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Monday, August 06, 2018

TECHNOLOGY - Do you think it is good and why?

Isn't this pretty  - wish I had this.  My favorite color.

D Zo  - my name - not too bad.  What's yours?

Okay today is going to light - but heavy at the same time.  We all makes jokes about the technology out there - but it is true.  Things are changing and becoming obsolete. 

We can' to anywhere without a GPS.

We have to be careful not to kill people in intersections that on on their phones.

Sometimes we take a stand and sometimes we don't.

In the future things will be forgotten.

I guess that is the way life goes - I don't really remember what we did in our age like this - do you? 
And my favorite:

Driving home we had to wait until mamma duck got all (and there were a lot) of her ducklings across the street.

Disco with a piece of rawhide.  Looks like he is in jail.  This is really his perch. He sits on this step when anyone is in the kitchen.
He can see anyone who is making food and what it is.
He LOVES to eat.
Still 2 pounds down.

Psalm 90:15 
"Give us gladness in proportion to our former misery! 
Replace the evil years with good."


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm Pm Rn..ha ha ! I do love technology, it keeps me in touch with the people I know and care for, but it's when it overtakes life that it becomes a problem. I don't like being in a room full of people that are on the phone or pads. That is taking over our conversations and time together. Some in my family are worse than others in this respect and it's not just the young ones. We just had a family gathering and 2 of my daughter in laws were on their phones more than not. Sad.

Granny Annie said...

zbt h

Loved the GPS to find the stick! LOL

Lots of good ones!

Mevely317 said...

Good morning Sandie … I'm Gu! (Cute exercise!)

Honestly? I'm totally addicted to the internet and my cell phone. Hard to recall what life was like before; I'm just so SAD that my dad passed away before the world wide web became commonplace. (His was the public library's newspapers from all over the world.) On the flip side, I'm not fond of texting … or those who do, especially behind the wheel. No excuse!

PS - Oh yes, one more! Have you seen those videos of youngsters who don't know how to dial a telephone? Too funny, too sad.

Abby said...

My full name is O B. Great, isn't that a tampon?
I like technology and appreciate gps and not having to buy and tote maps around, but I CAN turn my phone off.
I enjoy the pics of Disco and the ducks :)

Nonnie said...

These are all great, but my very favorite is the guy climbing out of the coffin! How true is that? Now poor Disco stuck behind bars!! LOL. So sweet everybody stops for the ducks. Annie isn't allowed to bring the rawhides upstairs as they stain the carpet as she chews on them. Good to see this post today! xoxo, Connie

betty said...

I'm Bt Wtn. Technology is great. We just can't let it rule us and take control of our lives, but having it has made a lot of things easier, like staying in touch when people move far away, that sort of thing.

So cute with the ducklings and mama crossing the road :)

Disco sure knows how to guard and take care of his people! He has the perfect advantage place to keep track of all of you.


Ginny Hartzler said...

This is the most gorgeous porch I have ever seen! Know why? Because I love this color too! In fact, my entire living room is this color! Now I really want this porch. We do not have a porch. Of course technology is both bad and good. Kids get way too much of it. I remember what we used to do as kids. We went out and played all day! Rode our necks, roller skated with the key hanging around our neck, climbed trees. But kids cannot do this anymore, it is too dangerous. This is because of a much more evil world than back in our innocent times. I always love Disco's Corner!

Anonymous said...

I love that disco,, where would we be with out technology,, sometimes I hate it sometimes I love it!!!

Terri D said...

Well, I'm practically nobody... T Doao

Thanks for the smiles!! It's always good to catch up with you here! I love Disco's perch! He is so cute!

LL Cool Joe said...

Well we wouldn't all be here blogging if it wasn't for technology!

The guy getting out of his coffin to get his phone cracked me up.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi sandy - good and useful technology is great ... it's the bad stuff that's invented on top of the good stuff I'm not so happy about; can't do much about it - but can choose to use or not ... take care - cheers Hilary


got a kick out of the cartoons. how sweet everybody stopped for the ducklings.

Nonnie said...

CO Tdo. I'm glad for the technology. I remember the day when we would travel using a map or triptic from AAA to go on trips. I also remember when a car broke down, you had to wave somebody down and hope they were nice and would go to the next town for help or even give you a ride there or maybe just help you fix a flat tire. Scary. Glad to have a phone now. I'm trying to remember what we fixated on back in the day. Will get back to you. 😜

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

People who are anti technology need to really try living in a time without technology and I bet they will soon change there mind. Mobile phones are awesome and not getting lost because you have a GPS is great.

Saimi said...

PO, can you believe it just two letters. All your little cartoons are so funny yet so true! It's sad to think phones have become more important than human interaction. Before GPS we used to use maps. My husband would map out our trip and i would be the co map pilot when we traveled. Now we totally depend on GPS to take us where we want to go. Kinda scary actually. We were just talking about this the other day while we were heading to CA. We even suggested we should always have a map in the car when we go somewhere just in case.

Lady Jane said...

Hi, these sayings are so funny with the ring of truth. We played morning to nite outside. It is a shame really that kids aren't experiencing what we did as kids. Disco is so cute. We have geese down the road to stop for. There are many of them and they take their sweet time, lol... hugs, lj

Sandra said...

my name is d hg....
disco is adorable on his perch... jake just stands under our feet so we fall over him... like that last quote. have never used a gps, or owned one.. technology is wonderful and to me is the best thing ever and the worst thing ever... love/hate relationship... that said I don't want to live without my internet

Cheri said...

Love all the comics you put in your post. Technology...I have a love/hate relationship with it. When new things come out I think that they can't think of anything else and then along comes something else. I can't keep up with it and now feel like my mother. ha ha ha

Jill said...

Hmmm...I am J Dudtdt. Interesting! ha! Cute jokes today, as always.

I am personally torn with technology. I'd certainly miss it yet I think it has take over the world in some pretty negative ways. I think people don't know how to have conversations anymore, I think kids are missing out on people skills, nature, playing outside, etc. I guess we can't stop it though! It makes me sad, in alot of ways but I do appreciate what I have at the same time.

jack69 said...

I'm J D. I think the cell phone is great. Not sure I like the smart phones because I get lost. When someone hands me a phone and says, "Look at this!" when I take the phone it all disappears (and I try to take it without hitting anything!).
I have never seen one, butI don't like the idea of 'self driving cars!'.

Like Disco's view point.
This was a good one. THANKS!

Lee said...

Idon't use a mobile/cell phone. I have no need to do so, and seeing people talking on their phones while walking through the aisles in supermarkets. footpaths/sidewalks etc., etc., infuriates me! What on earth do people have to talk about that they have to do that??? And why do they think the rest of the world wants to listen to their phone conversation? They always seem to talk at full volume!

I hate being unable to use my computer, though (in the privacy of home)...I hate being without the internet.

Susan said...

Hi Sandie. My name is UN. ha ha ha I think technology is good because both kids and adults must keep up with the times. However, that said, I also think it must be LIMITED. Too much of a good thing is never good. Nice post! Susan

Red Rose Alley said...

Sandie, I think you're right about things becoming obsolete. I just read a post about people not even knowing how to talk to each other any more, and I really think this is happening right now. Technology is good to a point, but many people use it way too much and are even dependent on it. I love that picture of all the cars backed up waiting for the ducklings to cross the street. A wonderful post, Sandie. Disco is the cutest doggy.


ps....I've been wanting to put you on my side bar, and today I will do that!

Annie Jeffries said...

The color is What attracted me. I love the wicker. Its just totally relaxing.

Jill said...

I love that first photo too! Looks so warm and inviting. I think technology can be a blessing and a curse, what scares me is the loss of social skills it seems especially for the up and coming generations :-( Love all the little sayings throughout your post. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That porch is awesome, would love something like that. I love the technology jokes! That's so cute with the ducks. That's cute about Disco sitting on the steps.

CHERI said...

I have such mixed emotions about technology. As a teacher in the classroom, it was wonderful and helped my students learn so much. BUT...before technology my students seemed to do just fine. I absolutely hate how much some technology has changed our society. People don't carry on conversations with each other anymore...I see teens out on a date and they aren't even talking to each other but rather sitting playing on their phones. And don't even get me started on video games!!!!!!! Both my grands have their own cell phones and the grandson LOVES X-box, etc. They both used to be avid readers but now technology often interferes. OK....better get off this soapbox or I will write an epistle. I always enjoy your blog:)

Starry Dawn said...

I enjoy reading your awesome blog! This one is a good post, my dear friend. Needless to say, I love the inviting sitting area in the verandah with soothing & appealing colors that you posted -as your first picture. Well, about technology, it's true the fact that I wouldn't have liked to dwell in the stone age or middle ages or ancient times. It's OK for me to have born in the 20th Century. However, people seem to misuse, use it in the wrong way, or overuse technology products in front of their eyes. It definetely bothers me seeing people talking loudly on their phones in the streets, driving their vehicles, or doing these awkward things in other places all the time. It seems as if folks of all ages don't like to socialize any longer. They prefer or feel happier to be isolated with their computers, cellular phones, video games, and other sort of technology products. Harmony is the key for success -when one blends its earthly trends with God & mother nature. Hubby got troubles using modern Cell phones. I guess I'll be even more confused that I'm already -if I own one. Big Hugs from my heart to yours.

mail4rosey said...

The ducklings are so cute. I love that people waited instead of beeping, shooing and being impatient! And yes to the books/technology!! I fear pictures are going to go obsolete!

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