERD of corgis running around… OC and the CCC

I tend to watch 3 “Everybody Loves Raymond” episodes every night on late night TV. I love it too! Linda