"Life is lived forward, but understood backward. It is not until we are down the road and we stand on the mountain looking back through the valley that we can appreciate the terrain God has allowed us to scale.” Jill Savage

Monday, July 06, 2020

Self Check out lines.


Do you like self check out lines or not.

At first I did not like them.  I guess they scared me.
Of course I worried about the person who had lost their job by being replaced with do it yourself.

Now as I am getting more used to them I have to admit I am liking them better.
You have more control.
I am taking stores here.
If a problem arises there is usually someone close by to help.

However, if I have a BIG amount of items in my cart - 
I go stand in line!

How about at fast foods.  Before Covid I went to Taco Bell. 
You can order yourself.
Now I like Taco Bell - but the order was far from right.
Will have to check that out again.

Okay now one thing I am struggling with.
You go in and there are no tellers!
You talk to someone on television.

Do you like self check out lines?

Something to think about:

Simple times.

Something to laugh about:

We had the tyke back at the vet.  He had something like a blood blister and we had it taken off.
Funny he knew something was there and actually he wanted it off.
He felt great afterwards and took a nap.
Look at that cute tongue.

Love, Chatty


Cheri said...

I am on the fence when it comes to self check out, I am like you, if I have a few things I will use it. I love the “Did I tell you this or what was I going to say,” this is me ALL the time. Poor Disco...at least it is done and over, you can see in your picture that he is “out” with his tongue hanging out. He loves his family. Hope you had a Happy 4th.

Sandra said...

I am a lover of all-things self-checkout and was one of the first ones at Walmart when they started it to go 100% self-checkout. And now that they have the moving place that you can sit your groceries I do I have not been in over a year through a line that I had to stand and I much prefer do it myself. I even do it at Home Depot and love it. Poor disco I'm glad you got that blister off of him! He looks so cute!

Theresa said...

If I have just a few items, I will do self-checkout. A buggy full, not so much:) We are all learning to do things a little different. Dogs are smart aren't they, he knew something was wrong. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

jack69 said...

I 'half-way' like self check out. Good subject, by the way. I like the ATM at the bank but would not like the TV version.
I guess I am suspicious, or maybe a crook at heart, but doesn't self check out tend to invite shop lifting?
I do use it most of the time when I have a few items. I have noticed I am not as good at bagging as a real clerk. LOL
This is interesting, you done good!
Sherry & jack

Sandee said...

I agree that self check out is fine if you just have a few items, but not if you have a cartload of items. Not so good then. I've not experienced that no tellers at the banks yet. Rarely go inside though.

Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. Scritches to Disco. ♥


poor disco. hope he's better soon. my problem with self checkout is they don't give you enough time to bag the items. screen starts yelling at me to put it in the bag as i'm trying to do it. then proceeds to try to end transaction before i can get all items checked through. just easier for me to go to a clerk. stay safe. take care.

betty said...

Glad Disco got his blood blister thing taken care of and is feeling better. He does look so cute.

I haven't seen the screens to talk with tellers at the bank yet at our bank. So far there have just been tellers. Of course most of our banking I do online so haven't really had to go inside a bank in awhile.

I like self check out for a few items but I'm with you, Sandie. If it is a large amount of goods I rather have the cashier do it.

We used to order at the kiosks for McDonald's sometime, self ordering . Orders always came out as we wanted them. So much is being replaced with technology these days for jobs. It makes you wonder what actual jobs will be available for people to work down the line.


Cathy said...

I do like the self check-out most of the time. But if I have to weigh produce or buy gift cards, I'm rather leery of doing that myself.

I totally love to order groceries or restaurant food online and then do curbside pick-up. Who knew it could be so easy! lol

Have a great day!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm spoiled and haven't done any shopping for a long long time My daughter does the shopping on line and simply has to go pick it up and then deliver my part to me. I don't like check outs of any kind and will leave the shopping to her as long as she continues to do it for me. This pandominic has made me very lazy. I stay in and don't go much any where. Staying safe and cozy.

Abby said...

I prefer the self-checkouts if I'm just getting a few items. That's usually the case since I don't like spending a lot of time shopping for groceries. For banks, I use the ATM if I can and haven't needed to do any banking via screentime.
I don't mind the kiosk or online ordering for fast food or takeout, but like the human interaction with a live server at nicer restaurants.
Look at Disco, he looks content!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

We have not done any shopping since March but rather do pick-up. Before that, I always went to the 15 items or less line. My Retired Man has always enjoyed food shopping (and I don’t) and has used and liked the self check out lines since they started. Like you, I am concerned about people having a job. However, Covid will change all of our lives and many jobs in customer care will be lost.

barbara woods said...

same way! if just a few I don't mind!

Catscue Cat Mom said...

Cute pup, good to hear he got his owey removed. I haven't done the bank thing yet, so far I handle all online, it doesn't sound like something I would like though.

Red Rose Alley said...

I don't really like self check out lines. Maybe cause I don't use them and aren't familiar with them. But months ago, I just bought toilet paper, so I went to a self check out line. The lady helped me though, which I was thankful for. And banks - I don't go into my bank now. I use the ATM, and did you know a lot of banking can be done by phone?

I'm glad Disco is feeling better after the visit to the vet and peacefully taking a nap.

I really like that quote, "let's take our hearts for a walk in the woods." Since moving to So Cal, I've been busy doing things with Nel, and I haven't spent much time in nature. I am longing for it lately.

I hope you had a nice 4th of July, Sandie. Mine was good, but with just a small gathering of family around.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I do like self check out personally but I haven't been shopping anywhere. We haven't picked up much fast food. My bank ATM's are not working, you have to go inside which I don't want to do. They had real people behind plastic shields. Love the french joke!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a cute picture, with his tongue sticking out! Well, self-checkouts are good for low Covid risk! We started using them even before the Covid, too. Simply because I am kind of a germaphobe, and was always looking at the cashiers to see if any of them had a red or runny nose or was coughing. Yes! We would go up and down the aisle till I found one that looked healthy. No need for that now, with the self checkouts. But it really is a bit much when you have a lot of stuff. It is hard to put enough bags on the scale, then one of us scans and one bags, and my back hurts if we buy a lot. The cartoon with the chicken is describing ME exactly! No, we have not been to a drive-thru. They say it's probably safe, but we are high risk.

Terri D said...

I LOVE the Scan and Go option at Sam's Club but don't like other self-check out lines. We rarely go to Walmart anymore and I usually have a basket full at the grocery so we don't use them there either. Yep... I start lots of conversations with "Did I tell you this before?" Have a good week, Sandie!

photowannabe said...

I really feel for so many jobs being replaced by automation and try to stand in line at grocery stores if I have a big load..stand on the X and wear my mask.
I haven't seen the type of bank you have...inside banking is done with a teller behind a shield..hand sanitizer and masks..I mostly do on-line or ATM, but there are sometimes when I definitely need to talk to someone.
I had to laugh at the chicken quote..that's Me!! HaHa...
I really do need to go into the woods and walk. All of our State Parks are closed..actually everything is closed.
Our illustrious Governor (CA) issued an "command" that there will be no singing or chanting during religious services from now on...
No more than 25% of church population or 100 people can attend with social distancing,masks and the whole 9 yards.
California is really going down the tubes...
Okay, end of rant..I will try to look on the bright side.

Bijoux said...

Like you, I didn’t like self checkout at first. Now, I appreciate it! No one else touching my merchandise!

I honestly haven’t been to a fast food place in decades besides Panera for coffee. I have no idea what’s going On in those places these days. If and when we eat out, it’s only going to be patios.

Mevely317 said...

Poor Disco! Love your tender hearts where his well-being is concerned.

I'll probably be the last person standing waiting for an employee to check me out. Nope, not even a little bit do I like the self-serve check-out. I'm petrified of doing something wrong and holding up the line. And like Jack, I can never get those stupid plastic bags to cooperate. I've not experienced any 'televised' banking, but don't think I'd care for that … just sounds too sci-fi for me.

acorn hollow said...

If I only have a few things do self check out.
Glad your sweet dog is doing well.

Lowcarb team member said...

No self check out for me at supermarkets … I prefer to talk to someone.
Also our banks still have tellers, although there is self service type machines if you wish to use them.

Interestingly our children do not mind using self check outs … is it an age thing I wonder?

All the best Jan

PS Always happy to see Disco, so pleased he is doing ok.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I like self serve check outs always have at the supermarket, don't have self serve at banks we do have internet banking and phone banking but when you go into a branch there are tellers.

Pleased to read Disco is ok.

Lee said...

I've never used a self check-out lane. Even if one was available here at our local supermarket, I wouldn't use it. I like dealing with the check-out girls/lads...we get on well together...share lots of laughs.

Thanks for the smiles...take good care, Sandie. :)

Linda said...

I don't really like the self check outs.....at all. I have been known to use one if I must but I prefer not to. I do drive through banking and have to go tomorrow to do that. I don't bank by taking a photo of the check and I never use an ATM. Amber says I am 'old school.' So be it!
You are such a fun gal! Always make us smile and think a little bit!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sandie - it's the way of the world ... we adjust - and there will be other opportunities ... so we need to be prepared and take whatever choices suit us. I don't like tick boxes for so many things ... but I now prepare myself for how things work and try not to get frustrated with the new developments. Now more than other Covid is really changing the things work ... take care and am glad Disco has recovered - Hilary

Knitty said...

I can't say that I never use them but I do avoid them. I do most of my grocery shopping at either an independent market or a produce market, both with enough employees that there is rarely a long wait to check out. At the big name store for groceries and more, the self-checkouts outnumber the ones with the cashiers. It seems that the store is forcing shoppers to use them and eliminate more employees. Finding anyone on the floor if you have a question is nearly impossible. I avoid that store as much as possible but there are a few things I can only find there.

Banks in Michigan have just recently reopened to walk-in service but I haven't been in one yet.

Fast food service is inconsistent. I don't care for Taco Bell but my sons do and I have been in their cars when ordering. The location they both visit amazes me with their speed and accuracy. McDonald's near me is okay on the morning through lunch shift. From late afternoon on, there is no "fast" in the process and orders are often incorrect. Wendy's is okay if they aren't busy but you can't count on them to have everything on the menu. I don't go there or to KFC for that reason. How a place that sells chicken (KFC) often runs out of breasts and dinner rolls is beyond me.

Along These Lines ... said...

Absolutely love them, or I did. Now, it's everything home delivered....or I might find myself checking out.

Laurie said...

I love that disco, such a smart little guy, he knew you would help him,, I didn’t think I would like self check outs at first either but now we use them regularly, less exposure to others in our stores because the line ups are always still with the human checkouts lol,, self checks are less popular,, have a great day!

Hootin' Anni said...

I speak French! Fluently (like a sailor).
Love a Disco fix, he's a doll. love the simple times saying...beautiful words to live by!

And the self check-out lines (here any way) are 15 items only. As far as banks go, I would not like that at all...I use drive thru.

photowannabe said...

I do miss actual Church too. thanks for the comments on my blog.
Actually on-line Church is pretty good for Dave and I...we are wrestling with changing churches so this is our "easy way out" right now. I do miss seeing friends and worshipping together but...since it's a State Mandate that we can't sing at church...I'm just as happy to be home and sing along in front of the computer with my shoes off and my cup of coffee by my side.
We are going to try to get together in our small group in August for an evening of chat and chew. Until then it's email and phone calls.

The Liberty Belle said...

I like self-checkout. However, I like the personal interaction when visiting the bank. Have a good weekend.

Jim said...

I'm mostly with you, Sandy. But I do like to talk with the folk, our Walmart for Seniors on Tuesday mornings always sees me coming and opens the check out counter for me. Others stand ready on regular days. I can do it all BUT I like to talk with the help and also I don't like figuring out what the vegetables are if they aren't identified.
One bank we could go in by appointment and the other and the other even opened accounts through the drive thru, no customers were allowed inside (Bank of the Ozark).
Poor Disco, I am glad he showed you his bobo.
Thank you for the compliments on the Garden-like backyard, it was there when we bought it, the pool and an upstairs too. We needed to be close to our daughter and their five-year-old granddaughter and hubby but this was the only one that fit us. We needed two downstairs bedrooms for various old age reasons and there was only one single story available when we needed to move. Been here five years now.

Nonnie said...

Self check out can be very frustrating sometimes. My Kroger's has a lady who is helpful. If I have too much, I just stand in line and enjoy being friendly with the checker. Glad Disco didn't have something too serious. My conversations are like that too. And sometimes I think about a conversation and try to remember who was that with and when? Crazy! You better watch that French, Sandie.

mail4rosey said...

Oh no, I start my conversations with, "What was I going to say?" or end them with, 'Did I tell you that already?' LOL

I like self checkouts way better than the cashier doing. I think both options are germy though.

Glad Disco got his booboo taken off!

Buttercup said...

I've gotten used to them. I had trouble trying to figure out how to check out fruit when I was in Australia two years ago, but otherwise, not an issue for me. Feel badly for people who have lost their jobs, though. Take care, my friend.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I always love reading your blog posts.... The funny ones are GREAT.... We all need more 'funny' in our lives these days, don't we?

We've been using self check-out for a year or two now.... At Sam's we scan everything as we pick it up. It's on their app... Then we just total it up on the app, and walk to the door where we show them our app. They accept it and then we're headed out!!!!! Easy Peasy.

At Walmart, we do their Scan and Go--taking our full buggy to a place where we scan our own stuff, one by one, putting it in our own bags, pay, get a receipt and then walk out.... That works also --but I love using the Sam's app better. (Walmart tried the 'app' idea like Sam's has---but for some reason, it didn't work for them. So they went back to the other way.)

Many people changed to Online Shopping --and go to Walmart to pick up their groceries, which someone brings out to their cars. We have never done that. Instead we go to Walmart at 7 a.m. on Fridays --when the store is not busy... I am not ready to have someone pick out my produce yet... Maybe sometime --we'll have to do it that way... Not yet though.

When Covid hit, we tried to support some of our small local restaurants here in our area. SO--we'd call in our order, drive to the restaurant at the time we chose, and they'd bring our order to the car. We seldom go to 'chain' fast food restaurants --since we are trying to help these small local companies stay in business....

BUT--all businesses have struggled during this virus and the economy is in a mess.... The sad news is ---I'm not sure when this virus will end... SO SAD...

Your poor doggie has had a rough time... Poor Disco....

Hope your week is GOOD..... Keep sharing the 'funny' stuff with us!!!! LOVE it.

Starry Dawn said...
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Starry Dawn said...

I don't really like self check out lines. Maybe, because I don't use them, and I am not familiar with them.
I really like your quote, "Let's take our hearts for a walk in the woods."
I'm so sorry for your poor dog, Disco, who suffers another health issue.
I'll be praying for him for complete healings and a prompt recovery, my friend. Take a serious consideration that Disco is an old dog. So watch him very closely, and take him to the Vet -when you see in him something wrong.
Have a blood test taken from Disco every now and then to check the function of his internal organs. Most of my cats died from kidney failure, a dangerous issue. We must take good care of our loved ones, sweetheart. That's what I do.
Good Post as always, darling!!

R's Rue said...

Not a fan of self checkout

CHERI said...

I too fought the self checkout for awhile but now I love it! We live in a small town and only our WalMart has this, but since they hire so few people lines were always long and few registers open. Unfortunately, I am not a patient "waiter"!!!! Like you at first I worried it would be taking away somebody's job but they didn't hire enough people to start with so I figured what the heck. Our bank lobbies are still closed...only drive-thru windows open. Guess we are too "small town" to have TV tellers!!!