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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Moses Conspiracy & Giveaway

TheThe Moses Conspiracy by Susan Reinhardt

 Congratulations to Susan J. Reinhardt! Her novel, The Moses Conspiracy has made its debut!

Here's the summary of this long awaited book: 

A trip to post-terrorized Washington, D.C. in 2025 and a buggy accident in Bird-in-Hand, PA set in motion events that expose a diabolical plan to destroy the Christian community. Ellie and John Zimmerman find themselves embroiled in a life-threatening investigation, fighting a shadowy enemy.

Convinced it's now safe to visit D.C., Ellie and her firstborn, 8-year-old Peter, travel to the nation's capital. Both mother and child make an effort to enjoy the sights, but they're unprepared for the challenges they face. Her nightmares come true when she and Peter are separated.
Back home, John witnesses a neighbor's buggy accident. The suspicious circumstances and law enforcement's refusal to take them seriously prompt him to take on the role of detective. He and a tenacious reporter band together and vow to find out what's happening in Bird-in-Hand.
Extended family squabbles erupt when John's sister, Annaliese, faces off with Ellie for blowing her D.C. experiences out of proportion. She'd rather ignore the warnings than deal with the growing danger.

John and Ellie can't decide whether her trip and his involvement with the accident were such a good idea. People are getting hurt, and their own family receives ominous warnings. Turning back the clock is not an option, but going forward could initiate more violence.

The small community is shattered when the unthinkable occurs. Will family, friends, and neighbors band together or allow fear to prevent them from taking action? Caught between strained family relationships and a faceless enemy, the couple rely on God for wisdom and protection. Little do they know that He's working on their behalf each step of the way. The scabs of a past tragedy get ripped open, and the truth of their second child's death is revealed. While they may expose the culprits, will they survive the heartache it brings?
Sounds like a winner, doesn't it? I've read a bit, but am looking forward to reading the entire book. I am SO excited for Susan. It's been a long and interesting adventure, and her persistence paid off. 

About Susan
Susan J. Reinhardt's journey to publication began as a non-fiction writer. She's been published in The RevWriter Resource, Devotions Magazine, A Secret Place, Vista, Live, and numerous other compilations and periodicals. Her appreciation for using fiction techniques inspired her to use fiction as a vehicle for truth. A widow, stepmom, and active church member, Susan enjoys reading, couponing, gardening, and searching for small treasures in antique shops. 

The Moses Conspiracy is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Kobo.

Visit Susan at her Blog, Facebook page, and on Twitter.

There is a Giveaway for a copy of this book!  Please visit the following and enter.  Good Luck!

    Have you read any books by debut authors lately?      Where do your writing dreams take you?

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    Carol said...

    Hi Sandie,

    I have not read any of her books, although this one does look interesting.

    I love the 'Lovely Day' saying....YOU do that!!!

    Love to you! C

    Shelly said...

    That sounds like a great book!

    Susan J. Reinhardt said...

    Hi Sandie - Thanks for doing a book spotlight today!

    Hi Carol & Shelly - This is my debut novel. You can read almost 3 chapters free on It's also available at Barnes & Noble and

    Susan :)

    My Journey With Candida said...

    Great book review Sandie.

    Have a wonderful day!!

    Nancy Claeys said...

    I wish I had access to a Kindle -- this sounds like a great read.

    Karen Lange said...

    Congrats to Susan! Good to see her here. Thanks for hosting, Sandie! :)

    FYI - for those who don't have a Kindle, Amazon offers a free ereader download for your computer. You can visit their Kindle dept. for more info.

    Happy Thursday!
    Karen :)

    jack69 said...

    There is something about your list of C's just under the header, I LIKE. the review of the Moses Conspiracy that is very interesting, good plot for a book.
    The quotes are super. hahaha

    My writing dreams take me around the world, usually with excitement adn mystery. I am a Jack Higgins addict!

    Good read!!!

    Nancy said...

    Thank you for spotlighting this book as it sounds like one I definitely want to read....

    Love your new header; turquoise is one of my absolute favorite colors.....

    Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

    Sounds like a neat book. I'm soooo far behind on my reading so I won't enter this one. :-)

    Sandee said...

    I just can't bring myself to do all that entering. It just wears me out, so I'll pass.

    I love your funnies as always though.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

    Susan J. Reinhardt said...

    For those of you who don't have Kindles or other ereaders, don't despair. Amazon has an app you can download to your computer. (Don't worry it's safe. I used it before getting my Kindle.)

    Go to the page with The Moses Conspiracy. On the right side, there will be a place that says something like "get for pc." You'll be able to read my book on your computer. Super easy!

    Susan :)

    mail4rosey said...

    Congrats to Susan! I have seen the book around a little now and I'm getting really curious. Thank you for posting it, Sandie!

    TARYTERRE said...

    Book sounds intriguing. I'll add it to my list of must reads.

    Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

    I like your last green poster!!!
    I'm going to make a poster and put it outside my door here in school!!
    Have a Blessed Good Friday Sandie!

    ....Petty Witter said...

    Thanks for recommending what sounds like an interesting read.

    Grandma Bonnie said...

    Oh so that is how I can reduce my stress!! Lol, hope you have a good day.

    Designs By Pinky said...

    Since I live near Bird in Hand and have been there many times, this sounds very interesting. I will enter the give away too. Thanks for the summary. XO, Pinky

    Ms. A said...

    My doctor didn't tell me that, but it seriously might make me feel better... at the least, relieved. I already have one stress inducer in my sights. LOL!

    nancygrayce said...

    I am going to look that book up......I've just finished the series called the Gresham Chronicles and I am so sad there isn't another one. I get caught up in the lives of the characters in books and hate it when the series is ended. :(

    The doctor actually told me I HAD to reduce the stress in my life and I said "I'd have to kill some people" so I loved this! I'm copying it and hope you don't mind. I'll just put it on facebook. :)

    Thanks for that laugh!

    Beth said...

    Sounds like a very good read.

    Linda @ A La Carte said...

    This looks like a really good book! I'll enter the giveaway for sure! Happy Thursday Miss Sandie!
    hugs, Linda

    barbara woods said...

    thanks dear just the kind of book i read

    Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

    I have been looking for a new read and this looks intriguing. Love the Laugh and Lift ending to your post! Such a catchy and novel idea. :)

    Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

    Hi Sandie .. love all the "C"s ... and Susan's book does look intriguing ..

    Cheers Hilary

    Retired English Teacher said...

    The book sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Also, as always, thanks for the humor. I look forward to your little sayings. You always brighten a day.

    Betsy Adams said...

    I have never heard of that book or the author. Thanks for sharing the info with us.

    Love your funny --and your 'lift' for the day.... You are the best, Sandie.

    EM Illustrator said...

    Sounds like a good book :) I'm reading blogs backwards today, haven't been reading in a few days. Hope you've had a great day!

    Jemma said...


    You have passed on some great information today-I have not heard of this author either-I have a kindle so will read a few chapters that way. Oh -love the stress remedy!!


    Ginny said...

    Is she someone you know?

    Ann said...

    I haven't read the book but it sounds like a good one.

    As for the how to have a nice day. I know some people that go way overboard on the wear perfume. One lady comes in the store and she has it on so strong that you can smell it forever and it's a scent that just makes me gag

    Jo-Anne Meadows said...

    Ok were to start well the book sounds bloody great, and the lovely day saying well that sounds like me most days. I am going to go and check out Susan

    Love Of Quilts said...

    Have a very blessed Easter!

    Susan J. Reinhardt said...

    Hi Everyone -

    You've never heard of me or read my books because this is my debut novel. :)

    I hope we get to know each other through my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as through my writing. I'm in all those places.

    Thank you, Sandie, for featuring my book today.


    Jill said...

    I've never heard of her. Sounds like heavy reading.

    I love your little snippets today!

    SavannahGranny said...

    Sandi, You DO LOVE TURQUOISE! The header looks great!
    Sounds like an interesting book. I am going over to check out Susan and her book.
    He is Risen!

    Sweet Tea said...

    I seldom read books (hanging my head in shame) but our oldest daughter is an avid reader, so if I win this give-away she will be THRILLED!!

    Annesphamily said...

    Oh I love a good read! I have been reading Debbie Macomber's series Cedar Cove Series. SO once I get into a book I end up reading all the authors stuff! I will stop by. I think I have that same RX for stress relief! HaHa! I love your stuff Sandie. I hope your Easter is beautiful and blessed! Many blessings to you and yours! Hugs Anne

    Paula said...

    Wow I need to try that diagnosis for stress. Might help.

    Cheryl @ TFD said...

    It sounds like an interesting book. How exciting to see your first book hit the shelves! Congrats to Susan!

    Love your stress reliever. Ha ha!

    forgetmenot said...

    Your day will be lovely when you make other people's day lovely--we should all work on that. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter. Mickie :)

    Susan said...

    Thanks for sharing about Susan's book, Sandie. Very nice of you.

    Hope you have a very good Friday. Susan

    Tweedles -- that's me said...

    I came to say hi


    Jazzi said...

    This book sounds very interesting!! Have to check on it!!


    Debbie said...

    Your summary drew me in. It sounds like a really good book. I had never heard of the author. I actually love books with an Amish theme. I used to read Beverly Lewis until I got annoyed that she wouldn't bring closure in her books.

    And I loved that list you posted at the end. LOVED IT.

    Theresa said...

    Sounds wonderful! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

    Dee said...

    Your lovely day saying describes you...not sure if you wear perfume :) The book sounds interesting...may be a good summer read for me. I will have to go and see if I can be the winner of the giveaway :)

    jean pell said...

    A "wowers" post!!!
    Happy Easter!

    Janette Dolores said...

    Hi, Sandie:

    Thanks for doing a spotlight on Susan's book. I enjoyed interviewing her as part of her blog tour in one of my last posts. She's a pleasure!

    I enjoyed your Lovely Day saying. Isn't it funny how wearing perfume can perk up our day? I think it's a nice touch that helps us feel better and, therefore, act more kindly.

    Be well. Happy Easter!